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Bonus project for Lifebook

I'm so thrilled to let you know that I'll be doing a bonus project over on the LIFEbook online class. You still have time to sign up. This particular project will post sometime in August.
Bunny Party heal from within create your own party with a bunny eat cupcakes pick tulips reach out to those in need wrap your magic scarf of love around them
treat each day with magical eyes seeing wonder in the small sprinkle hearts and light your candle of love

MATS Class

When I got the email from Beth, (a sweet, creative friend who I met at "An Artful Journey" back in 2010)
that she was hosting a an online class with the amazing Lilla Rogers as our fairy art
God Mother....I knew that I wanted to sign up. MATS is short for "make art that sells". Its really all about exploring areas of the licensing arena and which one you feel that your engaged to create for. It was really helpful in helping me decide what I area I was most drawn to. I think I had the most fun in the wall art design piece. Simply because this was more in line with my comfort zone and how I'm used to working. But the other exercises really pushed me into new ways of thinking and how you can take bits and pieces of your art and create something pretty magical in photoshop that lends itself to the product better. 

With the children's book cover and the pencil case design, I feel I grew in ways I wasn't expecting. I cannot say enough great things about the clas…