Christmas Birdie

We will be creating this sweet snow bird in the next lesson of my ongoing Watercolor Play and Discover. You can join at anytime. tons of watercolor content to keep you creative through the holidays!

original available here

Black Friday Sale starts now!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE STARTS NOW !!! ENTER code: BLACKFRIDAY25 to save 25% on all self paced course  now through November 28th.
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Time to get creative over the holidays. Keep those creative "hangries" at bay with lots of creativity....watercolor....acrylic....journaling...doll making.....jar altering....angel making....
and lots more fun stuff!

Classes that are retiring at the end of the year

Five of my Classes are retiring at the end of the year! Snag them now for a super deal and you get lifetime access as well as downloadable videos. note: I won't be offering support or answering questions after January 1st. (notifications will be turned off) So they will truly be self-paced and self-help after that time. I just added Field Notes to the list! only $20 for my nature journaling workshop. happy creating!!



Penelope - an on demand acrylic painting workshop

I haven't offered an acrylic face painting lesson in a while and I wanted to begin exploring layers and primitive looseness in the face again. I decided to offer this workshop as an on demand lesson, meaning the content is ready to go as soon as you sign up.  There is also two videos, one all about all about the nose as well as a downloadable PDF with a step outs visual.
Penelope is available here
details: open access meaning you receive immediate access to all content in this workshop as soon as you sign up.3 videos (Penelope start to finish broken into 4 part videos, 1 lip video, 1 nose video)lip and nose focus videos (includes step-by-step downloadable PDF)start to finish Penelope painting on 8x8 board$25lifetime access
You can also watch a teaser video below:

Happy Creating!!

True Free Spirit Retirement sale!

I have decided to retire True Free Spirit online class along with Paint Your Story, Neat Stuff, and Frolic. I think she has had a great run and feel it's just time. I am offering this class, with hours of content and 14 projects for $30.

***NOTE about the class***
AS of January 1st, 2018 I will no longer offer support (commenting on work, etc) I certainly will answer any questions about supplies or help if you email me. Notifications will be turned off so I won't be receiving any emails from the classroom. I have over 30 classes that I still offer support on so please know that support will not be offered after the first of the year. thanks for your patience and understanding!! happy creating!
Up until January, I'll make comments and offer help with your art direction and offer suggestions if you need them.

You can also sign up in my etsy shop if that is easier.

Photos from my family trip

Last month, I joined my aunt Joan, my dad, and my Granny on a "going back home" adventure to Doniphan, MO. I first decided to take my camera and tripod just to get a family photo....but then decided to document the whole trip.
love this pic of my Granny and my Dad.  it was a gorgeous day, but still hot....!

The church my dad, aunt, and folks attended when they were wee kids. my Granny's Dad's house
My Great-grandfather's homestead (barn)

Granny wanted me to "get a picture" of this old clock. in downtown Doniphan, MO
majestic tree in the cemetery 
visiting a cemetery with family here.
An old store my dad often visited
an old "swimming hole" my dad when to.
The house my Granny and Grandfather first lived in.

Sale on Self work classes!

Happy Wednesday! I am having a sale on all Self work classes now through Monday, October 23rd. Just enter code: SELFWORK20 to save 20%

You can also visit my etsy shop where the sale is already discounted. No need for a code. (just know that it will take up to 24 hours for me to send you an invite to the classroom. using the direct link above gives you immediate access!)

This sale does NOT apply to the retiring classes already deeply discounted:  Paint Your Story, Frolic, and Neat Stuff.

Gouache class (also a part of Watercolor play and discover)
Let the Paint Speak
Permission to Play