Friday, May 8, 2020

Messy Unmessy - beginner course

Messy Unmessy is a great class for beginners. It is also a great class for anyone looking to loosen up. To be messy, you must first go through the stages of painting a face....learning where the features go. Learning color placement to achieve depth and dimension. Once you nail that part of the process down, you are ready to loosen up and get messy. You'll figure out what best suits your style and which one of the processes you enjoy the most. Or is it somewhere in between.....or messier or unmessier...????

  • learn colors to use in the face
  • structure of drawing
  • 2 PDF tutorials to print out 
  • paint an Unmessy girl using step by step slower process
  • warm up page of unmessy girls
  • we'll work more quickly on a Messy girl (mimicking closely to how I paint everyday!)
  • graphite messy undone girl
  • 8 total videos
  • 4 main lessons

Class begins May 18th
Is this class beginner friendly ?  YES! This class is a fantastic first class from me. You'll get a look into my beginner face using acrylic paints and keeping things neat and tidy. This is to learn placement and color work. And then you'll see my messy process. The messy process is closer to my everyday painting process. 
How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. 
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand. 
Will there be a Facebook group? No sorry. we will share in the classroom and through instagram.