Friday, January 29, 2016

Talks in pictures

Sometimes she wasn't sure of His words in the stillness
He often talked to her in pictures....
in the poodle leaned hard against her.
in the sleep/awake creating just before dawn.
in the Egyptian goose at the pond.
in the small
in the big
in the sunlight resting on the front porch
There she found His words spoken clearly

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The 24 Faces Project

I am so excited to announce The 24 Faces Project for 2016. I have decided to embark on painting a face everyday for 2016. I thought why not take you on this journey for 24 faces!!
For the rest of this year we will get messy with paint. We will constrict our color palette and really work on loosening up. There will be lots to explore. The face is my favorite thing to paint and I find the more I paint, the more I discover. Come with me and let's make discoveries and happy accidents together.....
The details:
  • class begins Feb 29th, 2016
  • we will paint 24 faces over the course of the rest of the year. Class ends mid December.
  • we will paint 2 or 3 faces per month. (with 24 faces total)
  • early bird registration $129 one time fee
  • 6 month payment plan available. see below for details. ($159) - early bird does not apply if you choose the payment plan
  • save $30 by paying the one time fee.

  • Early registration begins Jan 27th - $129
  • Regular registration begins Feb 29th. - $159

Check out this little video invitation...

There is going to be lots of different faces including a boy. I have never taught how to paint a boy and am excited to show you how you can paint boys. I'll show you what colors and shapes work best with the boy face. I will show you how you can draw the boy and age him to an older boy. I have done this in my live classes at the request of a student and it was lots of fun. Plus I learned that I am no longer afraid to paint men!


dick blick Paynes Gray
Target avocado - they may be calling in green olive now (you can also use golden's green gold)
canvas panels - 4x4, 5x7, and 6x8 sizes
blick boards - 4x4 and various other sizes. pick the size you like to work with. My suggestion is to keep it small like 4x4, 6x6, or 8x8
1 9x12 blick board - see link above
utrecht gesso or any gesso you like
a couple 6x6 size stencils on Stencil girl products - look for organic shapes.
Salmon - ceramacoat (best to pick up at Michaels or hobby lobby)


Is this class for beginner students? I would say it is for all levels, but if you have never painted before I do recommend you take either Paint Your Story, Refined and Unrefined Face, or Raw Simplicity. This will give you a firm foundation of faces to work from. They are also very affordable and can be worked through fairly quickly.
Do I have to have the exact colors that you are using in the supply list?  No, I definitely want you to use what you have on hand. I do however, want you to know most of the colors i'll be using so that you can try them out if you choose. The main colors that are the most important are the quin. nickel azo gold, avocado (or green gold), fiery red (neon), and paynes gray. The others can certainly be substituted.
If I sign up for the 6 month payment plan, can I bow out at anytime?  This payment plan is set up for those who want to break up the payments in more manageable chunks. This is not a subscription based class. 
Can I share the password to the class? Please don't share the class info or share passwords.
Can I sell my artwork that I make in class? Sure thing! If you like, please share that you took my class. Your artwork is my best form of marketing. 
Will there be a Facebook group? Yes! We will be sharing mostly there. I know that some of you have been limiting your Facebook activity but just know that the group will be private and only the students in the class will be able to see your work. Please share. If you don't feel comfortable sharing that is ok too....but I will tell you is always a lovely, supportive  group and you'll make lots of friends there.

365 faces challenge!

I am embarking on a journey this year to paint a face everyday. So after 26 days in, here is what I have learned:

  • the more I paint, the easier it gets
  • the more I paint, the harder it gets
  • sometimes I don't want to paint
  • most days I LOVE painting
  • on the days I don't want to paint, I am glad I took the time at the end of the day
  • the faces don't always come easy. 
  • how do I paint a different face every time?
  • how can I make it different?
  • I must stay true to myself
Only 341 more to go....this year is a leap year so it looks like I'll be doing 366.

So here they are....well the first 25, anyways:

If you want to keep up via instagram, follow me there at mindy_lacefield.
You can also check out these hashtags: #365faces #afaceadaychallenge