Friday, July 31, 2020

Studio process

I've been jumping back into painting a bit more messy these last several days. I picked up a supply I have used in ages, the black marks all stabilo. It is not as forgiving as the graphite version but I love it's messy-ness and it's ability to really make the features pop. It is water soluble so you can activate with water and scrape with a No. 6 wedge.

Intertwined - SOLD
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I've been thinking of Halloween already and what lessons I want to do for my annual Halloween class. I'm still working it out and not quite sure of the exact direction. But I thought I'd start with this cute Vampire Mickey. I used the stabilo marks all in black as well as some acrylic ink and gouache.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Character Study drawing mini course

What makes up a character? Expression. Color. Shape. Keeping all of these elements simple is key. Simplicity wins with character design. (actually all design in art in my opinion) Where do you start with finding a character that holds a part of you and the style you want to convey? Looking at illustrators that you admire can help lead you in the right direction. What is it about their work you love? Mary Blair is such a huge inspiration for me and lately Momiji dolls too. Again, the simple shapes and design truly draw me in. Mary Blair's work is so deceptively simple. The shapes are simple but the idea and work to get it there is definitely not.
This class focuses more on drawing and exploring simplicity in a way that is not-intimidating. If you can draw circles and squares and triangles, then you can do this class! Come join me in this fun exploration of darling, cute characters
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Lessons and structure at a glance:
  • marker and paper talk - also cover blending
  • eyes, nose and mouth lesson - learning scale, placement and size matters!
  • 1 hour long live zoom replay of my bunny slipper journal page using watercolors and colored pencil
  • cute ghost
  • and more TBA!
  • over 3 hours of real time creating

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Paintings and drawing make me happy!

Happy Fairies and unicorn girls and happy mickey's on top of a cotton candy ice cream makes me HAPPY. I have been sketching a lot lately. It seems the ideas flow easier for some reason. I woke up early and grabbed my sketchbook and drew for about 2 hours. (see tiny fairy sketch in red below)

I've already got Halloween on my brain. Once I get my pumpkin spice coffee creamer, I'm instantly transported to October. And I'll reveal some sketches from that in another post. I'll probably start working on my annual Halloween class very be sure and check back.

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