Monday, October 31, 2016

Lil Witch in wonderland

This Halloween, I wanted to dress up Julie Nutting's Lil Witch stamp and send her to Wonderland. I used the basic and spring/fall watercolor pencils to create her dress and hat. I cut her out and mounted her with thick craft foam onto my background. This lift allowed me to tuck things under her feet and gave it a 3 dimensional look. I used the harlequin stencil to create a wonderland feel using the matte gel. Then I sprayed color blooms in brimstone wings and dragonfly blue over the top and let the color meander in the cracks and crevices. Art Stones and Sweet Peppermint flowers are sprinkled throughout, creating magic and sparkle! I challenge you to alter the Lil Witch's dress to create your own magical world.

Prima supplies used:
color bloom brimstone wings - 588861, dragonfly blue 588830
soft gloss gel - 961435

Monday, October 24, 2016

Altered Halloween Brush

I always hate throwing old brushes away so I thought why not alter it....?! With Prima's amazing products it is incredibly fun to create crackles and textures and make it new. I first used the Black gesso for the base and then scraped a thick icing-like layer of the copper crackle. (the thicker the layer, the bigger the cracks!) I wanted some dimension to the witch, jack-o-lantern, cat, and bird so I glued little pieces of craft foam on the back to give it a lift.
I hope you enjoy this process and I encourage you to alter an old brush. Happy Halloween!

oil pastels 814328

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Prima Product Pick Project

This month I had the joy of creating a project from the incredible Prima products that are featured here.  Aren't the colors and textures just incredible? It has such a cozy, yet elegant feel.....! I created a fairy who's in charge of tending the flowers and sprinkling around a bit of magic. She embodies innocence and joy.
I laid down down color first with the Color Bloom Sprays in Sugar Plum and Black Tulip. After drying, I used the floral stencil to add dimension and depth to the bed of flowers. I used the new Rossibelle flowers and leaves and sprinkled a little magic dust (Finnabair's art stones) for texture. 

Using the beautiful new Memory hardware artisan powder in Parisian Rose, I tinted her cheeks, lips, and nose. Tip: if you mix a tiny bit of soft gloss gel and the powder, you'll achieve a rich color. I like to dip my brush in the gel then pick up a little powder on my brush. Using the sequins, flowers, and art stones I created her lovely dress and headband. 

I hope you enjoy and continue to sprinkle magic wherever you go!!

soft gloss gel - 961435

other materials
stabilo pencil
paynes gray golden fluid acrylic
blick matte acrylics: amethyst, white yellow orange light