Wild Surrender

My book is here! I'm just now being able to blog about it due to some teaching in Portland this past week. My book has 7 sections: beginnings, clarity, coyote and red rock, Process, Prompts, Progression of work 2008-2011, and Recent Work.

Wild Surrender is image heavy with over 200 paintings in progression from 2008 forward. I wanted others to see the progression my art has taken and the time it takes to evolve your art. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight. I didn't create amazing art at the get-go. I hope you find that refreshing, if by chance you are just starting out. My book also features a few tutorials on how to paint a face as well as painting and journaling prompts. The beginning of the book is my favorite. It showcases poetry (birthed from my morning pages) married with my art. If you are a visual person, you will love this book. My hope is through surrendering up my words....surrendering up my fears and childhood rainy days...that you will connect and open up to new possibilities of expression.

Wild Surrender is available on Amazon
or you can order a signed copy through ME here.


  1. My copy of this book is just fabulous, I love it so very much! I just left you a book review on Etsy too my sweet x x

  2. Mindy your book is awesome, beautiful and bursting with every once of love your poured into it and your artwork. Your poems are so very tender and gentle and your artwork brings them to life on the page. LOVE IT!!!! Congrats on giving us a little piece of your heart in visual form. Truly a soul gift to the world. xxxoooxxx

  3. Mindy I got your book last week and I LOVE it! So inspiring! Perfect for this very "visual" person! Thanks for sharing and I love seeing the progression of your work in one place.

  4. So grateful to have met you at Art & Soul in Portland and to have gotten a copy of your book. I devoured it and love rereading it. Thank you for putting yourself out there to inspire the rest of us!

  5. Congratulations! I had to buy it straight away! Now I´m looking forward to enjoying your wonderfully inspiring art one page at a time! Yay! It´s my birthday-present to myself :-)

  6. Congratulations on the beautiful book......i will definatly be getting me a copy...x

  7. Anxiously awaiting my Amazon delivery of this book. I hope it comes today!! :)


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