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Happiness is an acquired taste

There is something about today. I can't put my finger on it. I'm feeling very raw. Maybe its due to some writing and releasing that I've been doing. Maybe its because as Spring arrives, its still very winter here. Maybe the coyote that run through the yard at a very particular time while I was writing brought me closer into my core of being. I feel nostalgic for my younger years, yet I'm so thankful to be in this less-chaotic existence. 

I'll admit, when I first went out on my own, married my husband and didn't have all the drama of felt foreign. It felt nice. I then realized I was experiencing happy. A happy, uneventful, calm life. I suppose I can almost understand when people get caught up in a life of chaos, destruction, and negativity that its hard to break the cycle. There may be some that continue down that road because that is the only WAY of being for them. I'm not saying I broke it gracefully. nope. I invented chaos. I picked fights. I b…


The moment everything becomes simple. 

To look outside. see the deer lounging on the ground. 
I think they somehow sense my presence.

All I want is to be in this moment. Can I capture just
a bit more? All I know is that the waking moments
of poodle yawns and deer lounging are exactly 
where I want to be. I want to drink from this elixir
of life. Of nothing else. I need nothing else.

This is me. Hair askew. torn pants from young poodle
teeth. a paint splattered winnie the pooh sweatshirt.....
It became clear today. So clear.

And I continue to work on my clarity. to become closer to
God through simple moments. I want to achieve oneness.
Oneness with my Creator. Oneness with mankind and all
the animals. That is my wish.

live from oneness
sneaky peek for something coming soon!!!!!

Winner of Stencils

Congrats Jamie Lynn!!! you are the winner of the Jane Davenport Stencils.
please email me at mlacefield13{at} and give me your information.

thank you to all that participated!!

Jane Davenport Stencil play

Jane and the lovely folks at artist cellar asked me to preview and play with some of their newest stencils. Of course, I was jumping up and down going crazy because I have always had an art crush on Jane Davenport. I met Jane last year at Teesha's PLAY retreat. She is magnetizing! She is an absolute rock star. And I pretty much want to BE her. 

anyhooo back to the stencils. My favorite ones are the profile and forward facing stencils but they are all pretty spectacular. What I adore about these stencils is that it gives you a perfect guide to springboard into painting a face. You can take them into so many directions. I've always had trouble painting profile faces but with this little jewel, I can really rock it. 

Thank you Jane for helping us to paint better and to artist cellar for producing such a fab product. OH and another thing ....the stencils are really thick and hold up well to working in your journal. Beautiful!

And be sure and check out all the other amazing art that t…

journey to beginning

Journey to a place of wholeness...... of beauty and wonder.
That place is right in front of you among the plain and mundane.
It lies in the ritual of normal.
Gazing up, your wonder sparkled by the sun
just caught the glimpse of a hawk in flight.
Its shadow races over your being.
It begs out for your praise, silently.

To behold such magic, we can achieve enlightenment
and the very reason we live.
We pull an orange from the tree for the first time and
know the sweetness of the citrus air.
The salt moves in slightly on your nose.
And you taste the embrace of the sea from afar.
I'm guessing not many miles from here, the blue
meets blue.
Calling out her majesty, the moon looms high in the sky.
this is the joy of beginning.
This is time standing still.
There is nothing else.
From the beginning was where MAGIC was birthed

dedicated to my sister-friend Carissa Paige. I love you with all my being. Watching hawks. Witnessing the marsh. Bamboo. Heidi. DJ and beer tears. You are my fairy. Sho…