Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tim's Sally pocket mirrors featured on a gift blog

This oh so cool blog featured some of my pocket mirrors. They look so cute all grouped together. many , many thanks!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

not yo mamma's craft fair

Much fun was had at the 1st annual "handmade for the holidays" craft show (not yo mamma's craft show). wow! i was pretty blown away with all the crafters. so much great art and fun jewelry, and paper crafts. I actually ran into one of my all-time favorite local artists Suzi Dennis. I was giddy and almost a little nervous that she was there standing where i normally stand....visiting her at a craft show. I bought one of her original painintgs, Come on In, a few years ago, and I cherish it dearly.

Did i mention i met some pretty fantastic crafters in hot springs?!?!







Kevin .....and many more.

here are some photos of the show:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my dogs

Oh how my dogs make me happy. I just had to share this video of us about to head out for a walk. my sweet yorkie, dudley is apparently camera shy....... :-)

Cosmo is my poodle. He is such a lovely dog who just loves to snuggle. dudley on the other hand is a little weird one who doesn't like to be held but follows me around the house, studio, kitchen all day. he makes every step i make.

Monday, November 9, 2009

encaustic, wine, fun

Last thursday night, I had the wonderful opportunity to paint and demo encaustic at the gallery that represents me.....gallery26

On my way to the gallery, which is about 30 minutes from my house located in the lovely hillcrest area, I began to feel nervous. and I wondered why....i have painted in many classes with other people looking on and then I realized that I have never painted with my own style in front of anyone....out on display for all passers by. But i will say after I got started how much fun and liberating it was. :-)

here are some photos of me painting away. my friend Larry was snapping away and laughing at my little camera. we all (me, my hubby, larry, mandy) went out afterwards and ate turkey burgers and drank wine. much fun was had.