Tuesday, March 30, 2021

1 shot down, 1 to go


I got my first vaccine shot! And I knew that I had to journal about it since I got two stickers....!

My experience with it was awesome! Shot didn't hurt. Absolutely no side effects expect for a sore arm for 24 hours. I didn't feel fatigued or run down in the days afterward.

Plus, I celebrated with a trip to Del Taco.

I did have to wait 30 minutes instead of the regular 15 minutes due to a couple of medicinal allergies that I have. But we were in and out of there in about 40 minutes total! I couldn't believe that there was no wait.

Next shot up in 3 weeks.....

ps. I mainly used the crayola colors of the world markers for this page. 24 markers for only $5.97. I couldn't pass them up!

*affiliate link note: I earn a small % affiliate $ for any amazon links above. (at cost to you)

Monday, March 29, 2021

Art for Earth - art package!

Hello creative friend! Do you want to make art and help the earth at the same time?

Then I have some wonderful news! My friend Tam from Willowing Arts has been worried about climate change for a while now, and she wanted to make a meaningful difference/ contribution to the 'fight against climate change'. 
This is how the Art for Earth Project (link this to your personal affiliate link)was born! 

This is the second time she is running this project, last year she raised £25,000 for Treesisters, anorganisation that plants trees all over the world! This year, she is running it again and I’m part of it!Tam collected together over 45 amazing mixed media artists who have all contributed one or moreart resources (like an art course, e-book, printable PDF or other item) to the Art for Earth Package(link this to your personal affiliate link)! It contains over 85+ amazing art resources including some brand new coursesthat have not been published before! They were especially created for this package deal. 

My contribution to this package is a brand new Owl class as well as my popular Rustic girl class! I thought I would offer fun nature themed content for this amazing Charity.

 Scroll down or click here to see a complete list of all the products in this package! The Art for Earth Package (link this to your personal affiliate link)is valued at over £2900+ GBPbut will be sold foronly £75 GBP!It will be on sale for 7 days only and get this; 25% of all saleswill go to an amazing organisation that helps improve our climate. They are called Treesistersandthey are a group of women spread out all over the world with a mission to plant trees and a focus on tropical reforestation. They say: “Vision & Mission of Tree Sisters: TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation.We are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.We channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organisations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behaviour change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalisecollective ownership of planetary restoration.”[optional: add image of treesisters here]This package contains some fabulous art resources by some of the most popular mixed media teachers in our community! I hope you'll buy this wonderful package of awesome art goodies and help the earth while making art!

READY?! register here

here is one of the projects for the Baby Owl class:

A rt for Earth 2021 – List of Products
This is pretty much the final list of products though some may still be added or updated so pls
copy this list as late as possible.
1. *NEW* “Goddess of Nature” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
2. *NEW* “Portrait of a Pig” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
3. *NEW* “Whimsical Spring Flowers” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
4. "Picture esque" (Online Art Class) with Toni Burt
5. *NEW* "Owl Safari" (Online Art Class) with Eulalia Mejia
6. “Effy Elsewhere: Chiaroscuro” (Online Art Class) with Effy Wild
7. "Root and Branch" (a live-streamed class) with Flora Bowley
8. "The Genius Moment" (Online Art Class) with Pia Rom
9. “Queen Bee” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
10. "Playful Portraits" (A fun & easy monoprinting portrait workshop, online class) with Juna Biagioni
11. "Whimsical Elephant" (online class) with Andrea Garvey
12. "Mini Mushrooms" (a class in painting mushrooms in gouache) with Lucy Brydon
13. "Happy Holiday Ornament eBook plus supplemental design ideas" (eBook) with Jodi Ohl
14. "Queen of the Scene -Deep Sea Queen" (online class) with Andrea Gomoll
15. “Effy Elsewhere: The Witches of Eastwick” (online art class) with Effy Wild
16. "My Happy Place" (online class) with Jenny Grant
17. *NEW* “Mixed Media Koi” (online class, start to finish koi fish painting with videos and written instructions)
with Roberta Laliberte
18. High Resolution Printable of “Sacred Trees” Painting by Tamara Laporte
19. "Flowers and Flutters" (online watercolour class painting a flower & butterfly) with Sally Walsh
20. "Dandelion" (online art class about pastel sketches) with Pia Rom
21. "Full Moon Goddess" (online workshop) with Katrina Koltes
22. “Loose Figure Workshop” (online class) with Emma Petitt
23. “Quirky Koala” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
24. “Luna Lovegood” (online watercolour painting class) with Marielle Stolp
25. “Be Brave” (online watercolour painting class) with Marielle Stolp
26. *NEW* “Art Journal for Earth” (e-course - create an art journal using recycled food cereal boxes) with Pamela
27. *NEW* “Rab Loves Flowers” (new exclusive mixed media art video) with Pamela Vosseller
28. ”Scribble Owls” (online class) with Kim Dellow
29. “Effy Elsewhere: Reframing Our Story” (online art class) with Effy Wild
30. "Queen of the Scene – Galaxy Queen" (online class) with Andrea Gomoll
31. “Portrait Workshop” (online class) with Emma Petitt
32. "Keep Going" (online class) with Jenny Grant
33. “Effy Elsewhere: Blurs to Bouquets” (online art class) with Effy Wild
34. “Effy Elsewhere: Baby Yaga” (online art class) with Effy Wild
35. *NEW* “Earth Goddess Clay Charm” (detailed PDF for the making of an Earth Goddess Clay Charm) with
Sophie Adamou
36. "The Earth Fairy" (online class) with Renata Loree
37. “Daily Doodling” (online art class) with Jerney Marisha
38. "Baby Owl" (online class) with Mindy Lacefield
39. “12 Ways to Draw a Leaf” (online sketching class) with Susan Yeates
40. "Angel of Gratitude" (online class) with Tiare Smith
41. "Art Journal Covers" (online class) with Kassi Martin
42. "Tree Hugs" (online class) with Kassi Martin
43. "Hello Spring!" (online art class) with Nikol Wikman
44. High Resolution Printable of “Whimsical Spring Flowers” Painting by Tamara Laporte
45. “Effy Elsewhere: Life’s Garden (online art class) with Effy Wild
46. "Expressive Arts Play!" (online class) with Shelley Klammer
47. “Art for Earth Bundle” (including de-stress with mindful art and nature e-course, mindful art for self-care
workbook, 30 day mindful art experiments calendar with art prompts) from Cynthia Hauk
48. “Cloud Watcher” (high resolution art print) by Sylwia Gryczuk TandiArt
49. “Just Be You” (high resolution art print) by Sylwia Gryczuk TandiArt
50. “Choose Your Own Path” (high resolution art print) by Sylwia Gryczuk TandiArt
51. “If I Were A Tree” (digital edition PDF book written & illustrated by Dar James) by Dar James
52. "Tree of Love" (high resolution art print) by Dar James
53. “Effy Elsewhere: The Ugly Duckling” (online art class) with Effy Wild

54. “Little Red Riding Hood” (watercolour class painting) with Danita Art
55. "Rustic Girl" (online class) with Mindy Lacefield
56. “Effy Elsewhere: Palette Play” (online art class) with Effy Wild
57. "An Ultimate Guide to My Favorite Art Supplies" (Ebook) with Danielle Mack
58. ”Beauty is as Beauty Does” (downloadable high resolution print) by Alena Hennessy
59. “Giraffe Love/ The Largest Heart” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
60. ”Breathe in Trust” (downloadable high resolution print) by Alena Hennessy
61. “Heart Work” (online art class) with Alena Hennessy
62. "100 Hearts for Joy & Inspiration" (Ebook) with Karen Abend
63. "Magical Forest" (online class) with Karine Bosse
64. "Stella Maris" (mixed media video workshop) with Ida Anderson Lang
65. “Collage Sheets - Pack 2” by Sylwia Gryczuk TandiArt
66. “Alice in Wonderland” (watercolour class painting) with Danita Art
67. "Cosmic Hummingbird" (mixed media video workshop) with Ida Anderson Lang
68. “Garden Fairy” with Tamara Laporte
69. “Remember to Play” (online art class) with Alena Hennessy
70. “Collage Sheets – Pack 1” by Sylwia Gryczuk TandiArt
71. "Raven Moon" (mixed media portrait course) with Melanie Rivers
72. "Spirited" (watercolor lesson) with Angela Kennedy
73. High Resolution Printable Collage Sheet of “Nature Elements” by Tamara Laporte
74. "Colorful Botanicals: Drawing and Painting Realistic Flowers" (online course) with Christine Elder
75. "Creative Business Incubator" (course with 1 live coaching call) with Andrea Schroeder
76. *NEW*"Recycled Mini Journal" (online class) with Iris Fritschi-Cussens
77. “Give Your Story to Wisdom” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte
78. "Earth Day – His World" (online video instruction - a painting tutorial in watercolor using very simple
techniques and tools, fully explained step by step) with Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa
79. "How Does your garden Grow" (5 part art online course) with Amanda Trought
80. “Effy Elsewhere: Roots Down, Branches Up” (online art class) with Effy Wild
81. "Empower Yourself: A Journey Within" (mini course) with Kiala Givehand
82. "222" (an 8-day creative journey to realign, find balance & harmony) with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
83. "SHE Emerges from Nature Goddess" (mini course) with Christa Forrest
84. "The Abstract Divide" (class) with Dena Ann Adams
85. “Healing Recipes” (online watercolour painting class with aromatherapy) with Marielle Stolp
86. "The Lake" (downloadable art print) from Dena Ann Adams
87. “Sacred Trees” (Online Art Class) with Tamara Laporte

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Sushi donut, carousel cutie and happy swing

 I just completed my Sushi donut lesson from AJTM a couple of weeks ago. This lesson was taught by James Burke. I learn so much from each of the guest artists each time I do these amazing workshops.

The inspiration just keeps pouring forth after each one and couldn't be more grateful to be a part of this community.

I loved the lil cute Mary Blair inspired Geisha girl he created along with the donut and just had to include her as well.

More Mary Blair inspired gouache and watercolors I've been working on lately!

I hope you had a wonderful St. Patricks day yesterday!

Elephant cutie

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Zootopia Happy Place journal pages

 The other night over at Tangie Baxter's Happy Place Art Party, the theme was Zootopia! it was a blast. Tangie encouraged us to work in our own style and really start to discover what that looks like through sketching and exploration.

We also chose a subject to explore like landscape, signage, outfits, cars, etc from Zootopia.
I picked a Giraffe car I found on Pinterest and used gouache on black paper for fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

It's a sweet sweet small world....

 I just got a new Mary Blair book ! Some of the pieces I had never seen before (in a book or digital). It is an exhibit book from Japan. So many wonderful artworks.

Below is my (new) favorite Mary Blair piece. I can't believe I haven't seen this one yet as it is a mock-up for the Jules Stein eye institute.

Check out this info about the mural for the eye institute

My original is inspired by this piece as well as a couple Advertising works she created.

The girl laying down reading a book is inspired by an amazing illustrator that created work around the same time Mary Blair did. His name is Robert E. Barry. I found his amazing work through Pinterest. Check it out here!
original now available in my etsy shop
prints upon request

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spring Art Journaling the Magic

 Normally this time of year we would be gathering our tribe together at either DisneyLand or Disney World for Art Journaling the Magic. But this spring and fall of last year we gathered as best we could....virtually! And it was AMAZING! The themed of the retreat was Hopes and Dreams from Small World. My Mary Blair heart was over.the.moon! I was giddy and could barely sleep. It really felt as close to an in-person as you can get! The lessons from April, James, Tangie and Brittney was so inspiring and I learned a TON of new things! Like for one, I can do buildings now. My buildings are just seen through the eyes of how Mary would paint them. A million thanks to Tangie for the "Blairdings" lesson. Urban sketching has always been a struggle because I don't really do the drawing of things as they are supposed to look with perspective and such. But this was the perfect balance. Use the buildings as a loose reference and create magical shapes like Mary would do! Just Brilliant!

Here is my Blair-dings Fire Dept and Haunted mansion from Tangie's lesson

James' lesson has me all giddy! His magical Peter and Wendy flying under the moon is inspired by a Tokyo DisneyLand float. His inspired line-work from Mary is so so magical and I had an absolute BLAST creating this page. ps. I have never painted Crocodile before...and he made it super easy. I could just live here!

Check out this line work drawings that James had us do before the final page. 

Tangie had us play with an elegant writer pen and paint the Tree of Life. If anyone knows about Animal Kingdoms tree of life, it can be super intimidating to try and draw/paint. I used Tangie's idea of simplifying like she did in the buildings and applied it here for the animals and tree. I used the elegant writer, watercolor and gouache. This is was so so FUN and I kinda surprised myself.

Hot air balloons are one of my favorite things about Small World. Brittney created this amazing lesson inspired by one of her childhood books that she shared with us! This lesson was such a beautiful balance between loose and fun, whimsy. We also learned how to paint clouds using a method with paper towels. I can paint Clouds now and they actually look like clouds!!! see full spread below

Tangie had us create different clocks inspired by the clock from It's a Small World

This is a collage and stream of consciousness writing lesson. Just beautiful simplicity and you can do this quickly in your journal and document some moments.

This was April's lesson. ok, if I'm honest when I first saw the lesson plan I was a bit intimidated. Buildings have a way of doing that....lol! She taught us that the building don't have to look "correct" because this is toon town and you can make them as wonky and fun as you want. Throw out perspective and things that make sense because this is your world and your art. Surprised myself again here. This is what these lessons will do for you.

This is an up close of my Blair-dings Haunted Mansion. See the cute gargoyle...?!

my cute Macroons from April's lesson

LOVED creating these darling Kawaii caramel treats from Brittney's lesson.
anyone hungry now?! I could fill a whole journal with these. I am sure I have more treats I'd love to drench in caramel.

I still have more to share. I need to finish up James' Japanese treat lesson with the Frushi and cute Geisha girl. and I'll post my Orange Bird girl in another post as well. yes! we created all this in a whirlwind of magical fun! The next retreat is in July themed after Summer camp. Can't wait!!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mary Blair is my hero

 The other day I was looking around online for a Mary Blair shirt so that I could wear my love for Mary. But I only found a couple options. I then thought that if I wanted it, maybe I should just create it. I started with a rough pencil and watercolor sketch and brought it into procreate to enhance color richness.

Here is my rough:

I dressed Mary with a floral cape (referenced by a photo I saw of her wearing a similar dress). And a polka dot scarf. What may you ask is her "weapon"?! A masterful paint brush. Her super power is that she is genius #1 and #2 she creates magic from within. Studying her work more and more has really taught me how to use color and to create texture using dry brushing with gouache. Her designs are deceptively simple. I think when you see design work that is this way, it only proves that much thought and lots of hard work were behind it.

 Final design

I thought there may be some of you who are also Mary Blair fans, may want to show your love of Mary. So I created shirt available in my etsy shop. Along with tote bags!