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Paint Like a Child winners

Congrats to Stephanie Muth and Belen have won a spot in the Paint Like a child journaling online class!! The drawing was done via a random number generator.

thank you so much for helping to spread the word about this class.

I did want to mention that I have had a couple folks say they were spammed and I think it was due to leaving your emails that is why all the comments have been deleted. thanks for understanding and my apologies in case you were one of the ones that were sent a spam email.

Paint Like a Child journaling online class!!

It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child - Picasso It is so true. Children are true artists in every sense of the word. They don't question themselves and have such a raw quality to how they create. To get back to that place of creating like a child is my ultimate goal as an artist. I believe through working in a journal, the walls are a bit broken down. I feel more at ease with playing and not worrying about the outcome. If I find myself getting to tight, I reach for my favorite tool!! (more about this in class!)  I will be your guide through this childlike play and give you some tools....literal and figurative to achieve a looseness and rawness just as kids do. I still struggle with staying loose, but it is where I want to be. I don't think there is any right or wrong way to create art or journal. It is about bringing a child-like mind to the table and playing for the sake of playing. It's about getting quiet and listening to what we …

I'm teaching in Colorado Springs in August

Check it out and register nner Radiant Child with Mindy Lacefield2-day workshop
Aug 19th & 20th  10-5 each day (bring a lunch)
$250 class fee + $10 kit fee 
Join me as we revisit our 7 year old selves and the uninhibited play of creating! We will learn to let go and have fun as we get messy with color and mark making. We will paint intuitively and embrace the mistakes and happy accidents as they happen. Once those mistakes are brought forth we can celebrate and use them as a catalyst for direction. The work begins to speak to us. We react. We respond with quick movements and subtle mark making. We are here to create from a place of not worrying about the outcome. We aren’t bodies creating “something”. We are souls creating what’s inside, that which is wanting so desperately to get out. There is no better medicine and healing than finding yourself in a mark….in a combination of color….in a shape. We will explore and pull out that which you may not have known was inside!
We will play a…

Beloved 20 drawing project

I have had a few folks request that this particular project be made available separately for purchase from the 24 Faces Project. (if you are in that class, this is included so please don't register. it's coming on friday as a bonus! yay!) But if you aren't in the 24 Faces Project and would like to create this girl she is available here. This class contains a 20 minute video with me walking you through each and every movement in real time. I hope you'll join in!

New Journal work

I am feeling a need to get back into my journal.....and just staying off of all the different types of social media. This vulnerable feeling comes up every so often and it seems that Facebook is where I feel most raw and exposed. I sometimes feel too available...too at the tips of I am coming here to share my art with you. To share my feelings the best way I know how.

It's at these times, I realize that I am evolving. I crave solitude in its most raw form. To be away from the talk with The void out all else. To escape into nature where I hear His voice more clearly. 
Have you ever felt this need?

I feel I am talking to God without words. Stillness (through mind) and working with paint (through hands) is how He likes to talk to me. And He sometimes shows up in words when I am open and flowing.

You see as a child....manipulation, fear, and guilt were utilized. And they are still trying their best to use them on …