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Watercolor fun giveaway winner

Congrats to Vicki Sun for winning the giveaway for Susana's Watercolor fun online class! Thank you to all of those of you who helped spread the word.

Travel materials

Last week, on our Disney cruise I posted a couple photos of my make-shift painting table. One of my best friends, Nolwenn Petitbois asked me what all I took on these adventures so I wanted to share with you all here the materials that I took on board the Disney Magic. Keep in mind this little space was only around 2ft x 3ft. I used a cup cover (ones that go over the cocktail glasses that our found in many hotel rooms) filled with tissue to dab the paint after rinsing the brushes.
Normally I only carry my journal and watercolors. I did take those too but I sometimes I get frustrated and just want to glue and paint and layer.....So I took some minimal items to keep me creating. watercolor paper 9x12 Cardboard pad to protect the surface
7 paints as well as glue and a catalyst wedge paint colors: paynes gray carbon black turquoise craft paint neon red craft paint ---> can be found at craft stores for around $1.50 black white matte paint quin nickel azo gold- golden new paint from target -…

Watercolor fun with Susana!!

I'm so excited to offer a giveaway here on my blog for Susana Tavares new online workshop called Watercolor Fun. I am so thrilled to be a guest artist in this amazing class. Here is what I have to offer for this project:

REGISTER and check out more about the class and for a teaser video

Susana is giving away 1 spot here on my blog. Drawing will be made this Monday.  Here is how to sign up:
post this link on social media...pinterest, Facebook, twitter, instagram, blog, etccome back here and let me know how you sharedplease leave your email address on your comment so that we can get in touch with you if you winif you've already worries....Susana will refund your registration fee.
I hope you'll join us over in Watercolor fun!!

Sunday Mornings 2 journaling

My word for this year is Listen. I would love if you joined me in a "Listening to God" journaling adventure with Sunday Mornings 2. We will surrender, be still, and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us as we journal and create with our Creator. We will listen, write, and paint. We will extend our hands and allow God's grace to pour down....receiving and then giving back. Sharing our art with others, to me, is the most gentle way to make disciples of Christ This is a Christian based online workshop. Anyone is welcome to join! Class begins: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015. Sign up anytime after that start date. All classes have forever access!

Price: $35
There are lots of video demonstrations! Here are some things we'll be doing in this class:
I'll take you through how to create your own journal with watercolor paper. prepping the journalprayer pageshow to create our own simple masks and stencilspainting intuitivelymy simple method for starting several pages in one …