Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dreams Become Real!

While we are waiting to sell our house....I decided to paint my dreams of living in Florida. I am waiting on divine timing but if I'm honest, my patience is short. Not a great characteristic but maybe I'll do a better job in trusting God's plan for us. I do think visualizing your dreams and speaking them (or heck why not paint them) can help them come to pass.....
I thought I'd give it a try....

ps. a little more back story on the house. We thought we had it sold. Two families were super interested asking detailed questions and coming to see the house twice. They wanted to look under the house and the their realtor said they were ready to make the offer. We were super hyped....(well I was. Tim is super even-keeled and patient and doesn't get the least bit excited until the dotted line is signed) Well several days went by and So I texted my agent and asked. She said that they were hesitant and were still thinking. This has been over a week ago. So my thought is, they would have made the offer already if they wanted the house. Back to square one as they say.
But after all my excitement and thrill about the possibility of moving to Floria, I just want to stay THANKFUL for everything. For the waiting. For every detail. For where we are now. And I'm happy. I'm grateful for so many things. So for now I will paint my grateful self on a rainbow heading to her castle. Because that is how I feel. Already. Florida won't bring that. It's already my reality.....

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  1. I love this painting! I agree, you have to speak your dreams into reality. Your house will sell. And you will be able to move your magical life to Florida.


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