Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Somerset Studios

Well, it arrived in my mailbox last week and I have been ecstatic ever since. Thank you so much Chrissy for showing so much love on your blog! You have totally captured my heart. I'm sitting here envisioning how you found it at your local shop and I can imagine the smiles, cheers, and squeals. you captured that moment for me and i am so truly grateful that you shared that with me and everyone else.

I also want to thank Gloria and we sat at our little cottage in manzanita, oregon.....we decided to paint. (you see, we had free time on our hands and Lori suggested we grab some of the paint Kelly Rae so generously let us use during the retreat and have a mini paint party) We covered the kitchen table and began to paint. That time with them was some of the most memorable and magical moments......we laughed, we had tea, and we got a little messy. As we were painting, I remember Gloria talking about Somerset and how she adored the publication and she looked at me and it you could see that light bulb reflex.....she said "oh my gosh, mindy you have to send them your stuff".....she said when you send it in even paint the outside of the box with one of your girls or birds.

And Lori said, yes the world needs to see your stuff....(which totally made me blush because i never thought of my work in this way)

 Of course, I was apprehensive and nervous about sending in my work, but i thought what the heck......and when i returned from oregon i got busy and decided to send them 4 paintings, a wristlet, and a rag doll. (news on the doll coming soon!) 

After sending it in and waiting, I got the word and they had asked me to write this article.......and Lori was so graciously willing to proof my writing and give me some very helpful pointers. thank you so much!!!
I never, ever would of even considered sending in my work but with the support and love of others, your dreams can seem more attainable. thank you gloria and lori! love you both :-)

and Chrissy!! i love you to pieces. She is speaking on contentment at a womens conference and i'm so flippin' excited for her. its coming soon in may go here to see more about Chrissy's journey through art, love, motherhood, friends, and contentment. i so wish i could be there to see the women's faces when Chrissy walks in that room and the light that she will shine on them.

if you have ever thought or are thinking about going to a retreat, whether it be art or photography or whatever your interests, do it! you will be glad. the direction my life is going now after going to two retreats and meeting the most wonderful community who i now call my closest friends, has deeply enriched my life. there are people out there like you. There are people from Canada who you wish were closer (that's you viv and danielle) who could make your heart pitter.patter over liquid candy paint colors.......(and you missy munday).......and there are people who live one state over in south texas (and you Amy!) that you know will be lifetime friends. and those that touch you deeply with a poem and you begin to open up and become inspired by your childhood all over again (my talented writer friend, Jennifer)

Yes, I have found you and i know there will be more relationships develop because of this artistic route i've chosen.....and its a true gift and blessing to have each one of you in my life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My family and nwa boutique show

This past Saturday, I attended the northwest arkansas boutique show. We had a lovely time with the best part of it was seeing my family. My cousins, Dallas (red shirt) and Jesse and his wife Sarah.....and their boys Caleb and Evan. I'm holding Evan. I used to spend a couple of weeks each summer in springdale when i was a kid. I'm so thankful for those times and the memories that was shared with dal and jess. We laughed about old times......

i remember distinctly getting stuck in the dryer when we played hide and seek. unfortunately, i had to give away my spot when i realized i needed help getting out!!! played endless atari and nintendo games and slept till noon every day.  i remember one night jesse and i stayed up ALL night watching the fletch series. on one of our trips we went to a wilderness drive through safari. the kids had to ride in the back of dad's truck which had a camper hutch. we through open the back door and watched the animals as we drove by. as we drove by slowly there out in amidst all the wild animals was a donkey and it started nay-ing really loud at the camper and jesse flipped out. we tried telling him it wasn't a wild animal and that it surely wouldn't hurt him but that didn't seem to soothe his mind. we couldn't help but get tickled at his new found fear of donkey's (and of course he still has to hear about it today)

I really appreciate joan and david, my aunt and uncle for welcoming me into their home every summer. we went camping together, swimming, vacationing in destin, fl. I will always cherish those moments. Springdale has a special place in my heart and really brings back a certain nostalgia. 
I love you Dallas, Jesse, Joan, David, Sarah and the 6 boys they have: riley, cooper, sutton, jake (Dal's boys), caleb and evan (jess's boys seen in the photo)!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hawaiian love.....

i had the opportunity to "meet" Karen from Hawaii through etsy. She bought some original paintings and other goodies after seeing me on the featured seller. she is one of the sweetest people ever!!! i had asked her if she would send me a photo of her. for some reason, i just love to connect and actually "see" my customers. it gives me so much joy ;-) i feel the connection and see who is holding my art. I'm so thankful for Karen and people like her. you make this job of mine so rewarding!!!

she sent me this huge box of Hawaiian loot!! complete with chocolate covered macadamia nuts, carmels, luggage tag, a keychain, fridge magnet, many goodies to even count......!!!!.....and a lovely photo of her and dr. rey! i loved seeing this...... :-)

thank you karen for sending me some hawaiian love!!! you are truly appreciated.

Monday, April 12, 2010

for the love of mondays...........................

i remember the days of old...... when waking up on monday meant sheer misery. schlepping to the office......driving 30 minutes mind you to the "industrial" side of town. only to sit in a cubicle and face some of the most un-interesting people you've ever met. they got excited about steel. STEEL!!! the only form of enjoyment i got out of the day was taking "smoke" breaks with the smokers. (i didn't smoke, i just took the breaks.....!!)  i stared at spreadsheets all day and was frequently called by the salesmen that I "was shutting down their clients business".....uh excuse me.....i don't have the power to do that. i was simply giving flat rolled steel prices.....bleh. to even say that makes my stomach turn. well, i told them to take this job and shove it back in 2002. its been 8 years and i'm thankful everyday that i don't have to darken the door any longer.  i will have to say that i admire the fellows that loved steel. they loved their job. i was envious and to be honest i told them when i left that i needed to make this move so that I can wake up and get excited about going to work.  i left the company to go work in makeup for 6 years.

now, i look forward to my monday's. i get up, stretch and look outside and say what shall i paint today!

this weekend was a working weekend. I painted and planned till 8 pm friday. painted more on saturday.......yesterday i spent time getting ready for the NWA boutique show.
friday when i woke up, i had received an email showing me inspirations for booth setups.....i froze! i was looking at some of the most elaborate setups and booths i've ever seen. i immediately thought "what the hell have i gotten myself into"....."can i do this?"...."i'm way out of my league".........after some much needed research and planning, i feel i'm starting to get there. the show is this saturday in northwest arkansas.....about 3 hours from where i live. it shall be an experience i'm sure. photos will most certainly follow next monday ;-) (of which i'll probably take the day off!!)

in other fun, arty news.............Larkin Poe  
emailed me right after seeing me on etsy's featured seller interview and asked me to paint 4 cd covers for them. one for each season. the photo with at the top is for their "spring" cd! i simply adore their music and immediately bought their cd upon visiting their site. i new at that very moment that I wanted to work with them. our styles mesh very well i think.....

pssssttttttttt......i have other exciting news happening on may 1st......and it has to do with Somerset studio.................

get out there and love your monday !!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

haute handbags.......

I sent my work into somerset with the advice of Gloria and Lori and the Be Present Retreat
last october. i never ever would have thought or had the courage to do this with out a gentle nudge from these lovely, awesome ladies. I love you guys! and miss you dearly. 

This magazine launched April 1st and when i got it in the mail (a couple weeks ago).....i literally squealed when i saw my little wristlet in the table of contents :-D

When i started going to retreats, i know what kelly rae says (in her book) that it can be life changing. These kindred sisters can be so supportive and so inspiring. Thanks to each and every one of you! and i'm so thankful I met you.

happy easter everyone.