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Waiting on the AC repairman.

I'm deciding to take enjoyment in this moment. This moment that isn't really considered to be enjoying. I'm sitting out in the car waiting for the AC repairman to come fix our air. It's nearly 100 outside.
I'm typing from my phone.

Today Tim was hit by someone who ran a red light as he was traveling back to the office. Thank goodness he was unharmed!

Oh and I also found out that my brother in law is in the hospital from a bad car wreck. (His vitals are improving, thankfully)

This day is really, on paper, a pretty shitty day. This day is more about finding peace and joy despite this one day. It's about recognizing so much love and so much to be thankful for. It's about seeing God work from such magical complexity that when looking back on your journey thus far that what He created for you was beyond your dreams. This kind of goodness wasn't even something you could fathom you deserved. It's here!
Even while waiting on the air repairman......

I wan…