Giveaway winners announced!

Congrats to Melanie Ritchie and Susana Tavares!! you have won an entry into my online class, Create YOUR own: Washi tape, pouches, and stickers. I'll be sending an invite to your email address. thanks to everyone who helped spread the word.

Create your own Washi tape, stickers, and pouches online offering

Happy December everyone!! I am so excited about this new online offering. It is a bit different than any of my other classes because it's all about designing and creating your own line of pouches, washi tape and stickers! With the planner community exploding, this is an amazing way to reach a huge audience of those folks who use a daily planner and who create planner art. I mean we can all use more stickers and washi in our lives right?! Annnndddd.....the pouch is the perfect size to hold your stickers and washi to carry with your planner! Perfect!

The only problem I found is how do I create these wonderful things? I mean, there is society 6 and other on-demand print options. But they are not very cost effective to resell in your shop or at craft fairs, nor have I found a place that can customize and create washi tapes. Until just a few months ago. I have found a contact that has been Awesome to work with. So far, I have designed 5 styles of washi tape. The first set of tapes sold…

ETSY shop update! (and the printer I use to make prints)

My Etsy shop has just been updated! These 3 ornaments are the last ornaments I'll be making for the season. My supply of these fantastic flat rounded plastic ornaments is gone.,...I won't have any more available unless I can find some good plastic ones to paint. I also have a beautiful mermaid 3x9" painting and several tags. Also, I have new prints of Miss Goodie Gumdrops. My old printer decided to start printing crooked and decided it was time for a new one. It is here and is making AWESOME prints!

This HP printer is the printer I use to make prints. I've had an older version of the same machine for years. The is a fantastic upgrade and is super quiet too. makes stunning prints

journaling Star Wars style!

I grew up watching the Star Wars franchise and I am so super excited about upcoming movie, The Last Jedi VIII. And I am really having fun journaling and remembering what I love about the movies. I wouldn't say I am into painting exquisitely detailed landscapes or guns or light sabers...although that would be super cool too!  But I can say, I am bringing you all the wonderful things I love about Star Wars.... Princess Leia and the Ewoks. right?!? Who's with me?! I want this to be a celebration of the upcoming movie and nostalgia for the movies from the first 3 films. I have two fun lessons for you to get you in the Star Wars frame of mind. The class starts on the movie launch date, December 15th. So get your journals and light sabers (ie. watercolor pencils) ready to have some journaling fun!
The details at a glance: watercolor journaling class using chic sparrow insert2 lessons: Princess Leia and Ewok-land1:15 of real time video content totalClass starts: December 15th, 2017$20…

Grateful for YOU Sale!!

I am so grateful for so many things this year. I am so grateful for YOU. You allow me create magic and do the things I LOVE to do. --->>Make Art! so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merlin and Sammy say thank you too!

lots of love to you!

I am having a sale going on in my Etsy shop now. Also, tomorrow (Friday 11-24) at 9am CST, I will launch these new pretties and they will also be included in the sale. 3 ornaments, 3 tags, and an original painting.

no need to enter a code. sale is already figured in.

Magical Twins

These magical twin fawns have truly been a soul-inspiring and a stirring within me. Their fragility and innocence is such a beautiful thing to witness. I loved to watch them play and frolic in the backyard. I even one time caught them doing the Zoomies ! And a bit of hide and seek. They felt protected and safe out here. I would sometimes see their mom laying down in the brush with the kiddos exploring not far away. I wanted to celebrate nature and her all gifts and to paint these beautiful babies. I hope you find lots of nature's gifts.... God's gifts, in unexpected your back yard....or on a vacation to the beach.....or simply running an errand and you see an owl along the highway. Let's capture the magic and journal and paint and create these gifts. Let's celebrate how God a mini-me ("in His image")....creators creating beauty. Embrace the beauty of all these gifts!
Join me as we create "Magical Twins". In this class, we…

Christmas Birdie

We will be creating this sweet snow bird in the next lesson of my ongoing Watercolor Play and Discover. You can join at anytime. tons of watercolor content to keep you creative through the holidays!

original available here