Thursday, August 23, 2012

a rabbit noticed my condition

a rabbit noticed my condition print
available here

inspired by the poem written by
St. John of the Cross

and in online workshop is a sneak peek into Frolic.
a mini bunny class. hoptastic!

coming later this fall!
stay tuned for more details...

in the meantime check out the new Classroom
where you can find both of the self paced classes 
Paint Your Story
Neat Stuff

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This reality beckons me back but is it the truth?
with closed eyes I feel more in spirit than the waking occurrences
maybe that is all that there is
an occurrence in time that slings us through life at lightening speed
only stopping to bask when things quiet down.

why can't we ask this inner nagging voice to Be Still
to escape some time away from the "need to's" and lists
why is there always something i should be doing.
and when i do finally get there,
the mind automatically jumps ahead to the next "should"

the voice becomes a constant chatter
insisting on being heard

i believe the subconscious is more powerful
and would like to give the voice a good slap i'm sure.

once asleep my mind feels more free.
awake its is hostage to the voice
moments spent in creative work quiets the voice
sub takes the reins

inspiration is a portal to the subconscious 
the opening for the spirit to enter
when the conscious mind is in control, creativity is impossible
to create from a place of pure love.....
art becomes an outward expression of your soul.

I have been in a struggle with the voice. its telling me awful things. its making me lists that i don't want to do. its starting to convince me that i don't want to paint. i tell it to shut the hell up.... but still with the lists. i'm beginning to realize that the voice isn't real, with the help of this book. after reading a couple chapters, i realize what i must do....but its seems that now i've given this voice some attention and that night it really takes hold. i can't sleep. it even told me to write a different blog post. who the hell does this voice think she is?!

todays walk proved successful. i'm whipping this thing into shape. maybe. 
i'm mixing up the routine. i'm doing things i want to do. paint crazy free. not care. paint for me. 
dark. limbs. acceptance.

with the advice of this amazing friend, i'm able to forge ahead and realize that yucky times in your creative life will surface. and absolutely necessary. sunny girl, you are my rock. my mentor. my sister. my friend. there is no one on this planet like you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Art and Soul - Portland

Hello Wednesday, Hello August!!

Today, I wanted to feature another retreat that I'm teaching at......Art and Soul Portland

Animal Guide class
October 2nd

This Animal Guide class was inspired by Pixie Campbell. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Pixie last fall at the Serendipity retreat in Nags Head, NC. I was chatting with my girl, Lisa Parks and told her I'd love to give the host of the retreat, Michelle a gift. Lisa informed me that Michelle drew a bear card earlier that day in Pixie's class. So something similar to the above evolved from my paint brush. I was so inspired by Pixie and her energy and nurturing spirit that a few more of these animal guides came out of me during the retreat and upon returning home. My hope for this class is to play with color. to let your inner animal play. to speak loudly with a roar from your subconscious. 

October 3rd

These journals are inspired by using simple materials......cardboard, ringbinders, paper and paint. I love that there is no measuring. no calculating. just simple. easy fun! We will play with symbols, neon paint, ribbons and fibers. I will also cover how to create depth and dimension within the face by using warm and cool colors. come on, lets Twirl!