Strawberry shortcake and friends

I'm ready quite smitten with these little paintings right now :-) I was totally head over heels in love with Strawberry shortcake dolls when i was a young-en. i remember getting $2.50 a week from my dad for allowance and i'd save up 3 weeks to buy a doll. looking back on it, i really appreciate my dolls more and i had to wait till i had enough money to get them. simple times! that brought me so much joy. i have actually painted strawberry and plum puddin before but not in this style.

i also loved the dolls little pets. i guess deep down this is one of the reasons i'm inspired to paint my "girlies" with bunnies or birdies or kitties.

These will be for sale in my shop this weekend or sometime next week....although i'm having a hard time parting with these.

more fun pretties to come soon....!


  1. So adorable. My daughter just LOVED Strawberry Shortcake dolls when she was little. They smelled so good. I LOVE YOUR PAINTINGS. Makes me miss painting, myself. Someday... For yourself, keep on painting! Yours have spirit in them.

  2. I STILL have the whole collection somewhere in my basement. I'm going to have to dig them out and post them to show you. Thanks for bringing me back to such a fun time. I LOVE you so much!xox

  3. Hey Mindy, I love these, and loved Strawberry and friends when I was growing up too. I have my original dolls still, I think Apple Dumplin and Apricot with Hopalong were my faves.


  4. Oh I have so many sweet memories of strawberry shortcake and her friends, I was a huge collector of them too and I had the carebears too, not the plushies but the hard ones.
    I can still remember the sweet small of those dollies now...mmmm

    Thanks for the memories Mindy!!

    Micki x

  5. these are adorable. i love them. strawberry shortcake was one of my favorites growing up as well. thank you for taking me back to that time.

  6. I had a little strawberry shortcake doll that smelled like strawberries. I loved it.

    Beautiful reminders!

  7. I adore strawberry shortcake..she is so perfect and little and just full of memories...I love your paintings there alive and I can picture a little storie that goes with each of them...thanks for being you

  8. I bought myelf Strawberry Shortcake dolls as an adult! I loved the little figures. Nice paintings

  9. These are wonderful Mindy. I was more of a "smurf" fan since I was just a little too old for these when they came out.:) Your work is just amazing. THey layers,textures and colors...almost edible.:)

  10. These Strawberry Shortcake paintings are precious! I really love your style of painting. It's very unique and totally "Tim's Sally"!! You should be very proud to have found your style, mine is still all over the board at age 38. I just can't seem to stick with one thing. Keep doing what you're doing it's all really beautiful!!!

  11. OH! these paintings are cutie-cute CUTE!!

    i was not a big fan of most popular dolls when i was a little girl but SSC was pretty cute when she came out =-)
    too bad i was in high school and supposedly "too big" for such things, even though i was still making rag dolls at that time! ;)

  12. I discovered you on etsy from your interview. Your work is so beautiful and creative. Congratulations!
    Greetings from greece!

  13. I think you are really onto something now. they fit perfectly with your style.

  14. I had a strawberry shortcake doll (that blew strawberry scented kisses when you squeezed it's belly) which I'd TOTALLY forgotten about until I saw your paintings! I grew up on strawberry shortcake, alice in wonderland and rainbow brite too:) Gonna save up my pennies for one of your artworks cos I love them, especially the texture! x

  15. Love these!!! I will likely buy a set of the prints for my daughter's room.

  16. Oh my....LOVE these!! just had a retro strawberry shortcake party for my daughter's fifth birthday this weekend

    Your work is amazing!!!

  17. My goodness these are just too cute! I totally grew up with Strawberry Shortcake too. These bring a smile to my face! Your art is beautiful and so very kawaii!! xo


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