Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Elf Magic open for registration!!

Are you ready for some Elf Magic?!
We will be drawing and sketching and painting with watercolors and acrylic paint.
I have loved painting these cute big eyed girls and just had to share this process. I have had fun experimenting too with my new favorite watercolors... the kuretake japanese 48 color palette. If you are looking to transition from acrylic to watercolor or wanting to experiment with watercolor, you will have fun with these. They layer beautifully with awesome coverage but you can also thin them with water and they act more like a traditional watercolor.


I have a teaser video here :

Here is another elf we will be creating:

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Elf girls

I have been drawing these cute big eyed girls lately. I've been having fun sketching on the couch at night while we watch tv. It keeps my hands I seem to get a bit antsy if my hands aren't moving (and online shopping can get old.... and!)

Here is the first Elf girl I drew:

The original is available in my big cartel shop

And I filmed the girl below and will be creating a class on these Elf girls
Registration will open soon!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

a fresh change....

Do you love that feeling of change? Sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes exciting. Sometimes a little bit of both.
I have been feeling this shift coming on and I really didn't know what direction it would lead me. Trusting that over time and with lots of work, I could grab hold a bit better. It's revealing itself.

I am listening.

I am feeling the need to draw more. To expand my library of imagery. To create mindful little things. Instead of "letting it happen". I am a lover of the happy accident, yes. But perhaps in another form.

Here I go with my change.
working with gouache, colored pencil, and watercolor.

I am unsure where this will go. But I'll be here listening and ready to go where He leads me.

here are some new happy's that I've been working on:
birds, cabins, kokeshi, pumpkin, owls, witches, lil kids

These are in my Big Cartel shop now