Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween !! Frankenstein

Happy Halloween !! 

Drawing a girl with Tombow markers and pencils

Simple Face using tombow markers and colored pencils

Today I wanted to share a simple girl and bird drawing using the Tombow Dual brush markers and the sepia colored pencil set. I love the combination of the smooth markers mixed with the yummy texture of the colored pencil.

Step-by-step process

I first started sketching out the face. 
Think circle on top of a triangle

Then I drew a cute bird. Super easy circle and triangles again!
The body is a triangle and so is the tall.

I drew the eyes in with the burnt orange pencil....with a dot and a rainbow shape over the dot. 

here is a short video of me working and building up color with colored pencil for the eyes and the sides of the face.

I took the reddish pencil and colored in the nose and lips.

I then, drew in some hair using the black, red, and orange pencil

I used a pastel purple tombow marker to build some depth near the eye area. Cool colors tend to make things recede into space so this allows for some rich dimension.

I then used a blending stump to smooth out the marks.

I used the coral tombow around the sides of the face and activated with water.
I did the same for the birdie.

here she is simple and sweet!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

SPOOKY faces using tombow

I have really been enjoying playing with the Tombow dual brush markers and wanted to create a cute Spooky video and tutorial for you guys. I love the versatility and how creative you can get with these markers. If you love watercolor, you will love this markers. And if you love detail work, you can get very detailed. I love a mix of both. Watery blobs and then add detail on top!

Here is a video of the process as well:

The first thing to do is color some circles/blobs with the markers. I chose some fun Halloween inspired colors. See colors below.

Then I used a watercolor brush and added water to activate the color. You can reshape and edit as you go to follow where inspiration takes you. I wasn't sure what the faces were going to be initially (except for the witch).

I then added some detail lettering to the bottom of the page. I love adding "Tim Burton style" curls to the letters to give it a creepy touch.

I used a white gel pen to add in some tiny highlights and details

And here it is all finished!

here are the colors: 679, 603, 977, 873, N35, 158, 993, N57
You can order them individually over on Dick Blick

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Holidays are a comin'

As it nears the end of October, it quickly reminds me that the holidays are upon us. As artists, it takes prep work and deciding what our Christmas crafts and journaling will look like. If you are in that mode (as I am), then I want to give your Arting some direction. I am offering my two past Christmas classes at HALF off!! Goodie Gumdrops is a travel journal class and Nutcracker dreams is a mixed media journal class. Think of Gumdrops as more small and portable (easy to take with you wherever you go. making lists and jotting down ideas as you prepare for the Christmas season.) And Nutcracker dreams is full on art journaling at its best.....inspired by the Nutcracker disney movie that came out last year.....full of lush scenery and sugarplums!

Originally $ they are $32.50 each. This price is good through Monday, November 4th.

Goodie Gumdrops - now only $32.50

Nutcracker Dreams - now only $32.50

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Create Your Own zines!

Zines are such a great tool for artists whether you use them for tutorials, art inspiration or little stories. My zines have been super popular and I would love to show you an easy way to create zines and booklets. Sign up for my Patreon $20 tier by October 31st, and receive the Create Your Own Zine class FREE. Good only through the end of the month! 

Or if you want to sign up for the class only, it is available HERE for $25.

Friday, October 4, 2019


I am super thrilled to announce I am now on Patreon!!

Patreon is a cool platform for artists to offer content to those patrons (that is you) who pledge to a tier. If you love Watercolor then the Watercolor Wallflower is your tier. If you love both watercolor and mixed media then hop into the Messy Inner Child. I love Patreon's versatility for offering different options for content. 

Patreon allows me to interact with you more, and offer up things the main public will never see!

My family is fully supported from my art for the past year and a half. My husband (and biz partner) takes care of the accounting, Etsy shop, shipping, scanning, product designing and tons of other admin stuff. This really frees me up to create more art and more content for you! Your support means so so much to me....thank you, thank you!

I have a video to give you a peek into what I'll be offering!

Here is the first Messy Inner Child lesson:

And here are my cute illustrations for the tiers!! Just creating these cute drawings for the tiers was so much fun

If you love art supplies!

If you love watercolor!

If you like getting messy with acrylics and mixed media.

If you love original art, this is your tier!