Sunday, October 30, 2011

Swimming With Stars

Swimming with Stars
water crept into her dreams, from the glow of the moon.
speaking beyond the subconscious, yet shouting loudly to be heard.
it is here where freedom began.

from the depths of fluid energy the mind escapes
into realms of mystical worlds.
hypnotized by her majesty, the waves forget their power.
her fullness extends a balance as the veil is lifted.

knowing now what her heart must try,
there is beauty in fear.
now lit with stars
holding her hand as they swim
where darkness once lingered

by me in Kate's class at Serendipity
inspired by my friendship with Jennifer and the moon

Swimming with Stars
for Jennifer
painted on one of our late night painting sessions...

me and jennifer

After the magic muse class, the students wanted to know what poem of Jennifer's first spoke to me a couple years ago. in these words, beauty is realized by hurt. i love you jen. my eyes are now open.......

Eyes open - by Jennifer Beltoff
I bring myself to the table
with my heart on my sleeve
I hug you
Tell you I love you
and try to show you
that life is not perfect
Sometimes it is plain awful
We get dragged through the mud
and we are not sure
how to pick ourselves back up
but we can do it
As human beings we are so strong
So powerful
and so brave
I show you my tears
I laugh with you
I take chances
I put myself out there
I live with my eyes open
In hopes to open yours

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a bit of NEWS and some mail art

I have just returned from teaching at Serendipity and i discovered the beauty of magic moments. (more on this very soon)

fab mail art that i received while i was away:

 the pink, the red, the stitches.....
the words peeking from behind tissue and papers.
from the talented Vikki

 nostalgia at its best.....
layers and layers of sepias and orange
a teeny touch of turquoise in all the right places
mail art from the Fabulous Karen

juicy collage
playful purple
remarkable layering!
this gorgeous atc original 
mail art is from the talented Martice

Thank you Martice, Karen and Vikki.......what gorgeous works of art you made. (your mail art pieces from me are going out today or in the morning) for news time.................

a new business opportunity is in the inner-workings of my brain. i am letting it simmer for now. a couple steps in the direction have been made. it has been a passion of mine since i was a little girl and i think the more i visit that child, her heart is telling me to make this leap. i'm not sure where this will end up so i don't want to reveal anything too soon. i'm guessing months will pass until anything is seen of it. but i will tell you that i will continue to make art........and that this new venture will incorporate my art in it. almost like an extension of my art. of me. 

so due to this news, I am closing my mail art exchange program for now. i know that i had previously announced that i would resume the exchange in November (so if you've sent things in to me already...don't worry i will honor your mail and you will receive a return mail piece from me.) thank you for everyone that participated. it was a dream of mine inspired by the late Ray Johnson to make mail art and send it into the world.

i heart you all BIG time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

a little mail art and next adventure

I am in the midst of scurrying around packing and getting ready for Serendipity. I am so excited to see some wonderful friends and to bask in the light of the moon on the beach. I am teaching two workshops called Magic Muse and Full Spectrum Story. I have fallen hard for teaching! It feels natural......i'm not nervous and so far has been the most rewarding practice since i first started painting. I love sharing this bit of myself and the fun techniques that incorporate painting messy with our hands and using words and paper as background patterns. carefree and alive......!!

here are some photos i took last year in nags head....

 this is the moon folks!! certainly serendipitous that there
was this huge moon last year over the water....
(a bit of a back story......i had an epiphany that i wanted to
start painting when i saw the moon over the water on
the west coast back in 2005)
it really doesn't get much better than this!!!

I'll post lots of photos when i return. me and this girl have a date with  a camera. (we did
a trade of a painting from me for a photo shoot with excited!!)
and perhaps a little margarita too!

also i wanted to leave you with a couple mail art pieces:

 mail art from Tina Gilmore
i adore the intricate line drawings on the envelope
and the little pin is to die for....and we haven't even talked 
about the!!! so so wonderful and even matted too
thank you tina!!

mail art from Rachel Rydel
I have had a huge art crush on rachel for months now
and i received this beautiful little book just in time for halloween.
i just squealed when i saw it wrapped in those darling
glassine bags topped off with a pin. this will
most certainly go under my Nightmare before Christmas Tree.

Thank you Rachel and Tina for your amazing talents. your mail art is headed your way right now.

I will be resuming my mail art exchange in November so get out your pens, paints, thread, or whatever
and send me some art to be featured on my blog.

here is my mailing address again:
Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Create Magic

Liz has a special thing about her retreats........there is a real connection fostered with the workshops, the people, and Liz herself. She makes you feel at home. (home was a recurring word and theme at this retreat.) and the people i met there connected instantly. it didn't take us long before we were gathered in a circle laughing and sharing stories. it truly was magic.

i was honored to teach for the very first time here at this retreat. and it only seems fitting that this is the retreat i would do it with since i attended my first be present retreat back in 2009. i didn't know what to expect.....but i didn't expect the kindred souls that i would soon call my sisters.

sometimes its hard to articulate in words what the experience holds for me in my heart and how it deeply affected my soul.....

we met at a log cabin filled with..............
heart strings
cozy tea
bouncy balls
photo props
accessible words
warm spirits
belly laughing
walks in the woods
capturing jumps
laughing more
painting to music downstairs
crying together

these are the things i hold dear.............

words as JoJo Blondal

i love you Liz, Vivienne, Kelly, Danielle, Jojo, Celina, Melissa, Angel, Eileen, Janna, and Valerie!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mail Art Monday

I'm still receiving the most beautiful mail art!!!

i have just returned from being filled up with love and teaching at Create Magic (a be present retreat) which by the way, was just featured in Mingle. let me tell you, the people you meet and the magic you create will go on to enrich and change your life forever. i'm a walking testament. (more on Create Magic tomorrow)

here are the lovely, beautiful, amazing pieces of art i received while i was gone:

mail art from the fabulous Tammy McGee
i love the dreamy blues and greens! and the words
showing through make my eyes dance with joy!!
bravo dear girl....

mail art from Mary Ann Mariano
wow!!! just wow. this amazing art quilt is just so exquisite!
and the stitched envelope..... my heart can't take much more goodness.

mail art from Sophie De Cort
coming all the way from Dubai! i love the blue pom poms and
the stitched book tells a story of layered goodness....
happy. ponder. make. 

mail art from Kathie Vezzani
i love the hand carved flower buds and the 
whimsical, loose face. just absolutely breathtaking!!

mail art from Tina Amaro
the envelope is such eye candy with sweet paper collaged pieces.
i am bowled over by the chunky goodness of this canvas.
just so amazing! colors are spot on!!

mail art from Tina Deschenie
i love the textures, the collaged note (be still my heart!)
yes, "support the postal service". i love that you said that!!
i think by doing good for others with this circle of love, we are
helping the very ones who deliver it.

mail art from Jennifer Taylor
oh these blues and oranges make my heart flutter
with happiness! everything down to the envelope makes
me want to hug the sky! love this.....xo
mail art by Sarah Waterfield
oh my!! what wonderfullness this package holds!
i love the angel. the christmas fellow (or gal) 
i am continued to be blown away!!

well, there they are folks. don't they just make your eyes dance with joy?!?! i am so honored to have you all featured here and will send those folks art very soon (for the ones i haven't already done so)

you guys rock!! what an amazing circle of love and life we are sharing. my heart is so full!!

thanks so much for participating!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mail Art monday

Monday rolls around so fast! mondays are pretty much my favorite day of the week. It used to be the my worst when i worked at a job i hated. and it gets even better with these lovely mail art offerings i have to share with you today.

here is the awesome lineup:

Mail art from Bonita Rose
i love the delicious red and black envelope
and the textures in this sweet piece delight my heart.

mail art from Brooke Butler
oh wow, what exquisite brush work!
i love the envelope too. just so divine dear girl.

 mail art from Cameron Reutzel
i love this little painting! such sweet friends sleeping beside one another
i love how she added a gorgeous ribbon for easy hanging. brilliant!
i may have to start doing this to my canvas panels.
 mail art from Ludgera Worms
i adore the shape and size of this mail piece.
she mailed this just like it  is presented here with an address
on the other side. i love the colors and the collage elements. beautiful!!
(and Ludgera told me she is taking on of my classes at Artfest. can't wait!!)

mail art from Annie Hooten
i adore the pe work on this amazingly colored
mail piece. just gorgeous soft mixed with bold. wow, wow!!
be still my heart.

Thank you all so very much for participating! i continue to be blown away at all the beautiful work that graces my mailbox!

Brooke and Bonita, I sent your mail art to you a couple days ago. And Annie, Ludgera, and Cameron...yours will be mailed today.

I think for the month of October, I'm going to have to put a "pause" on the project. I think i will have 1 or 2 mail art monday posts because i'm going to be teaching in Seattle oct and in NC Oct (by the way, there are still spots available at Serendipity. its never too late to join the fun!)
......and then locally i'll be teaching an evening class HERE

I may not be able to return a mail piece to you for the month of October so just wanted all of you to know. Keep sending them in though, and i'll still feature you here on my blog.

thanks again for your lovely words and encouragement for this project. it has been so fun!

here again is my address if you want to participate:
Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113