Raw Simplicity online course

We are going to keep it simple. If you find yourself obsessively "tidying up" your paintings and drawings, then this class is for you. Restraint never looked so good!
Join me for 4 projects/exercises to loosen you up.......
Class begins: August 3rd and projects will post Monday, Wed, Fri, and then again on Monday. The supply list will be sent to you on July 27th and you can also find the links below. After August 3rd, 2015....the class will be a self paced class for you to work through on your own.
Price: $39
projects include:
  1. tag project to help loosen you up
  2. primitive animal exercise
  3. finished piece on watercolor paper
  4. finished work on wood board 

READY? sign up ------>>> HERE

GUEST ARTIST: Nolwenn Petitbois!!
I am a young woman born and raised in France during more than 23 years before becoming an expatriate with a husband and two young daughters, in Vancouver (Canada). I was a very creative child but put it aside during teenagehood. I am an avid journaler, I’ve written diaries since I’m 7 or so and writing is really something I need to free my Soul. I realized that the emotions and events are often better on paper than consuming me from the inside. - Nolwenn

Here is a list of all the supplies for this class:

paint colors you'll see me use:

How long do I have access to the class? 
You now get forever access to all my classes to work at your own pace.

Do I need to purchase all the supplies at once?
I suggest you watch the videos first before going out and buying everything at once. You may have something already on hand that you can use. The wood boards are what I like to work on but you can work on paper or canvas. Whatever you like the best!

Do you give refunds or can I share the material with others?
After payment is made, sorry no refunds. Please do not share the material or videos with anyone. thank you!

Will there be a Facebook group for this class?
No, for this class we will be sharing and commenting inside the classroom.


I need your help spreading the news about Raw Simplicity
  • I'm going to give away 2 spots. (if you've already signed up, no worries....if you win, I'll refund your money)
  • Please share this blog post link on your blog, pinterest, instagram, or Facebook
  • come back here and let me know - leave your name, email address, and how you shared
  • drawing will be done on Saturday, July 19th 2015 (also please leave your email on your comment so that I can send you an invitation to the class if you win)

Here is an Instagram photo for you to download:



  1. Yay!!!
    Looks like another WONDERFUL class, Mindy!!
    I pinned it on Pinterest

  2. Sounds really great! I shared on Facebook. Snowshrew@yahoo.com

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    Many thanks...

  8. shared on my facebook page and some Italian art groups I'm part of.
    another course I'm looking forward to :)
    hugs joan
    b_fazio (at) tin (dot) it

  9. I really like your work. Just made a sweet little post to "show you off" to people on Facebook. I hope some come your way. Would love to visit with you in person in Vancouver some day. I'm in Seattle and travel there once in a while. Perhaps this fall. (I would like to show you the journals I teach people to make … it's a personal passion project). seattlebooklady@gmail.com Gretchen Williams

  10. Looks like fun Mindy! Shared on Pinterest and Facebook. lorilewis@hypersytes.com

  11. Hi Mindy, looks like a lot of fun! shared on facebook. bonniesmithartist@iag.net

  12. Always love your classes Mindy!
    Looks like another yummy one!!!
    Posted in my Fb https://www.facebook.com/mariette.heb
    Thanks for the opportunity xo

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    Kim Taylor

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    Love you style

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    Fingers and toes crossed

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  17. Hi Mindy, I love your classes, so I shared on
    Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KimmyKitten
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    my email address is Kimlhine@yahoo.com.au

    1. Yay!! worked it out... also posted on instagram and twitter.

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    I shared it on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/licesbury), thank you!

    Marta Liceras

  22. I shared on Facebook. Love to win a spot on this class. Thanks Mindy. Peace Ronda

  23. I shared on Facebook. Would love to win a spot in your class! I'm currently taking Permission to Play and would be thrilled to have two of your classes to look forward to! Sheehan.cheryl@gmail.com

  24. I shared on Facebook and Pinterest and would love to win a spot in your class as I have never taken one before! �� Junea Loakes lloakes@cox.net

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  26. oh my goodness this is so exciting! i posted on pinterest and FB (https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr), and i'll do so on instagram if i can figure out how...lol! love your classes....sharonpstanley@gmail.com

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    Sounds exciting. I shared on FB.
    Hugs, Kylie xo

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  31. I love your classes. Easy to follow, and fun to do. I shared on FB, and will share on Instagram. :-) Sacredyoli@gmail.com

  32. I love your classes I am taking a class now! You are so inspiring!!

  33. I love your classes I am taking a class now! You are so inspiring!!

  34. Shared on Facebook and Pinterest

  35. Glenda Pantley
    Shared on Facebook

  36. I shared on my facebook page under Claudia Mora. I have to say that I'm loving the Primitive Portraits workshop, thank you Mindy for the opportunity to learn from you!
    I would love to WIN!!! OX

  37. Forgot to add my name and email: Claudia Mora anticatreasures@hotmail.com
    I shared on my facebook page under Claudia Mora. I have to say that I'm loving the Primitive Portraits workshop, thank you Mindy for the opportunity to learn from you!
    I would love to WIN!!! OX

  38. Looks like a wonderful class! I shared on Facebook :). Doreencars@gmail.com

  39. Hi! I shared on Instagram! I love your work. :)

  40. I love your classes, Mindy. I pinned to Pinterest. Mfourliptak@aol.com

    Thank you for the opportunity.

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  42. Looks like a great class!
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  43. Shared on FB and Pinterest……hopeful.

  44. Hi Mindy and Nolwenn! I love the concept of this class. It can be challenging to not over-work or over-think while creating. I really enjoy discovering the layers and textures within the work, while uncovering the artist's process. Thank you for the chance to win!
    Shared on Google+ and Facebook!

  45. I loved your True Free Spirit class and shared this new class on Facebook. :). Hollykshop@gmail.com

  46. Shared this awesome class on Facebook and on Google. I really think this is an important topic to learn. I don't know how many times I have gone too far and wished I had stopped when I first thought it might be time to.

  47. Shared on FB art group.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  48. I shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

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  50. Shared on Facebook page, adore this simplicity. Wild Surrender was a great course.

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  54. Yay - this looks so great! I shared your post on FB. Thank you for giving away 2 spots! My email is paigely@gmail.com

  55. I I posted the photo and course details on Instagram. I'd love to enter the giveaway, if you haven't drawn yet. 😊


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