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kelly, me, and jennifer at kelly's table at the Squam art fair

I wrote these words on the last full day of Squam...on the dock....after yoga.....

The moon and stars cradle us to sleep
crackling fire. scarves. trail. rocking chair
a lingering embrace
a loon's call unexpected in the middle of the day. 
two of them.
they call out to one another. 
a song only for each other.

Reaching out. 
Listening with hands on chin.
so deep. realizing that someone gets you.
in their eyes you see your own vulnerable self
you were waiting for a knowing you couldn't imagine possible
Here it is before me.
I share this time with you 
and it fills up my soul
until I feel it well up to my throat
I tell you I love you
and I've only just met you.

thank you Jennifer and Kelly. You inspire me to write. You inspire me to laugh and play. and to remember to be myself no matter what. you make it so easy to tell you I love you....


Squam. it was a place for wishes to be set free
to arrive at this very moment
for convening on the dock
for pointing your toes to the sky
and hugging the ones you love
for nestling down by the cabin fireplace
 and for creating friendships you know will last a lifetime
the dock my feet wet making prints that only my own bare toes could imprint a mark not consistent with their shape slowly fading its memory only known by the wood holding it there in the grain
while others visit, our marks meet creating unity rippling out into the life of the wood
sounds are the same air and water trade moments falling and ascending creating new sources a conduit of creativity and motion
we are here to witness the sparks of light as they convene and embark on their own journey mark making footprints and meeting where the wood held us up
joining and connecting those who.... may have never met if not for the dock.