Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks.....

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, I want you to know how thankful I am to each and every one of you who have supported my art over the past 4-1/2 years. It was back in March of 2007 that I first opened my etsy shop and it has been the most fun and rewarding 4 years of my life. I have you to thank. Because of you I am living my dream.
I'm offering a coupon code in the shop now through Friday 11-25 midnight.......use BLACKFRIDAY2011 to save 20% off everything in the shop. 

 new ornaments in the shop
and some inspiration winged girl postcards

Monday, November 21, 2011


Remember me mentioning working hard on a new venture....? Well, I'm here to announce what I've been working so hard on this last month.

I have just opened my new etsy shop!!! it is fragrance inspired by my artwork and long-time love of oils. i have always had a good nose palette stemming back from my childhood when i adored everything that "smelled-good". I loved collecting candles, smelly erasers, smelly markers, and strawberry shortcake dolls.

Right now, I only have a few fragrances available and a couple of amazing bath salts!! But stay tuned for more fragrances and other surprises!!!

 here is my shop announcement: (my little sister helped me name the shop.....i struggled with finding a name that told the story of my shop as well as one that had not already been taken. I think this is perfect)
The Understory is the growth layer lowest on the forest floor mostly underneath tiny twigs, leaves, and small plants. There, closest to the soil, the understory has many complexities and indeed stories to tell. My shop is inspired by the nostalgia of my childhood and the simple everyday pleasures. My blends take shape visually and olfactory.

Guides - sample set

Saturday, November 5, 2011

something new

New paintings will be hitting my etsy shop on Monday.

 little stitched sally
Shaman bunny

I have been working like mad lately on the new venture and its pretty much taking my every waking moment. I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday to the point where i said....."i can do this...i can really DO this". I wake up in the middle of the night because i can't sleep. the excitement is taking over. i have been drawing and brainstorming and calculating. yes, a little!

sometimes i find that when i come hear to my art blog....i don't feel i have much to say anymore. i feel like a broken record that keeps repeating itself. i start to type and i say to myself "i've already said this" or touched on this in some way. is it because we are creatures of pattern? I just have this weird feeling that this new batch of paintings will be close to the last of them before the end of the year. its so funny feeling my hands type that. although i will say i have several backgrounds on canvas already waiting to be tackled. i don't know. i feel my focus has shifted just a bit to get this new shop up and running.
its weird because yesterday i received an email from Teesha telling us that 2012 will be the last artfest and i could so relate to the words she wrote. 
a shift. 
a new direction. 

still doing what i love.
but something new.
i can't wait to see what the future holds for Teesha and her retreats.....

and i can't wait to tell you what I've been working on!!!! it feels like when i first started painting. 
the newness.
the butterflies. 
the beautiful planning.
the organizing. 

i hope to have new shop going by sometime in December. but i have so much work to do. and in saying that i may be absent just a bit from this blog until then.

happy creating my friends.