Monday, March 29, 2010

featured seller!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                  photo by jonny meyer

Thank you Etsy for making me featured seller! see the interview here.........

I remember when I found etsy. it was 3 years ago and i stumbled across it while reading an artist's blog and from then on, my life has changed. I've met the most wonderful, inspiring artists and people i call my friends.......people like Christina Romeo, Amy Huddleston, Missy Munday (aka boopsie daisy), Anke Weckman, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Mati Rose. You guys have been the reason I'm excited to get up every morning and create. Love you all!!

ps. the dolls in the tea party are from simplijessi and boopsie daisy ....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strawberry shortcake and friends

I'm ready quite smitten with these little paintings right now :-) I was totally head over heels in love with Strawberry shortcake dolls when i was a young-en. i remember getting $2.50 a week from my dad for allowance and i'd save up 3 weeks to buy a doll. looking back on it, i really appreciate my dolls more and i had to wait till i had enough money to get them. simple times! that brought me so much joy. i have actually painted strawberry and plum puddin before but not in this style.

i also loved the dolls little pets. i guess deep down this is one of the reasons i'm inspired to paint my "girlies" with bunnies or birdies or kitties.

These will be for sale in my shop this weekend or sometime next week....although i'm having a hard time parting with these.

more fun pretties to come soon....!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

little childhood obsessions......

ha!! seeing these all together are really making me smile. it brings back memories. :-)

as i said in yesterday's post, these are NOT my original childhood drawings but i tried to re-create them from memory. the last image is a new "grouping" i did specially for this post. i drew and re-drew these all the time, and my best friend jayme recalls and said yes!,......all the time. we got a laugh out of it..... :-)

now as far as the inspirations, i'm doing a series of paintings based on these little drawings. i've got one finished and i'll update again once i've got a couple more finished. i'm also working on a series of strawberry shortcake paintings (again inspired by my childhood doll collecting). i've got four ready to post. i'll do that tomorrow after they cute!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend and happy monday!

well our plans changed on friday. we ended up not going to the track because of my poodle, cosmo was quite pekid and gettin around real slow. we did go to the track on sunday, but it was cold and rainy. we still had a great time. and cosmo is feeling back to his normal self.....

                                                Sloppy Track!!

I've got a couple bits of awesome news coming at the end of the month. I'll let you in on the fun on monday! i'm so, so, so excited.

Also, i've been thinking about the little drawings I did as a child.....of course i didn't keep everything, but i was obsessed with drawing little groupings of fruit, desserts, and junk food. pretty funny! i'll share those drawings tomorrow (i recreated them on scratch paper) and my plans for paintings based on those. it's kinda cracking me up right now.

take care and happy monday

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty day at the track......

Tim is taking a half day off today and we are going to hot springs to the horse track. its supposed to be 72 degrees and bright sun-shiney!!! they have the best corned-beef and reuben sandwiches around.

on an arty note, i've got some new 5x7 prints in the shop. I've been wanting to offer the 5x7 size for a while now but haven't been able to find that perfect paper until this week. i found it at This wonderful site. its inkpress fine art matte paper. and its so great. i also got the 4x6 size too.

enjoy the weekend!!
its supposed to be rainy and cold here this weekend so that's why we're taking advantage of today's pretty weather.

love you all!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

once a gambler

i got my paint jeans on and back in the studio. feels good!!

oh and listening to the crazy heart soundtrack....i love this bluesy song. yes.

thanks kolleen for helping me make the decision to purchase this soundtrack. i knew i wanted it but i always seem to drag my feet when buying music lately. i went straight to amazon after seeing kolleen's music post about this album. i am in love!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My stars.....inspiration continued

Something funny happened when I began to open up. it really surprised me. i wasn't expecting for ideas for paintings to come to me. but they did. thank you jennifer! This is the first painting and is inspired by jen's poem "my stars".  

The other couple of ideas I have relates directly to my childhood....the clubhouse log and one a girl wearing Dollar General clothes....(what me and jayme called D&G....and kept in on the downlow...!!!, we didn't have a clue about the REAL D&G.....)
 Thank you Jennifer......Here is her poem 
"My Stars"
When I look up
I see
All these sparkling stars
Shining down on me
In my darkest nights
They guide me home
Lead me to saftey
And tuck me in tight

These glistening stars
Hold my hand
Dry my tears
And make sure everything is alright

Spread all across the sky
These stars shine down on me
Always reminding me I am not alone

They shine so brilliantly
Making me smile
Bringing laughter to my heart
And lifting me up

Thank you stars
for looking down on me
For knowing when I needed you
Even though I never said a word

Thank you for holding the space
Letting me just be
And thank you for not letting me lose my way
I do not know what I would do without all of you!

Jennifer, this painting is for you. I'll send it to you next week! ((((many hugs))))

Thursday, March 11, 2010


 This is dedicated to Jennifer and all my other sisters I met on an Oregon beach in October. Love you all.

I remember the day I read your words
It was a Sunday
And the next day I read them again
They were beckoning me

Words that you wrote struck a cord
Now I am different
And I read them again

They make me strong enough to fear less
To let go
I was meant to meet you
Beach, Rain

I saw myself in you
Being vulnerable
but so much braver
than I was willing to be

You taught me
Its ok
We were there to unearth
To be present

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

13th birthday

These last couple of days has brought me much peace and its really opened up some ideas for paintings strangely enough.

I wanted to share with you a photo of my 13th birthday. remember alf!!! omg!!! The tiny girl to my right is Jayme, my best friend. As you can tell, i had hit a growth spurt. dad like to call me a grasshopper because of my long legs. i went through years of this awkward stage most of us do. bad perms. 80's clothes. oh the 80's! ya gotta love 'em!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its looking like Spring...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was just one of those days....the kind where you walk outside and the sun hits your face and you breathe it all in.

The last few days I've had a sinus cold but today I woke up and felt so much better and thank goodness. I would've hated to be sick on such a beautiful day. Tim and I went for a walk and just talked. I love that time together with him. We talked about the things coming up for my art.......(i'll let you in on some exciting things happening over the next month and into april and may)!! i'm so excited and a little nervous to be quite honest.

Last weekend I attended the 2nd annual Delta Visual Arts show. Its near my hometown and I got to see my wonderful high school art teacher....Ms. McCraken! She and I had so much fun talking about high school back in the day and the funny things that happened in class. Then we talked about art and what she's doing now. Love that lady!!!

ok....i'm keeping things short....i gotta run and cook a little dinner before idol tonight :-)