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Soars to the stars

Topper - original 14"x18" available here
"she soars to the stars
forgetting the hindrances
trying to hold her back
she is free to fly
and becomes one with the night
she is finally strong
finally brave
to live her dreams again!"

Art and Soul Magic

Before heading to art and soul to study again with Jesse Reno my goal was loosen up but what I came away with was way more. If you have never studied with Jesse...(and i call it study because its WAY more than just taking a class....its a new way of thinking....a magic that is revealed) he is an amazing story teller. 
 In the Follow the Leader class, I had a break-through. Jesse was giving us prompts and something just clicked and revealed itself to me. Here is what I wrote on the back of this painting:
Moon Sees and watches orchestrating magic she swims, he observes a deer frolics in the frigid ocean under the full moon uninhibited magic
I realized in the midst of painting this that the story revealed to me was the moon and how it affects each of the figures I was painting. About a year ago upon leaving the Oregon coast the group that I was with were all taking photos of the bright full moon and we noticed a deer playing in the ocean......frolicking among the snowflakes and waves.