Almost time

Paint Your Story registration is right around the corner! It opens February 13th. I will have a paypal button up on the PYS page for you to easily register. The video above is a sampling of the face painting technique that we'll explore further in the class. I hope you enjoy!



  1. Super looking forward to this! I've already been experimenting with color and "breaking free" from my "must be perfect" paintings ... this will be great fun. How can I find that song in your video? Its beautiful :)

  2. Amazing! It is so inspiring watching you work Mindy :D

  3. Oh, love that. Your style is just so wonderful. Love how you simplify. :)

  4. Love your use of color. Have fun with the class!!


    PS I'm the one that bought some mirrors from you - but then I was evacuated from my home for a week due to wildfires (in NM). Two of the mirrors were gifts - they are well loved. I kept one for myself!!

  5. Oh wow! Loved watching this and am even more excited ... if that is possible!

  6. so excited, mindy! loving the video :)


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