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Year of the FairyTale

I'm so excited to announce that I am guest artist over at Carla Sonheim's  amazing "Year of the Fairy Tale" class!!
She asked me to illustrate Blondine, Bonne Biche, and Beau-Minon...(a french fairy tale) I read through the short 17 page story and couldn't help myself but to paint it right away. The story had me captivated and the images kept coming. Although this is not my normal method of painting..(i normally paint intuitively)....I so enjoyed this process. Thank you Carla for asking me to be a guest in your beautiful class. If you'd like to find out more about the class and to sign up go HERE.  Ps. I do an interview and video of the below painting.

what is clarity?

I had a dream this morning. I say this morning because it was as I was waking up. I dreamt of going to work for a company. It was like something out of Minority Report. I started working right away and the first thing I remember was that me and 2 colleagues were in a conference room having a meeting. Next door, we heard some commotion and then the door latch shimmed and the door came open. We saw folks next door playing loud music, dancing, and having fun. I got up from the table and started to join in from our room. My supervisor, who looked very much like Rhea Pearlman, walked in just as I was cuttin' a jig and instantly the life drained from her face. She asked me what I was doing and I told her, I was joining in. That the company next door had the right idea to have fun and get work done too. I then proceeded to further explain that if our company tried to do the same thing then they may get better productivity and employees that actually enjoyed their job, hence lower turnove…

Primitive Portraits

I'm so thrilled to announce a new class offering, called Primitive Portraits!

Primitive Portraits is all about getting back to the basics of painting faces. Deciding to leave your work a bit raw, simple, and undone is refreshing and exercises the muscle of restraint. I have found through art making that doing less really is the secret. But also, doing less is tougher than you would think. We want to keep working and tidy up the face/painting. It feels good sometimes to busy ourselves and overwork a painting. Come join me as we discover the raw, simple side of ourselves that says it's ok to let it speak for itself. 

Register HERE and then click on the "join group" button

I truly feel life imitates this area in art. Deciding to come just as you are… enough….matter-of-fact…'s the most beautiful part of you. The real you. Class begins March 31. The class will be structured like this: Each Monday I'll post a new exercise video for you to watch and have time to cr…