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new schtuff!

Today I woke up to a renewed spirit of sorts. I've gotten out of the after christmas funk and am ready to dive right into 2010. I can't wait to see what this year holds. I've got new things in the works that you will see in the shop very soon. yes, that 2nd photo is a t-shirt. I've wanted to do them for some time but wanted to get them right and I wanted them to be fabulous quality and under 20 bucks. In other fun sailor's valentine has been published in jan/feb issue of cloth.paper.scissors.....I also found a fab artist, Sarah Wyman, in the same issue. check her out!such inspiring faces and texture.

I heart Anke!

yeah....i'm pretty smitten with Anke Weckmann right now. Every time I wear this little t-shirt, i get so many compliments :-) It makes me happy and I save it for only the best days ....such as this painting on arms party in Manzanita, OR. You should visit her flickr site too.

Ok this is squeal worthy....and take it from a former makeup artist this is big...BIG!!! .....illustrating for a very cool makeup line.....ok anke, can i please be YOU when I grow up?!?!?

Her work is such a delight. It makes my little heart smile.

Blog winner announced

Congrats MysticArtGirl...., you are the winner of the blog giveaway which includes a coaster set and pocket mirror of your choice from my etsy shop.

please let me know your address and choices for your prize.

thanks so everyone for participating. i was touched with finding out which disney character inspires you.

much love!!


I'm celebrating 1000 sales this week. I dreamed I would get there one day. I dreamed that I could make art for a living. I dreamed I could sell a piece of something I made. Its been over 2 years since first joining etsy. Yes, this is happening to me...I'm quiet sure that i'm asleep.

"All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."......Walt Disney
I think the key words here are "courage" and "pursue".....They are always active....they never fear.....they are consistent.....and unrelenting. Realizing your dreams is not something that just "happens" to you....but in a way I'm glad. That means we have control over our lives AND our dreams. Its refreshing to know and to never forget.

after all.
it all started with a mouse..........

I guess you can tell, its that time of year again. We are headed to Disney world and I get so over…