Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends and love

The other day I had not only one but two pieces of love land in my mailbox......
poem -left by Jenny Messerle and bloom collage -right by Jennifer Belthoff

Jenny and I met at the PLAY retreat in Port Townsend. I really can't explain the highly vibrational energy I felt when I first entered the room where we all created....(sometimes till midnight) but Jenny was so much a part of that magic. There were tears, laughter, and hugs. There was so much love and energy flowing....at times it was so much my heart could almost burst. 
Jenny shared poems, songs, and her amazing art throughout the retreat. we were so lucky to have her there!
I love you Jenny!!
I would like to share a portion of the poem Jenny wrote just for me:

Rainbow Creator by Jenny Messerle
"strawberry red freezer pops that melted and i'd drink....
yellow icing on a smiley-face cake...
lime green jello and mystery-flavored jelly rolls....

amidst the turmoil of growing up -
pockets of peace and happy moments.

these are also the colors radiating from her paintings,
reminding me of childhood delights and replacing my worries and concerns
with cheerfulness and innocence

paintings, paintings, paintings
she supplies to the world
each painting an extension of her spirit and outlook

through her presence and paintings
she creates rainbows in people's rainy hearts
and shines sunlight on cloudy dispositions and in every dark nook"

as i sit and type this and re-read this poem, tears are welling up and chills come over me....
to have someone see this light that I feel inside and to express it so uniquely and exactly how i feel inside is one of the most powerful energies i have felt. all i ever want to do with this life of mine is to "create rainbows in people's rainy hearts". wow. jenny, you have captured my heart and shone the colors of your soul bright. so bright in my heart! i will cherish this poem forever.....

and speaking of energies.....my girl Jennifer has been inspiring me for years now....
it seems not so long ago that she wrote words that spoke to my soul. to believe in myself and to realize that beauty can be seen in the sorrow. to get up from being dragged in the mud....and to shine even brighter than before.  She encourages me and gives me so much. her friendship is like a friendship of no other. we have something special. when we get together, there is just something that clicks. we understand each other. it is without a doubt.....something powerful. a connection that could only be devised from something higher.
if you haven't visited her blog, i encourage you to visit it and visit it often. she is so prolific and her poems may change your life. they did mine!

i love you my two Jennifer's! whose words fill up my heart. you both mean the world to me.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Doodles Unleashed!!

doodles unleashed online book tour

 I'm so excited to announce that my friend Traci Bautista has just had a new book launched!!! Its called "Doodles Unleashed" and I'll tell you that when I received this on my doorstep.....I just gobbled it up and could NOT put it down. You will go crazy with all the eye candy and crazy fun prompts, tips, and inspiration!! Bravo Traci girl......

You can find her book here on Amazon but why not head over to Traci's etsy shop and get a signed copy!!

 doodles unleashed by traci bautista

I had the opportunity to meet Traci last summer in Arizona at the Art Unraveled retreat where Traci, Danielle, and I ventured out in the 113 degree temps to thrift shop. Oh the fun! We also happened across a cute, cute candy shop.

Head over to the book tour page to see more of all the goodness about this book....

Here are some amazing vintage fabric inspirations that Traci shares with us:

 plaid...plaid..plaid all over

 hawaiian muumuu vintage dress

"In my new book Doodles Unleashed, I share many of my inspirations for creating doodles in my mixed media paintings include vintage fabric. The hunt for inspiration is an important part of my art making process.  I am continually inspired by the colors, patterns and textures from vintage fabric and clothing.  I often go to thrift, vintage and antique stores not only to shop but for inspiration, taking photos of the things that call out to me creatively. I use these photos to inspire my drawings and color palettes in my artwork.  Have fun exploring and looking with different eyes when you shop!"

photo no. 1 -love the detail on this 
vintage dress

Creative jumpstarts:
  • Grab your camera and head to your favorite thrift store and take snapshots of the colorful fabrics and items that you like.
  • Look at your photos and paint your page with the colors in the photos or doodle the patterns on your art journal page, let the photos inspire your mark-making.
  • draw a pattern from one photo, then take another photo and draw another pattern on the same page
  • doodle the pattern with watercolor and brush instead of a pen
  • look for vintage patterns online..search google, fashion blogs & magazines
  • create a swatch book of vintage patterns
  • explore your favorite fashion designer collections for patterns

Monday, February 13, 2012

Registration is OPEN for Paint Your Story!!!

Registration is now open 
for Paint Your Story!!
click here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winner Announced!!

Congrats Ella!!! you have won a free spot in my online course Paint Your Story. I'll be in touch!

I used a random number generator and it gave me a result of "35". Thank you everyone for helping me spread the word.

Remember, early-bird registration starts Monday, Feb 13th and will be $98 through March 1st. On March 2nd, the price will be go to regular pricing at $118.

also, a reminder that if you want the zine.....I will have an option for you add that on.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


there is just something magical about the energy
the women with outstretched rainbow arms
the sun shining and bouncing around unique light
a synergy of coming together
believing and growing. basking
belly laughter. late night painting
a knowing of friendship.
a vast of green. frolicking
smelling salt. light painting. chesire glasses
lets play!

 Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA
 beach near the fort
 morning table
 snow peaks
 works in progress
 the year of the rabbit

wild chesire glasses given to me by Sarah Greener.....thank you!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost time

Paint Your Story registration is right around the corner! It opens February 13th. I will have a paypal button up on the PYS page for you to easily register. The video above is a sampling of the face painting technique that we'll explore further in the class. I hope you enjoy!