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Alive process

Lately I have been wanting to withdraw a bit. I don't want to admit to anyone that the fear of my love for painting is waning. I'm hoping its one of those dark spells again that surface every now and again. I have been through this so many times, yet each time it feels different. Each time I feel raw and exposed and want to hide away from all social media. But there are definitely some pros for social media. oh yes. The other day while I was thumbing through the newsfeed I saw this quote.
f you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.Vincent Van Gogh

I have been hearing this same voice. I go to paint. I sit. I am disturbed and disgusted at what is coming out of the end of my brush.  I guess what I'm saying is that I always want this to be a joyful process. To be happy while I'm doing it. And yes, most of the time I am. Apparently, like the rest of life it doesn't always work this way. I have …

Divine Light

On my trip back from Port Townsend in June, my flight from Dallas to Little Rock was cancelled. There were no flights available until the next day at 6pm so I opted to rent a car and drive the 5.5 hours back home. At one point, I called my husband and told him I would probably stop in Texarkana, get a room and drive the remainder the next day. But as my trip went on, (playing 80's music really loud to keep me awake) I began to feel more energized. I decided to stop off and get a coffee and donut to get me through the rest of the 3 hours home. After I got back on the interstate, I saw a meteor. At first it was really bright. Too big and bright for just a "falling star". It turned blue. Then green. And soon disappeared as it got close to the ground off in the near distance. It all happened so quickly that I was a bit stunned at first. Did I really see what I think I saw? I had just written about a metaphorical meteor a few weeks

I have the power to release it …