Monday, December 3, 2012

True Free Spirit - new class!

I'm so thrilled to announce a new class offering for the new year. I'm trying something a bit different for this will run all year long with one new project each month. I have lots of fun, amazing things planned for 2013. Things like: True free spirit girl (see above), totem spirit animal, art inspired by the "masters" and lots more. 

I love the idea of allowing projects come organically as the year goes on so expect surprises around every corner. We will learn what it means to be a TRUE FREE SPIRIT girl as we embark on the journey of our imperfections and vulnerabilities. Those very sacred intricacies bloom into your own chalice of knowledge. Realizing what we then saw as flawed, suddenly becomes a strength that we cling to....defining our true essence.

We will become explorers of our TRUE selves....tapping into our hearts to find that piece of magic. I believe, finding those heart-fluttering moments takes time and persistence. Trying different things and exploring is the key to tapping into your creative well. Through this practice, you will make discoveries and beautiful accidents that will begin to define YOU as an artist.

As you continue on this path, you grow.....(sometimes its an uncomfortable growth and seemingly artistic block) but we must learn to celebrate during this time. Because this is where the magic lies. You are transforming. Emerging. If you can push through these rough spells.....well, on the other end of that bridge comes the most exciting work. 

Come join me as we journey through the beautiful murkiness together. Let's let go. Paint free. And discover what is aching to be seen.

What: a 12 month art workshop - 1 new project each month
When: Registration begins December 10th
How much: $78 December 10th - December 31st (then $88 after that)
Time frame: sign up anytime you want. You will receive 2 years of access from the date you sign up.
January project: I'll be demonstrating the True Free Spirit girl above

  • each new project will be posted between the 1st and 5th of each month

Each month, the supply list could be different. I will add a few finds along the way.
 Not to worry, I'll keep it simple and affordable!

I will have a detailed supply list with links at signup but here's basically what you'll need:

flourescent paint
sharpie paint pens
water soluble oil pastels
ephemera (old wallpaper, napkins, ledger paper, receipts, etc)
any acrylic paint colors you adore
foam stamps
glitter media (stickles, etc)

I will be using all of these materials throughout the course. This is a good base of supplies that you can do a lot of things with.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my heart

We lost Dudley this past Sunday morning. Saturday night he experienced a seizure that left him gasping for air and foaming at the mouth. We rushed him to the ER vet and they put him under seizure watch to see if he had another one and what exactly it looked like. They called us at 3:00 am sunday and said that he'd had another and that he was having a hard time breathing. We asked the vet if it was her dog what would she do and she said that he was suffering and to put him through surgery or anymore testing would be hard on him. We had to say goodbye. just 3 weeks after losing my Cosmo. I can't really describe these last few weeks. I think when the hurt is so bad, you instinctively turn to nature. The little becomes big. The minute, amplified.

I wrote this 2 days before we lost Dudley. To help explain my pain for losing Cosmo.
but really can you? i tried.

my heart
Alertness beckons beautifully in the mist of the unknown
with each leaf rustle, i feel the pain of letting go.
Amplified and mind keeps repeating "no"
and it hurts like hell

It was only a few days of suffering for him
seeing him dwindle away
Life became fragile
I held him close and breathed him in
so I could take on some of his being.

to bottle it up in my lungs and repair it and breathe
it back into him.
i feel his spirit so keenly.
my body ached as if something came in and robbed it
of part of my own essence

the knowing of loss
it is not something missing
but something now embedded so deep that the
sky takes on a different kind of blue.
a blue that is so stunning and clear
that it hurts my eyes

i can still feel his fur on my cheek.
oh he is still here
a light that only flickered for a moment
until he was transformed into something brighter
than his physical presence.

for Cosmo and Dudley

my sunshine.

A beautiful gift from the talented Micki Wilde
When I opened this painting, we cried.
A perfect memory and tribute to the kid, my pood.
Thank you Micki. Words can't express how blessed I am
to hang this on his altar....
near the santa suit, green frog, poodle papers, and collar.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ornament online workshop

I'm so excited to announce I'll be a part of Christy Tomlinson's
12 Artsy Ornaments online workshop!!

here's the project for my portion of the class....

and here is all the info written from Christy about the class:

When does it start: Tuesday December 4th

what is it: It's a Five day mini workshop. Each day for five days (tuesday-saturday) 3 new ornament/holiday projects will be posted by one of our fabulous teachers!  We will have all sorts of fun projects including ornaments, holiday decor, gift giving projects and more!  

who is involved: This workshop will include the following teachers:  Margie Romney-Aslette, Jeanne Oliver, Chrissy Gardner, Alisa Burke, Mindy Lacefield, Juliette Crane, Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, Junelle Jacobson and Christy Tomlinson.....

only $24.95 or if you sign up before thanksgiving weekend, its only $19.95!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dudley Elf and Santa Poodle

We said goodbye to our poodle of 14 years last night. He was a tough little guy. He was diabetic for 6 and a 1/2 much longer than the average 2 years life expectancy of a diabetic diagnosis.

This is us yesterday at the end.
When I knew the decision had to be made to let him go.

I'm hurting. empty. 
numb to certain surroundings
yet some of the most minuscule are amplified
the simple is bigger. the big now small.

we grew into our own together. he loved snout kisses
barking at our neighbor dog Zeke Carlisle.
he loved watermelon 
and rides in the car.
he stood aside as Dudley rooted his way to the water bowl
patiently waiting.

He was simply the love of my life.
8/15/98 - 10/31/12

During this time, I'm taking a break from all that now seems small.....Facebook, email, twitter, etc. 
For the next few weeks, I must take this time to fully feel and grieve. I'll be deactivating my facebook account on Friday (11-2) and won't be answering emails. If you send me an email during that time please resend it in a few weeks.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lifebook giveway WINNER announced!!

Congrats to Jane, whose favorite numbers are 3 and 8!!! you won by way of selection through a random number generator. please email me at: mlacefield13 {at}

....and i'll get you in touch with Tam at Willowing.

congrats again!! thanks to all of those who participated. I had a blast reading about all your special numbers and what they mean to you.

have a great weekend!!


Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm hosting a giveaway right here!
for LifeBook 2013

Registration for the highly anticipated 2nd installment of LifeBook has begun
I am so excited to be among the teachers sharing their expertise 
in journaling and helping you tap into what is so uniquely you. All year long
you will get instruction from a different teacher each month and at the end of the year, you will have a stunning book of so much YOU-ness and magical mixed media fun.
 I hope you'll come join us

To enter my giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me
what number/numbers have special meaning to you and (if you feel comfortable)....WHY?

My special numbers are 8 and 13. 
all my close relatives have 8's in their birthday (and the lots and lots of my friends too!)
13 was my basketball number. i continue to see these two numbers pop up in my life.

please share with me yours. 
(i know this doesn't have anything to do with lifebook, but I thought I'd be fun)

I'm going to use a random number generator and announce the winner this FRIDAY!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I find it increasingly more difficult to come here. The presence I want to embody here isn't about spelling out every detail of my life. Every motion. Every new adventure and move. The thing that is most aching to be seen, is something deeper than that. Its a little girl, who's shy. Who needs to escape from time to time. With "the facebook" as I like to call it, you can get the little glimpses into my travels and comings and goings. New art. So what is this space to me? Its something more sacred I believe. When I say it here, it better be pretty much the most ME than I can make it. This space is about the slowing down. The being still. Forget about making sense. I don't like writing that way. To give my readers everything handed to them. That's like going to watch a blockbuster summer movie. I'm more about the obscure documentary. It might even leave you hanging. I'm not sure this space (or me) is to that point yet, but that's my goal.

I'm the one who likes to talk about Stanley Kubrick. How I watched a documentary on the conspiracy theory that he in fact faked the moon landings. With his expertise in filming 2001: a space odyssey, I would hire him. Did I believe it for a day or so? Yes. Totally convinced. But I also think that Mr. Kubrick is such a genius that maybe, just maybe he wanted you to think he was hired to film and fake the moon landings. (btw, thanks Kym Stromberg for sending me the video) I would put a link to what I watched but its since been deleted. There is this though, that is coming out shortly at Sundance.
But not everyone is interested in hearing about sci-fy crap. Except when I met Lucie at art and soul portland. She and her husband and I, over a couple glasses of wine, talked Kubrick with much enthusiasm.

I am an introvert. You may not know that. I do like being around other folks. I'm a high-functioning introvert.  Sometimes a moment in solitude fills me right up. So if I seem, Not on....I'm not.

I have a thick, southern accent. When I was in, I mean Portland, I visited with some doggie friends passing by and their parents said "you are a transplant". Yes, I've been mistaken for Aussie and Irish. I know you are jealous.

So I'll leave you here with a poem I wrote at the be present retreat:

this girl she.....
favors dolls and the frenzy of an arcade on a friday night.
playful quarters.
chaos swirling

she decides that playing hide and seek outside is an escape
crouching and running, she all of a sudden forgets the slamming door.
tires squealing.
screaming voices mean nothing anymore
because the air in her lungs is moving to quickly to pause and ponder

so what if i have to help momma count pennies
roll them up
counting to 50
each one smelling of dirty hands
each holding a silent heartache
the clinking sound
stacking together
until they mean that the tank is filled

the snow comes and holds there for 2 weeks
not melting before Christmas morning, I pray
i watch my little sister laugh and i somehow want to protect her

Monday, September 24, 2012


kelly, me, and jennifer at kelly's table at the Squam art fair

I wrote these words on the last full day of Squam...on the dock....after yoga.....

The moon and stars cradle us to sleep
crackling fire. scarves. trail. rocking chair
a lingering embrace
a loon's call unexpected in the middle of the day. 
two of them.
they call out to one another. 
a song only for each other.

Reaching out. 
Listening with hands on chin.
so deep. realizing that someone gets you.
in their eyes you see your own vulnerable self
you were waiting for a knowing you couldn't imagine possible
Here it is before me.
I share this time with you 
and it fills up my soul
until I feel it well up to my throat
I tell you I love you
and I've only just met you.

thank you Jennifer and Kelly. You inspire me to write. You inspire me to laugh and play. and to remember to be myself no matter what. you make it so easy to tell you I love you....

Monday, September 17, 2012


it was a place for wishes to be set free

to arrive at this very moment

for convening on the dock

for pointing your toes to the sky

and hugging the ones you love

for nestling down by the cabin fireplace

 and for creating friendships you know will last a lifetime

the dock
my feet wet
making prints that only my own bare toes could imprint
a mark not consistent with their shape
slowly fading
its memory only known by the wood
holding it there in the grain

while others visit,
our marks meet
creating unity
rippling out into the life of the wood

sounds are the same
air and water trade moments
falling and ascending
creating new sources
a conduit of creativity and motion

we are here to witness the sparks of light
as they convene and embark on their own journey
mark making footprints and meeting
where the wood held us up

joining and connecting
those who....
may have never met
if not for the dock.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

a rabbit noticed my condition

a rabbit noticed my condition print
available here

inspired by the poem written by
St. John of the Cross

and in online workshop is a sneak peek into Frolic.
a mini bunny class. hoptastic!

coming later this fall!
stay tuned for more details...

in the meantime check out the new Classroom
where you can find both of the self paced classes 
Paint Your Story
Neat Stuff

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This reality beckons me back but is it the truth?
with closed eyes I feel more in spirit than the waking occurrences
maybe that is all that there is
an occurrence in time that slings us through life at lightening speed
only stopping to bask when things quiet down.

why can't we ask this inner nagging voice to Be Still
to escape some time away from the "need to's" and lists
why is there always something i should be doing.
and when i do finally get there,
the mind automatically jumps ahead to the next "should"

the voice becomes a constant chatter
insisting on being heard

i believe the subconscious is more powerful
and would like to give the voice a good slap i'm sure.

once asleep my mind feels more free.
awake its is hostage to the voice
moments spent in creative work quiets the voice
sub takes the reins

inspiration is a portal to the subconscious 
the opening for the spirit to enter
when the conscious mind is in control, creativity is impossible
to create from a place of pure love.....
art becomes an outward expression of your soul.

I have been in a struggle with the voice. its telling me awful things. its making me lists that i don't want to do. its starting to convince me that i don't want to paint. i tell it to shut the hell up.... but still with the lists. i'm beginning to realize that the voice isn't real, with the help of this book. after reading a couple chapters, i realize what i must do....but its seems that now i've given this voice some attention and that night it really takes hold. i can't sleep. it even told me to write a different blog post. who the hell does this voice think she is?!

todays walk proved successful. i'm whipping this thing into shape. maybe. 
i'm mixing up the routine. i'm doing things i want to do. paint crazy free. not care. paint for me. 
dark. limbs. acceptance.

with the advice of this amazing friend, i'm able to forge ahead and realize that yucky times in your creative life will surface. and absolutely necessary. sunny girl, you are my rock. my mentor. my sister. my friend. there is no one on this planet like you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Art and Soul - Portland

Hello Wednesday, Hello August!!

Today, I wanted to feature another retreat that I'm teaching at......Art and Soul Portland

Animal Guide class
October 2nd

This Animal Guide class was inspired by Pixie Campbell. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Pixie last fall at the Serendipity retreat in Nags Head, NC. I was chatting with my girl, Lisa Parks and told her I'd love to give the host of the retreat, Michelle a gift. Lisa informed me that Michelle drew a bear card earlier that day in Pixie's class. So something similar to the above evolved from my paint brush. I was so inspired by Pixie and her energy and nurturing spirit that a few more of these animal guides came out of me during the retreat and upon returning home. My hope for this class is to play with color. to let your inner animal play. to speak loudly with a roar from your subconscious. 

October 3rd

These journals are inspired by using simple materials......cardboard, ringbinders, paper and paint. I love that there is no measuring. no calculating. just simple. easy fun! We will play with symbols, neon paint, ribbons and fibers. I will also cover how to create depth and dimension within the face by using warm and cool colors. come on, lets Twirl!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nurture your Creative Seed

Hello good people.....

I wanted to give you an update on some of the workshop goodness that is coming up in the next several months. Today I'm featuring Nurture Your Creative Seed, hosted by my scarf sister Serena Berry.
Here is Serena.....a photo I took in Sedona last year.

The retreat is nestled in a beautiful location in the Pacific NW at Harmony Hill Retreat Center....
go ahead, check out their stunning photos.

I will be teaching alongside the talented Jeanne Oliver
"wake up to the life you are meant for"

In 2009, I attended my first art retreat.....and my life has never been the same. At this retreat is where I met Serena. We laughed....we walked on the beach....we drank wine late into the those few days we were forever connected. I hope you will join us. Serena will foster a light in your soul...... You will meet kindred spirits that "get" you...... You will create with magical energy that you didn't realize you possess.

The dates are Feb 28- March 3rd, 2013.
Click HERE to register!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


On this hot morning, with the AC blasting and the fan whirling.....i snuggle up in my red quilt to read Alena Hennessey's book again -  Cultivating Your Creative Life .

Alena really speaks to me. She reminds the reader to slow down and by doing so you'll coax the magic spark that lies deep in each and every one of us. I'll admit, the struggle for me to slow down has been something I've struggled with. From now on, when I have those times of struggle.....i will pick up this book. Peruse the beautiful art. Take part in the tips and prompts. and let go. Right now, this is my favorite art book. Thank you Alena for inspiring me. thank you for giving so much of YOU that is so magical and so uniquely you.

One of the prompts she gives is "weeding". I began this process of writing and it turned into something else. (i think that's the magic of being still) It begins to evolve and take you places.

Fresh in my mind, was a conversation with my friend, Carissa Paige yesterday......we had some good moments. We let go of the fear of feeling guilty for not "doing it all"...and those comparison issues. it felt so good. I think we did some weeding yesterday.
 "i have big plans for you, my dear!!"

I wanted to share what grew out of Alena's prompts:

My voice is here. 
It is in full bloom.
well maybe only at the bud stage.

Why do we let ourselves feel guilty?
only giving of ourselves fully
fostering creation and growing
even through dim light.

we are a seedling, searching....
stretching toward the tiny speck of light.
we lean towards the shining spark
in hopes that one day the light will grow....
to bathe fully in its warmth.

only then, are we able to fully extend 
giving more. 

The day will come when morning brings her sunlight
heavy on the horizon. 
the Earth sings.

We bow in reverence
and accept the full presence of nurturing sustenance 
We reach higher.
the serenade begins anew.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neat Stuff - journaling class is open for Registration

Neat Stuff: a nostalgic journaling adventure
 is OPEN for Registration!

I’m so ready to hit the ground running on our journals. My wish for you and this class is to discover something inside of you that may have been lying dormant for a while. Some creative energy that is aching to get out. I want our journals to be a safe place to experiment and make mistakes in. As well as a resting place for the words that we write by telling more of the story behind the art that is YOU! To be so uniquely you that there be no need for comparison.
Your journal is ALIVE, evolving and growing with each day. It becomes a chalise for your soul......shining bright and emerging into that which is so uniquely you.

We are going to make stamps, paint a realistic face, paint figures, design words, write from the heart, and sketch tokens. All these elements will build up gradually to add to your journal. 
Come join in on the brightly colored fun!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paint Your Story - student work

I'm so in awe of my student's work in my Paint Your Story online class. Discoveries were made and just absolute FUN commenced.....and the work is still trickling in over on the Facebook page. I'm so blessed to have this amazing group of supportive women, who show up and support their fellow classmates. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

here is some of the stunning work by my students:

Tracy Morgan Whichard

 Carissa Paige

Lisa Towery

Nadine Pinkley Smith

Dana Loffland

Lynda Malachesky Metcalf

 Stephanie Shelton Goodin

Susie Lafond

And this piece below, by Sue Carey just sums up the whole experience of this class and the beautiful people I had the blessing to teach. We are all one. Connected. Much love to all of you. For showing up with an open heart and a spirit that Shines all over the World.

 by Sue Carey

You can still sign up for the self-paced class here ......
and create your own Story!!