Wednesday, December 1, 2021

7th grade notebook

Did you doodle on your notebook in school? Did you have a trapper keeper filled with stickers and drawings mixed in with your homework papers?

I think we doodle to ground ourselves. In a stressful environment, doodling is an escape. But it's also a way to clear your head. Doodling simply makes us listen better.

There is something so ephemeral as a scratch piece of notebook paper with tons of scribbles and memories collected over the course of your doodling day or week. It gets added to. It gets drawn over. And in the end, it becomes magic. It's a roadmap of our day and our feelings. It's the promise of showing up even in the midst of turmoil and stress. We can are more receptive in end.

This month, on Patreon we explore this notebook style of doodles and scribbles and cut up little pieces of magical notebook paper glued into our journals.

I have also been hugely inspired by Japanese artists. I think it's because of the innocence and beauty....and the cuteness of the characters.

Head over to my Pinterest page where I have a ton of inspiring illustrators saved and pinned. I am especially in love with Nemuiro, Chikuwamiel, and ROKKAKU AYAKO . Right now those are my favs! Give them a follow. Those links are tagged for their instagram pages

In the supply seeker tier, we'll be creating a to do list in our journal. What do you give priority to on a daily basis.

And later this month, we will channel our inner Bob Ross to create this frozen pond and cute ice skating girl.