Thursday, May 29, 2014

Imagine Play Emerge and giveaway

This July, I have a new online workshop that is sure to break you out of your rut. Every summer, I go through an art funk and I'm hoping to quell it or at least expect that it's coming so that I'll know how to deal with it properly. If the summer blues affects you too then I may have just the medicine…..Imagine Play Emerge. It is a class based on these 3 areas of the creative process…..

I do believe Imagination is first and foremost in the creative process but we must not stop there. We must play and make discoveries. We must let go and create from a place of child-like wonder. When we allow ourselves to just play and not remain "in our head" and "act too serious" then we allow for magic and divine blessings to enter in. We grab hold of these important tools and before you know it, we are emerging in self expression….we are shining a light so beautiful that others take notice. We begin creating from somewhere else besides the mind - the soul.
And as the cycle ends, it begins again.

Here is a sneak peek into more:

The details:
You will get 1 year classroom access from the date you sign up.
$75 early bird price through June 20th
$88 regular registration begins June 21st
Class material will be ready by July 1st
This is a self-paced workshop.
(no Facebook group this go 'round)

Mary Blair inspired "girl and bunny"

Some of the projects that we will be doing are:
  • Mary Blair inspired works
  • painting a girl in profile (learning how the old masters used color up against the face to shape and  really make the features stand out)
  • We'll be doing a girl that is heavily textured and how to use a catalyst blade along with oil pastels to distress the finish of the face.
  • a Winnie the Pooh bonus video
  • a Mary Blair handkerchief design piece
  • a sweet book illustration

Giveaway instructions
*****I need your help in spreading the word. Please post a link to this blog post on your social media (Facebook, twitter, blog, pinterest, etc) 
Then come back here and leave a comment stating how/where you shared. I will then randomly choose 2 names for free access to the class. Drawing will be made on June 25th. If you have already paid for the class, I will refund you payment. Come back here on the 25th to check if you've won. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Mornings giveaway winners!!!

These 3 blessed folks were chosen at random…..and you guys are the winners of the $50 charity donation of your choice!!!!
Michelle Saxon
Maggie Kopp Martin
Jay Watkins

and here is the winner of the beautiful painting by Michelle Sylvia
Barbara Ford

I'm so thankful for all of you helping to spread the word. and THE Word…. :-)

please email me at mlacefield13 [at] for further directions.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Beach Work

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took some time away and went to the beach. The poodles had a blast walking on the beach. At first they were scared of the water lapping up onto their paws, but they adjusted quickly. We rented a small house that was pet friendly and it had a lovely fenced yard where we played fetch with Merlin and Sammy. They came back tired and happy. Us too!

Merlin's favorite spot...out on the porch scoping out the bunny that visited us on Easter

Texas state line BBQ

 Sammy Sasparilla
 Easter Sunrise

 Merlin watching the birds and the sunrise

paint table

 two tired poodles

Here is some work I created while away.....