Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Ice cream charm, postcard and sticker sets are here!!

I have been working on this project for some time and they are finally here..... a new product..... Acrylic charms!!! They are super sparkly and come with a lobster claw and keychain. So you can use them on your back pack, journal, or keys. They measure around 2" tall. I have the charms sold separately in the shop as well as included in the set. You'll save $ getting the set.

I have the set available for $16 in my Big Cartel shop and if you purchase the set, you'll get a free holographic mickey 2" sticker (while supplies last. I have about 20 of these left)
look at all the pretties you get in the set!!

I also have new Unicorn girl postcards in my SHOP!

Monday, August 3, 2020

New Artwork, doll design submission and watercolor video

Today I want to share a watercolor video with you. Several months ago, I created this as a longer version for my patrons over on Patreon for the Watercolor Wallflower $10 tier. I love using watercolor pencils to lightly sketch and then activate with water. 

I have been having fun creating some new small originals and they are now up in my Big Cartel shop.

Also watch this space to get notified first about my new enamel pin collection for Halloween. I'll also have 4 new washi tape designs very soon....2 of which have foil accents. So excited to see how they turned out.
Momiji doll design

I created this cute Momiji doll design a couple weeks ago and thought I'd share with my blog readers. I am not sure that Momiji is even accepting designs but I thought it would be an amazing learning experience if I gave it a try. I first created a pencil drawing with a brown col-erase pencil and then took a photo of that and used it as a guide for my line and color work in Procreate. The side view proved to be the most difficult as the foreshortening of the arm and back of the bird needed to be constructed flat. Definitely a fun learning experience.
Below are the rough sketches. You can tell this was a night-time project.... :-)
One of my dreams as been to have a doll created with my art. I am not sure that will ever happen. But it certainly won't if I don't put in the work. Cheers to the work and the learning that comes with it!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Studio process

I've been jumping back into painting a bit more messy these last several days. I picked up a supply I have used in ages, the black marks all stabilo. It is not as forgiving as the graphite version but I love it's messy-ness and it's ability to really make the features pop. It is water soluble so you can activate with water and scrape with a No. 6 wedge.

Intertwined - SOLD
prints available upon request

Patreon 4x4 rewards:

I've been thinking of Halloween already and what lessons I want to do for my annual Halloween class. I'm still working it out and not quite sure of the exact direction. But I thought I'd start with this cute Vampire Mickey. I used the stabilo marks all in black as well as some acrylic ink and gouache.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Character Study drawing mini course

What makes up a character? Expression. Color. Shape. Keeping all of these elements simple is key. Simplicity wins with character design. (actually all design in art in my opinion) Where do you start with finding a character that holds a part of you and the style you want to convey? Looking at illustrators that you admire can help lead you in the right direction. What is it about their work you love? Mary Blair is such a huge inspiration for me and lately Momiji dolls too. Again, the simple shapes and design truly draw me in. Mary Blair's work is so deceptively simple. The shapes are simple but the idea and work to get it there is definitely not.
This class focuses more on drawing and exploring simplicity in a way that is not-intimidating. If you can draw circles and squares and triangles, then you can do this class! Come join me in this fun exploration of darling, cute characters
******PATREON members get this class FREE for August patrons 2020. (messy inner child tier) - SAVE $ when you sign up for my Patreon.

Lessons and structure at a glance:
  • marker and paper talk - also cover blending
  • eyes, nose and mouth lesson - learning scale, placement and size matters!
  • 1 hour long live zoom replay of my bunny slipper journal page using watercolors and colored pencil
  • cute ghost
  • and more TBA!
  • over 3 hours of real time creating

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Paintings and drawing make me happy!

Happy Fairies and unicorn girls and happy mickey's on top of a cotton candy ice cream makes me HAPPY. I have been sketching a lot lately. It seems the ideas flow easier for some reason. I woke up early and grabbed my sketchbook and drew for about 2 hours. (see tiny fairy sketch in red below)

I've already got Halloween on my brain. Once I get my pumpkin spice coffee creamer, I'm instantly transported to October. And I'll reveal some sketches from that in another post. I'll probably start working on my annual Halloween class very soon....so be sure and check back.

These new originals are available in my Big Cartel shop now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mystic Unicorn School!!

School is about to begin. It's like the most magical summer school ever!

Mystic Unicorn school is an awakening of magic that is all around. In the little things. In the fort building. In the staying in on rainy days creating magic.
We will get inspired and create from a place of inner child magic. We will be creating in mainly gouache, and acrylic paints.
There will also be Movie homework: watch Unicorn store and Legend (1985) before or during the class. If you don't have access to these movies, you can watch clips on YouTube.
Are you ready?  REGISTER HERE

The class will be structured as such:
I'll be posting a lesson once a week for 12 weeks. Think of it has the best summer school ever!
  • videos will post on Monday's
  • class begins June 29th
  • Patreon special pricing - $75 for Messy Inner Child Tier
  • Registration - $90
  • at least 12 total process videos
  • 1 FB live art session
  • painted papers download for you to use in your journal
  • a PROCREATE lesson!
Lesson plan:
  • Rainbow warmups
  • Foam stamp making
  • creating the cover - fun lettering
  • lil Blue unicorn 
  • Rainbow love with gouache
  • Unicorn Treat Truck
  • mixed media invitation letter
  • happy crayon unicorn
  • Procreate fort lesson   (ps. this lesson will unfortunately not include the very beginner to procreate. If you need tech help to get started, I'd like to kindly ask that you google how to do things. I am considering doing a beginner course so stay tuned.)
FREE GIFT ALERT!! First 20 people to sign up will receive a free gift....an exclusive postcard and sticker set!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

New abstract-ish work

I've been having fun playing with bright color from my turner gouache collection and decided to take a different route with my art. The turner gouache color pigment is so intense and beautiful. I have been so inspired by the rich color.

Stay tuned! I'll be announcing a new class shortly. And for the first 20 folks to sign up, you'll get a cool gift! I will announce here first.

Cupcake for breakfast 5x5"

Germination sparkles - original 9x12

Rainbow Icing 5x5"

Mickey's candy Land - original 12x16" on gallery wrapped canvas