Monday, December 31, 2018

Secret Garden

When you were younger, did you have a secret place? (or even now?) A place where you would go to get away from it all. These magical places gave me an outlet and most of the time included a stream (and perhaps a log going over said stream). I would carefully plan my adventures and take a small yellow vinyl suitcase of things I needed such as dolls, snacks and a notepad for documenting my adventures. I believe these places and the calm that nature brings us is such a gift. And if you look closely enough and get still enough, your secret garden harnesses the power of fairies. May your secret place bring you all the magical, sparkly goodness you didn't know you were searching for.

Secret Garden prints are now available!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Inner Child - online portraits class

Join me this January for a monthly exploration of our inner child. We will be using lots of layers of paint to create girl portraits. Exploring what happens when we do less and make mistakes. Our Inner Child begins to speak.....!! 
Creating magic with stabilo graphite, angle brush and water. As in life, it really is a push and pull. We make adjustments. We learn from our mistakes. We go too far. We fuss over the details. and realize that seeing yourself in the big picture is all that really matters. It’s the imperfect nuances that work together to build our perfectly imperfect self. And she is so beautiful.
This is a year long class that begins January 1, 2019. Each month, I'll be creating loose, primitive face on 8x8 wood boards or in a journal. 
Class begins January 1, 2019
Early registration through December 26th: $99 
Regular registration begins December 27th: $139   --->>payment plan will be available soon with regular registration pricing
If you are an Art club member, your special price is: $89 (price good through January 1st, 2019)

The first project launches on New Year's Day and builds on itself in 3 phases: graphite and water, adding shadows with 3 colors, and then finally adding in the rich reds and pinks. see the rich texture and layering? --> there is also a bonus lesson for January

Is this class beginner friendly ?   This is more of a mid-level class with the idea that you have painted faces before...and you are wanting to further your knowledge with loosening up and building lots of thick layers in your work. My advice is to be sure and take my Draw and Paint a Girl  and/or Penelope before this class. (or at least one of my faces classes)
How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. Videos are downloadable
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand.
Will there be a Facebook group? If we get 60 or more students, I will do a FB group. If not, we will share in the classroom and through instagram.

We will also have a time lapse BONUS video in January of me creating in the same process but also adding in scratching and scraping through the dried layers of paint.