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Travel supplies

I just returned from my husband's 40th bday trip.....aboard the Disney Dream. I love taking along art supplies, because let's face it, I get a little irritable and neurotic if I don't make time to create.
Here is a visual of the things I packed:

watercolor journal  "i can fly" buccaneer bay blue lindy's stamp gang americana fiery red golden quin nickel azo gold Dina Wakley brushes caran d'ache neocolor ii crayons water brush prismacolor colored pencils oil pastel ranger tags stabilo graphite pencil washi tape set of peerless watercolors
To be honest, I really just used my peerless, stabilo graphite, caran d'ache neocolors and a water brush. very easy to carry around the ship.

Then I combine everything into packable pouches you can find my printed studio pouches and tote bags on Redbubble.

Here are a few pages I created on our 3 days on the ship:

my favorite journaling spot was Pink....the cutest little champagne bar, themed after a scene in Dumbo:

If you ha…