Monday, August 27, 2018

Candy Cauldron

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” - from Shakespeare's Macbeth
It is my favorite time of year and I spend half off the summer dreaming and planning for Halloween adventures in art. We are going to be working in our journals, midori style using lots of fun techniques I've never done before. We will be incorporating watercolor ground on some of the pages. We will also be creating a Jack and Sally ornament for your Halloween tree. Here is some homework for you to do before class lots of Tim Burton movies and The Quay brothers.
We will take inspiration from Tim Burton, Disney Halloween, and Quay brothers and stir them in our cauldron to create our own girls and pour them into our journal. This is a safe place to experiment and cook up some lively little creepies!
Art Club Pricing: $45 through September 16th.
Early Registration: $59 through September September 16th
Regular Registration: $79 starts September 17th
10 total lessons with over 6 hours of video content

We will be sharing via an instagram hashtag. (sorry no FB group for this class)

americana - sweet mint
various craft paint colors that you love and/or Tim Holtz distress paints

Daniel Smith watercolors: (this is my palette. I use Zosite, Hematite burnt scarlet genuine, Terre ercolano, sepia, Aussie red gold, moon glow, duo cactus flower, under sea green, sleeping beauty genuine are my favorites)

Prima square brush(for painting stripes)
markers- optional
krylon spray varnish (to finish and seal paintings)
plastic ornament:
Jane Davenport -blank butterfly journal
Tracing paper - optional (we will be working out composition with this)
a few colored pencils: red, purple, green
ribbon or decorative string for your ornament and to hang your bookmark painting in your journal
mod podge or some kind of glue
inspiration photos online. begin googling for inspiration. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jack - O - Lantern Stamps!!

With fall and Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to create some sweet Jack o lantern stamps to use in my planner and journal!

They are here in my shop available for PREsale. They will ship in 2-3 weeks time.

Also, I created a video for you to inspire you to get creative with these cute stamps!

Also, if you didn't get your zine from the first batch....I have more coming. Get yours here

Lots of content from the Art Club

Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Bible journaling video

This is my first bible journaling session although I have journaled about scripture before.....I have never worked in a Bible like this. The pages are thin, so they are delicate but can be painted if you are careful and don't add too much.

I am journaling out of Psalms 32 and I love putting an image to the holy words. It is such a great way to worship and start off the day.

The mermaid markers worked nicely in the journal as well! I highly recommend.

here are the supplies that I used:

If you love this video, I have 2 Christian online workshops on my website here:
Look for Sunday Mornings.

My website:
etsy shop:

supplies used:

Bible journal:

water colors
Pfeiffer art supply:

Sharpie white paint pen:

Portrait set:

prima square watercolor brush:

Stabilo graphite Pencil:

Faber castell black pens:

Paint over pens:

mermaid markers:

niji small water brush:

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Process video on adding finishing touches

One of my favorite parts of the acrylic painting process, is adding the subtle details with shading and with markers and blending them out with GAC100 golden acrylic polymer. I have a sweet video for you letting you in on the secrets of my process. Really been loving Jane Davenport's mermaid markers and Tim Holtz distress markers !

Don't forget to subscribe. I have more content coming very soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

PLAYground mixed media class

Playground celebrates your inner child. It cherishes the nostalgia of simpler times. We paint from a place of play and remembering the excitement about heading back to school. What are some of your favorite memories? We will build libraries of school supplies, playground equipment, and even a bus. We will work with chalk and "crayons" to create a child-like painting. We will celebrate Mr. Fred Rogers with his wise words and do a painting of him with King Friday.
We will also be working in our journals to play with symbols and what they mean to you. We will scribble and have fun and let our inner child out to have fun.

  • 5 lessons
  • playing with kid-like materials and acrylic paints
  • over 2 hours of video content
  • Club pricing: $29 (if you are a member of Mindy's Art club, you will get a discount link to sign up)
  • Regular registration: $39
  • a free downloadable collage sheet

here is a video of what the class will cover

1/2" mop brush - great for softening and calming areas
paper: watercolor paper torn down to around 7x9 or 8x10. I use the 300lb 22x30" watercolor sheet in arches but you can tear down a smaller page or work on watercolor paper. Just make sure it is super durable as we will be adding lots of layers.
sand paper - optional
paper artsy chalk paints: London night, blush, caramel (or any chalk paint should work fine)
tracing paper or deli paper
Lascaux to spray chalk pastel work (this is the fixative I use for watercolor, chalk , and water media works.)
If I'm wanting to learn to paint faces, is this a good place to start? If you have never painted faces and want to focus on that, I would start with Draw and Paint a girl. Then you'll be ready for this class.
How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. Videos are downloadable
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand using similar materials and paint colors. My absolute must have color of paint is Quin. nickel azo gold by golden.
Will there be a Facebook group? No, there will not be a FB group for this mini class

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Feel so much.....

The other day I shared my issues with anxiety. And what I wasn't prepared for was the response by a multitude of women sharing that they go through things very similar. They describe the gerbil wheel of mind tricks, scenarios, and negative thoughts that plague us. All these women's wise words, gave me an infusion boost of strength....of "hey I'm not the only one". and I all of sudden felt seen and embraced. Seriously, it was like the biggest virtual group hug I've ever had. Women in a circle supporting one another and "I get you." I want to say thank you to everyone who offered up suggestions, advice, and "you are not alone, friend." I am soaking up all your wisdom and grace and beauty. Grateful!

here is the post from instagram: If you want, you can head over there and read all the responses...

Do you ever wish you didn't feel so much? intensely? I guess that all those intense feels as led me to art and to "needing Him every hour." And for that I am grateful. I have unsuccessfully taken anti-anxiety meds. Even very low doses prevent me from getting into a deep sleep. Right now my anxiety has been all about "something bad will happen" and working out all possible scenarios in my head. Lately I have been seeing a girl giving God a gift wrapped present that holds all the pain, and scenarios, and worry, etc etc. And He takes it from her and says it is His now.
I am now taking CBD oil and it has helped tremendously. If you deal with anxiety, I highly urge you to try it. I told my therapist that painting gives me peace and gets me out of my head that's why I do it all the time. Having said that I don't want to distract myself to the point of not dealing...a gray area I suppose. I just wanted to open up this conversation and if you have found natural solutions to anxiety? Mine are walking, time with God, time with poodles, art, CBD oil, and essential oils. Please share your thoughts....

Then my dear friend (and mentor extraordinaire!), Debbie Miller gave me these words. I asked her if I could share them here because if it blew my mind, then I knew that there may benefit from her wisdom as well! Thank you Debbie for allowing me to share (and ps. head over to her insta to check out her stunning paintings!)

Here are her words:

Dear one! I’m sorry you’ve been struggling! When I’m anxious and in an obsessive loop I try to remind myself that it’s fiction, not reality. I’m creating a world/situations in my head — and in that world I’m god because I’m the creator. And then I remind myself that the real, living God already created a world where He is God. 
I’m made in His image — so of course I want to create and reign. But the job of being god in my fantasized world is too much — it exhausts me and makes me feel brittle. Bottom line, I’m not very good at it.
So I try to relinquish control once again. Admit that I’m not a very good god. And ask Him to help me live in reality and trust in His goodness. 
No magic bullets, no miracle cures — but for me it helps me to get clear in my head that lies masquerading as my negative beliefs aren’t true just because I really believe them. 

Love you so much! ❤❤


Here are the natural things that I am taking to help with my anxiety and mind swirling at night:

Pure Kana CBD oil - 600 mg (start off at 150 to 300 then work up)
Green Roads world  - terpenes (strawberry terp specifically helps with anxiety)
Anti anxiety capsules

oh, I also wanted to mention that I was sleeping so well at Disney World and was wondering why. (aside from the physical exertion of walking 20 I then realized it was the Mickey shorts we turned on every night. They totally reboot my brain or put it in some sort of trance. (basically off the gerbil wheel of anxiousness)

So turn them on. Here's my favorite episode:

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Today is the DAY!! 
Mindy's Art Club is open for registration !!!!

This is a subscription based online class where I'll deliver content every month to keep you inspired and motivated to create. During my creative process, I always make discoveries and this is the perfect outlet for me to share those discoveries with you. We will mostly be working with water media but who knows where the process will lead and what awesome art supplies I'll stumble across. I'll have a "get started" supply list for you but as the months rock on, there may be new things that pop up. And when they do, I'll introduce those to you and give you direct links if you think you may like to work with them. I like to let folks know how they work and you can see them in action before you purchase. 
This class is all about the process. Don't worry about creating perfection because quite frankly that is a bit boring and will leave you frustrated. Why not play and make happy accidents along the way?! That is what my process is all about.

video invitation

Here is how it will work:
1. Course content will load around the 1st of each month with prompts, lessons, and videos. Sometimes there will be accompanying PDF's depending on the kind of lesson. 1 or 2 video lessons 
2. $19 per month for as long as you'd like to see new content. You can cancel anytime.
3. A private FB group where we can hang out in a positive, uplifting environment full of inspiring fellow creatives.
4. Each month, I'll also do a FB live event around the middle of the month. This will be a fun way to connect, ask questions, and see me work live. Don't have a FB account? I will record this and have available for you in the classroom.
5. Topics of creativity will include mostly figurative (girls) but who knows where the inspiration will lead.

The above lesson fundamentals will be waiting for you in the classroom when you sign up. I will then have that months content added in as well. So basically the first month, you get a bit of a bonus to nail down and revisit the fundamentals that I think are important.

Other perks of being in the club:
  • 15% standing discount in my etsy shop. This includes online classes, prints, originals, everything. 
  • Private FB group with live lesson mid-month
  • downloadable pdf instructional or inspiring content
  • Club special pricing on future classes

Is this class beginner friendly? Yes, it is for all levels. There will be a Basic Face and Face shapes for different ages waiting for you to visit (or revise) the important fundamentals. This will serve as a great practice and backbone for the class content moving forward.
How long will I have access to the course? You will have access to the course for as long as you pay your monthly subscription payment. And the videos are all downloadable.
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand. Almost anything can be substituted.
Will there be a Facebook group?  YES! we will have a private FB group for you to share your work and build community with other inspiring creatives. 
Can I share this content and my link to my friends? Please don't. We ask that 1 signin for your household only. thank you!
What types of materials will you be using mostly? I plan on keeping this class mainly in the watercolor/water soluble type materials. My acrylic and layered and highly textured classes will continue moving forward as separate, stand-alone classes.