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New journal work

Time away from Facebook has proven productive. It's helped to focus my energies and new ideas and possibilities are revealing themselves to me. I am finding being Still is really the most important time in my day. I am still when I'm walking the in the mornings and the the studio....basking in the sun on the porch. These moments are the ones I cherish the most right now. My time spent with God through Stillness is.....IS......

Recent journal work

There is aliveness in quiet.
There is every answer in stillness. In solitude I'm never alone.

Disney Journal Pages!

I'm back with another update from Disney. I wanted to share with you all the journal pages I created while we were there. It truly was a beautiful balance between experiencing the parks, savoring all the cherished moments with fellow creatives, and diving into your journal. I just had to show off the journals a bit too. The first picture is of the cover. Tangie's husband Dave created these beauties for each of the participants. By the way, if you really LOVE these journals…(I know I do) then you can get your very own HERE.

First photo is credited to Kathryn
inspired by Mickey's Magical Map Disneyland map…..I taught a short class on how to create these lovely watercolor maps. I drew this in the animation academy. I don't follow directions too well and drew her alongside steamboat Mickey….(below)

journaled this after we rode Haunted Mansion. I am a bit obsessed with the bride with the hatchet. "till death do us part"…. :-)
another animation academy Alice which …

Disney Retreat

I am back and rested from the Disney Retreat.  I am so blessed and thankful that Tangie asked me to be a part of this amazing retreat. We had a great group of ladies, as well as my husband Tim and Tangie's husband Dave. The first day we met for Mexican food and chatted and really just got to know each other. Also, Tangie organized for us to meet later that evening at Californa Adventure lodge....where she presented us with the most beautiful and inspiring packets ever! Dave made all the journals that were constructed with watercolor paper and Disney golden book covers. In heaven. I wanted to do a twirl around the courtyard (like the little girl in a princess costume that I saw earlier that day....she twirled and twirled with no worries. She was just being. She didn't have a care in the world. And at that moment I believed she was the happiest person on the planet. And I was as well, witnessing that beauty of a child's wonder!)

And just allow me for a second to sing the pra…