Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neat Stuff

Here is a sneak peek of my next online class. Tentatively set to start in July........
Neat Stuff: A nostalgic journaling adventure:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Still dwells here


still dwells here
That little girl still dwells here.....
just in a different body.
she is not someone else.
she is me. 

She sees beauty among the chaos.
She can go anywhere with a red and yellow banana seat bike.
Cupcakes with little plastic clowns,
they brighten her day......blue icing 
sitting with Granny watching afternoon cartoons
to the hum of a box fan.

Saving my allowance for a monchhichi at the Super 8.
the red, white, and blue rocket popsicle.
pac-man and the frenzy of the arcade.
strawberry shortcake and all her divine smelling friends.

monopoly marathon for days. summers inside
swimming at the pool all day.
popping water balloons on uncle John's car
from the roof....then running to the living room
as if nothing happened.

sitting on the kitchen floor
rolling pennies during the hard times.
dancing to Michael Jackson on my walk-man.
taking care of my little sister.....
the sweet girl with big brown eyes and Shirley Temple curls.
yes, she dwells here still


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paint Your Story self paced now available

The Paint Your Story online workshop has been a magnificent hit. With the live class, my students made discoveries about themselves and their artistic voice. When I created PYS, my goal was to be a teacher who coaxed and nurtured each student into creating their own story.....their own voice - to not just create a "mindy" painting. I wish I could show each and every one of you the amazing work that came out of this class. I wish I could share each story.......

But then why not make your own?

I'm offering the Paint Your Story self-paced class right now. You will have access to all the material until December 1, 2012. I give you the ability to download all the videos for your own private viewing. They are yours to keep. I also encourage you to print out any of the text you'd like to keep.

Click here to sign up and learn more about the course content and supply list.

here are what folks have been saying about the class:

I just wanted to send you a personal note thanking you for sharing your methods through Paint Your Story. I painted for 5 hours straight today and enjoyed it so much! It felt like everything was falling into place and that everything was coming from inside me. I wasn't replicating your work. I was adapting your methods to my style. I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing your talents. This course is probably my favorite that I have taken and I have taken a lot of courses. Your course and the group have done so much to motivate and inspire me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am just blown away by what you have shared with our class in week one. And today's post was totally over the top! This is probably the first time in my life of 48 years that I have the confidence to create what is deep inside of me, and not thinking about what my family or anyone else thinks. For me personally, art is a type of therapy. Thank you so very much for sharing yourself and your amazing class to me.

I already feel like I've learned so much about myself. What I really love about the way you teach is that you're encouraging us to find our own voices, while sharing yours. It's made me so excited again to paint.

This is hands down the best class I've taken. This class is helping me feel through my creative process anew and remember techniques, color thoughts, perspectives, etc...that i've left behind somewhere along the way. It's so practical, straightforward and free-ing. Thank you for the inspiration as an artist and a teacher.

Thank you Mindy, for such an inspiring and joyful class! I have learned so much and the exercises have all made me just so happy! Can't wait for your next class!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paint Your Story

The Paint Your Story (work-at-your-own-pace) class will be ready very soon. Most likely in a couple weeks!

It will be available instantly on the ning network  Ruzuku platform. You will be able to download all the videos to keep for your private viewing and I encourage you to print out any text in the class that you like. There won't be a facebook group but you can share your creations right in the classroom for others students to admire and comment on. The decision is yours.......

I will send out a newsletter when it is ready. So sign up to be the first to know. You can visit the Paint Your Story link to find out about what supplies you'll need. I also have Zines available now, so you are more than welcome to go ahead and purchase one of those separately before the class starts.

You can email me at lacefield13[at]yahoo.com if you have any questions about supplies or anything else.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how i write

Speaking softly on paper
realizing my comfort.
propped up feet crossed as they are snug in my red quilt.
when i think about it there has always been a quilt.
baby pink. now red. stitched from the older generation

letting my pen flow
harboring passing glimpses as they are set out to sea.
wishing them well as if they are my own.
my thoughts. divine language.
cursive not print. sacred movement and shape

Demanding to be seen. heard? no. forget the mind
left out in the dark wandering in the damp understory
of the conscious. reaching deeper on another level.
spontaneous motion awakens soul. spirit.
splattered onto the paper. dark against light.
fearful in the next popping image.

i look away yet my mind is at a stand still.
living and breathing in this space. yes.
continuing tomorrow. Streaming, screaming
playing. yes.
Farewell friend, until then.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic voice

I have something to say.
Knowing that something special is on the horizon
yet not knowing what form it will take is baffling.
I keep thinking.
A magical place where flowers talk and turtles dance.
I feel it evolving yet though only soul work will I coax it to the surface.
Teetering on darkness yet sugar-coated.

Faltering may be my savior of anything that is creative
Isn't that where Magic lives.
Fairies lighting on your shoulder
dive into the subconscious mind.
dream-state is where I frolic with mistakes and imperfections

this place is the secret where innovation and imagination PLAY
to test the impossible till it becomes possible.
everything begins as a thought and only through being brave,
to accept we may fail is powerful

to face the fear, we can accept it with weary eyes.....
exhaustion, head aching.
yet we move forward anyway.

what gifts will unfold from failed attempts

to hold something once flawed, once broken
it becomes a chalise of knowledge

to be able to go there again
we revel in the dark and know light will soon emerge.
From the depths, our soul is awakened and

Darkness is temporary and also necessary.

dedicated to my soul sister, Carissa Paige

create that magic voice 
so uniquely you
no comparisons necessary
then speak loudly
from that place