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Wild Surrender Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Sally Lentz and Heather Williams!!!  I decided to giveaway two places instead of one.... I have felt so amazingly blessed and I'm so grateful to be living this journey of art.

please email me at lacefield13 {at} and I'll get you added into the classroom.

Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!!

Wild Surrender online class

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control" - Julia Cameron

I believe that when we surrender control of the creative process, we can reach higher realms in this journey. We become one with the process and in the process harness our own divine/creative light. Allow yourself to surrender to the outcome. Allow it to evolve and grow the divine spark inside you. I believe in doing so, we can share and inspire others. And the creative circle goes round, growing brighter and brighter. Wild Surrender is a 6 month class. It is very much like True Free Spirit in that there will be a project each month. However, Wild Surrender is for only 6 months. Plus, 3 of the months there will be a bonus video from a guest artists, Nolwenn Petitbois, Micki Wilde, and Magaly Ohika. I'm so thrilled to share their techniques with you. 
Please head on over to their blogs. They have lots to offer this coming year and I'm so grateful that they are contributing to this class.

The lo…

Don't go

Something very special happened in my studio the other day. As I was re-visiting works in progress, a black poodle appeared. Through tears and paint, I finished the piece. Spent from emotion, my studio time was cut a bit short. Before I left I wrote these words:
Stars don't fall and stay.  They are here for a little while  to shine for a time. Transformed into something brighter than their physical being...
They are here to bring love  and you realize how much love YOU can hold. I don't want you to go.... but I know that you must.
So that you can shine the way you were truly meant to. To be a beacon. To be an angel to watch over me. I now know I never lost you.
I will meet you again and join your light  and we will shine together. I love you.
This is dedicated to all my dear friends who have lost fur-babies over the past year or so......Denise, Carissa, Dawn, Jayme, Michelle, Jessica, Pixie, Paula,......and so many other facebook friends that escape me at this moment. *******…