Thursday, December 28, 2017

Once Upon a Princess

So thrilled to announce my new online class, Once Upon a Princess!! My heart has been with Disney ever since the day I stepped foot in Disneyland for the first time back in 1995. I was a sophomore in college and my Basketball team went to play 3 games in California. One of the things we got to do was go to Disneyland. I was excited but when I walked inside the gates, something let loose in me. I was running around like a kid. I met Pluto, Goofy, and Chip and Dale. It released something in me that had lay dormant so many years. I felt like a kid! The only other thing that has matched that feeling is the feeling I get when I create art. A magic so intense, it must come out. 
Let's harness the magic inside of us.....let's open ourselves up to exploration and play.....let's begin again as a child.....allowing her to set the Princess inside of us, FREE!! Get ready. Put on your tiara....get out your magic wand....because Fairy Godmother (in training) Mindy is about to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo(p)  you into a magical world of Princess journal paintings.
We will be creating 7 Princesses in this class with mixed media supplies that are mainly watercolor and water-soluble based. We will be working in our watercolor journals. There will be time to reflect on why we identify with a certain Princess. There will be mood boards, color stories, and tons of inspiring content!

details about the class at a glance:
  • Princesses we will create: 7 total with tons of video content. most lessons contain multiple videos
    1. Two journal pages of Rapunzel
    2. two lessons of Tinkerbell, a journal page and tag
    3. Cinderella and Fairygodmother journal spread
    4. Pochahontas journal spread
    5. Snow White
    6. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    7. Self portrait Princess
    8. 20 total videos and counting
    (so far 7.5 hours of video content!)
    Now for the details about the class at a glance:
    • mood boards
    • water media/ water-soluble based class with some acrylics, pens, markers, etc.
    • class begins: January 29th, 2018
    • lessons post weekly (mondays)
    • $99 Early registration: through January 20th
    • $139 Regular registration: begins January 21st
    • 3 month payment plan available(based on $139 full price- $46.33 per month for 3 months)
    • 2.5 hours of Rapunzel alone!! over 2 journal pages shown here. (this will probably be the longest time running Princess)
    • this is by far my longest video run time stand alone class
    • There will be a Facebook group if I get 50 or more students
    Supplies: A list with links will be sent to you upon sign up. Please look for the welcome and supply list email (sent after sign up). If you'd like to have the supply list beforehand, please email me at

How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. Videos are downloadable.
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand. Any watercolors and water soluble materials will work just fine.
Will there be a Facebook group? No, not for this particular class. We will focus on sharing inside the classroom and via a hashtag that I set up for you on instagram.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Giveaway winners announced!

Congrats to Melanie Ritchie and Susana Tavares!! you have won an entry into my online class, Create YOUR own: Washi tape, pouches, and stickers. I'll be sending an invite to your email address. thanks to everyone who helped spread the word.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Create your own Washi tape, stickers, and pouches online offering

Happy December everyone!! I am so excited about this new online offering. It is a bit different than any of my other classes because it's all about designing and creating your own line of pouches, washi tape and stickers! With the planner community exploding, this is an amazing way to reach a huge audience of those folks who use a daily planner and who create planner art. I mean we can all use more stickers and washi in our lives right?! Annnndddd.....the pouch is the perfect size to hold your stickers and washi to carry with your planner! Perfect!

The only problem I found is how do I create these wonderful things? I mean, there is society 6 and other on-demand print options. But they are not very cost effective to resell in your shop or at craft fairs, nor have I found a place that can customize and create washi tapes. Until just a few months ago. I have found a contact that has been Awesome to work with. So far, I have designed 5 styles of washi tape. The first set of tapes sold out within 24 hours and when I launched my pouches, there was a frenzy of activity in my shop too. I love that Etsy has evolved and allowed production partners for your shop so that you can sell these amazing products.

I will be revealing my partners and walking you through the design process to create your own tapes, pouches, and stickers. It really is easier than you might think, but I do feel you need some direction of Where to go and How to go about it. This is where I come in. I walk you through photoshop and one other easy online program to create your designs. I give you ordering specifics and the ins and outs of minimum order quantities and exactly how to order with my partners.

Here are some things to consider before signing up:

  • high speed internet
  • MAC or PC (I'll be using a Mac)
  • photoshop (*for stickers and one demo alternative for washi)
  • images scanned in at 300dpi (*I will not be covering scanning in class)

class details:
  • class begins January 1st, 2018
  • Early registration $49 through December 26th, lifetime access
  • Regular registration begins December 27th --> $59
  • I show you exactly, step-by-step (through a recorded screen video of how to layout and design your pouch, washi and stickers) as well as how to go about ordering. Each partner is a bit different.
  • I layout all the measurements and walk you through (via video) how to get your images/art into a form ready for your products.
  • examples of image files, and written directions, tips, and reminders
  • exact links to partners website, ordering, and email addresses you'll need
  • I'll be working with a MAC, but you can also use a PC. (*directions in photoshop may be slightly different)
  • MOQ of the washi tapes (for 1 design) is 50 rolls (so this requires about an initial investment of around $100). each design order is 50 rolls minimum. so if you have 3 designs, you will be required to order 150. this is for the partners to keep costs down. they cannot make small runs of these tapes
  • *no minimum order for pouches
who this class is designed for:
  • someone with a library of images/art
  • someone looking to get their own washi tapes, pouches and/or stickers printed to resell
  • someone who has basic computer skills with double clicking, dragging, resizing, etc
  • **sticker designs will require photoshop. with Washi, I'll show you two methods (one with and one without using photoshop) for pouches, you won't need photoshop.
  • basic knowledge of photoshop CS6 for creating stickers
  • someone with a scanner to scan in their artwork
  • someone who is in search of a washi tape, pouch, and sticker strategic partner.
who this class is NOT designed for:

  • someone who doesn't have a scanner to scan images
  • someone who doesn't have several images/art to use in the products
  • someone who doesn't have basic computer skills
  • someone without high speed internet

What you'll need before we start:
  1. a scanner - I will not cover scanning in class but you'll need to have artwork scanned in at 300DPI. I use an EPSON v700 photo scanner. Here is the updated version
  2. photoshop - *for stickers mainly. but I'll also show you an additional method for creating washi in photoshop too. I use CS6. You can download a trial version of photoshop or sign up for the creative cloud. Photoshop is an investment that is well worth it. I will NOT be covering basic photoshop skills but I'll be showing you exactly how to create these. If you want to learn more about photoshop, I recommend signing up for a class on
  3. a small investment of about $100 to purchase washi tapes. - *if/when you decided to order

here are some examples of these items I've designed:

update: congrats to Susana Tavares and Melanie have won the giveaway!!
I need your help spreading the news about this class -  
  • I'm going to give away 2 spots. (if you've already signed up, no worries....if you win, I'll refund your money)
  • Please share this blog post link on your blog, pinterest, instagram (tag me if you like: @mindy_lacefield), or Facebook, etc
  • come back here and let me know - leave your name, email address, and how you shared (***your posts will not be published to protect your email for spammers)
  • drawing will be done on December 8th, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

ETSY shop update! (and the printer I use to make prints)

My Etsy shop has just been updated! These 3 ornaments are the last ornaments I'll be making for the season. My supply of these fantastic flat rounded plastic ornaments is gone.,...I won't have any more available unless I can find some good plastic ones to paint. I also have a beautiful mermaid 3x9" painting and several tags. Also, I have new prints of Miss Goodie Gumdrops. My old printer decided to start printing crooked and decided it was time for a new one. It is here and is making AWESOME prints!

This HP printer is the printer I use to make prints. I've had an older version of the same machine for years. The is a fantastic upgrade and is super quiet too. makes stunning prints

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

journaling Star Wars style!

I grew up watching the Star Wars franchise and I am so super excited about upcoming movie, The Last Jedi VIII. And I am really having fun journaling and remembering what I love about the movies. I wouldn't say I am into painting exquisitely detailed landscapes or guns or light sabers...although that would be super cool too!  But I can say, I am bringing you all the wonderful things I love about Star Wars.... Princess Leia and the Ewoks. right?!? Who's with me?! I want this to be a celebration of the upcoming movie and nostalgia for the movies from the first 3 films. I have two fun lessons for you to get you in the Star Wars frame of mind. The class starts on the movie launch date, December 15th. So get your journals and light sabers (ie. watercolor pencils) ready to have some journaling fun!
The details at a glance:
  • watercolor journaling class using chic sparrow insert
  • 2 lessons: Princess Leia and Ewok-land
  • 1:15 of real time video content total
  • Class starts: December 15th, 2017
  • $20
  • lifetime access
  • videos are downloadable

paint colors:
Daniel Smith watercolors - under sea green, cascade green, rich green gold, Terre ercolano, raw umber, zoisite genuine, French ultramarine blue, Paynes gray, sodalite genuine, anthraquinoid scarlet, black tourmaline genuine, duo chrome cactus flower
         --->>OR  Prima Decadent Pies palette and Pastel dreams palette 
copper candles - gold watercolor. If you already have the Happy Birthday palette of hers, then this is included in that palette)
silver color in decadent pies palette (for painting R2. if you already have something silver then use that!)
other stuff you'll need:
bulldog clips to secure your pages while working.
chic sparrow insert size narrow (8.25 x 4.5") - blank ---->> use code MINDY10 to save 10% in her shop 
**Da Vinci brush - size 1(this is one of my favorite brushes but it's totally optional)
old toothbrush

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Grateful for YOU Sale!!

I am so grateful for so many things this year. I am so grateful for YOU. You allow me create magic and do the things I LOVE to do. --->>Make Art! so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merlin and Sammy say thank you too!

lots of love to you!

I am having a sale going on in my Etsy shop now. Also, tomorrow (Friday 11-24) at 9am CST, I will launch these new pretties and they will also be included in the sale. 3 ornaments, 3 tags, and an original painting.

no need to enter a code. sale is already figured in.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Magical Twins

These magical twin fawns have truly been a soul-inspiring and a stirring within me. Their fragility and innocence is such a beautiful thing to witness. I loved to watch them play and frolic in the backyard. I even one time caught them doing the Zoomies ! And a bit of hide and seek. They felt protected and safe out here. I would sometimes see their mom laying down in the brush with the kiddos exploring not far away. I wanted to celebrate nature and her all gifts and to paint these beautiful babies. I hope you find lots of nature's gifts.... God's gifts, in unexpected your back yard....or on a vacation to the beach.....or simply running an errand and you see an owl along the highway. Let's capture the magic and journal and paint and create these gifts. Let's celebrate how God a mini-me ("in His image")....creators creating beauty. Embrace the beauty of all these gifts!

Join me as we create "Magical Twins". In this class, we start drawing directly on the wood showcasing the woodgrain and beautiful smoothness. We then move into color and utilize an acrylic polymer to thin out the paint to make it more subtle when shading around the eyes and nose area. This class is over 1.5 hours of real time video content. I also have a video focusing on painting eyes and all the tricks and blending to achieve a darling doe-eyed girl. This class is on demand so the content is ready and waiting for you once you register.
Video content is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks and the eye focus video comes with a practice pdf where you can practice your own eye.
the details at a glance:
  1. $35 
  2. on demand --> content ready as soon as you register
  3. 1.5 hours of video content
  4. eye focus video
  5. eye practice pdf
  6. walk you through each step of real time creating
  7. a video on sealing and varnishing the painting
  8. 7 total videos -->> 5 parts for the start to finish painting, one video eye focus, and sealing

Friday, November 17, 2017

Christmas Birdie

We will be creating this sweet snow bird in the next lesson of my ongoing Watercolor Play and Discover. You can join at anytime. tons of watercolor content to keep you creative through the holidays!

original available here

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Black Friday Sale starts now!

to save 25% on all self paced course 
now through November 28th.

Head over to see over 25 classes that are on sale!!

don't forget to enter the code. 
lots of inspiring content!

Time to get creative over the holidays. Keep those creative "hangries" at bay with lots of creativity....watercolor....acrylic....journaling...doll making.....jar altering....angel making....
and lots more fun stuff!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Penelope - an on demand acrylic painting workshop

I haven't offered an acrylic face painting lesson in a while and I wanted to begin exploring layers and primitive looseness in the face again. I decided to offer this workshop as an on demand lesson, meaning the content is ready to go as soon as you sign up. 
There is also two videos, one all about all about the nose as well as a downloadable PDF with a step outs visual.

  • open access meaning you receive immediate access to all content in this workshop as soon as you sign up.
  • 3 videos (Penelope start to finish broken into 4 part videos, 1 lip video, 1 nose video)
  • lip and nose focus videos (includes step-by-step downloadable PDF)
  • start to finish Penelope painting on 8x8 board
  • $25
  • lifetime access

You can also watch a teaser video below:

Happy Creating!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Photos from my family trip

Last month, I joined my aunt Joan, my dad, and my Granny on a "going back home" adventure to Doniphan, MO. I first decided to take my camera and tripod just to get a family photo....but then decided to document the whole trip.

love this pic of my Granny and my Dad. 
it was a gorgeous day, but still hot....!

The church my dad, aunt, and folks attended when they were wee kids.
my Granny's Dad's house

My Great-grandfather's homestead (barn)

Granny wanted me to "get a picture" of this old clock. in downtown Doniphan, MO

majestic tree in the cemetery 

visiting a cemetery with family here.

An old store my dad often visited

an old "swimming hole" my dad when to.

The house my Granny and Grandfather first lived in.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sale on Self work classes!

Happy Wednesday! I am having a sale on all Self work classes now through Monday, October 23rd. Just enter code: SELFWORK20 to save 20%

You can also visit my etsy shop where the sale is already discounted. No need for a code. (just know that it will take up to 24 hours for me to send you an invite to the classroom. using the direct link above gives you immediate access!)

This sale does NOT apply to the retiring classes already deeply discounted:  Paint Your Story, Frolic, and Neat Stuff.

Gouache class (also a part of Watercolor play and discover)

Let the Paint Speak

Permission to Play

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Goodie Gumdrops open for Registration!

Lately I have been obsessed with painting gingerbread boys and gum drops. I love the sugar coating and the idea that Christmas is coming soon. Why don't we get prepared this year and enjoy the process of journaling throughout the time leading up to the Big Day! Let's cherish our creative time and slow down a bit. I believe that staying creative through the busy holiday season is important. If we don't give ourselves a few minutes of creative time, the stress of all the hubbub can soon start to deplete us. Let's keep that creative muscle fine tuned and play and paint and enjoy this Christmas season!
  • class stars Monday, November 13th
  • 2 guest artists James L. Burke and Ali Brown !! 
  • early registration $55 through October 31st
  • regular registration $65 begins November 1st
class agenda:
  • we will be working in a butterfly journal Jane Davenport (or you can also use a midori travel journal)
  • cover will be created using watercolor and acrylic paint
  • we will be creating pages inside using mainly watercolors, watercolor pencils, graphite, and neocolor ii's
  • 1st project will be to create our cover before the holidays get started
  • and then lessons will post Mon and Wed with shorter journal pages to keep you inspired throughout the holidays.
  • Cover lesson, 6 lessons from me, 1 lesson from James, 1 lesson from Ali ----->> 9 lessons total!
  • pattern work, nutcracker, christmas list, favorite christmas carol.....think holiday sweets gingerbread, cookies, cakes, and of course gum drops.
  • James Burke and Ali Brown will be creating a special lesson for us. I am so EXCITED that they are on board!


use what you have on hand. these are the supplies you'll see me use, but not everything is a must. The journal, a few paints, and some watercolors is all that is needed. don't feel like you have to get everything on the list.

Jane davenport - butterfly journal (the blank one) 
--->>and here is the direct link to Jane's shop for our students on the other side of the world
bulldog clips to secure your pages while working.
chic sparrow insert size narrow (8.25 x 4.5") - blank ---->> use code MINDY10 to save 10% in her shop 
3x6 manilla tags or small cut pieces of watercolor paper
fibers - think candy, christmas, gingerbread themed colors (this is for your tag topper) how cute will these be spilling of the top of your journal?!
** Clay or paper clay - to make our own clips. this is optional of course. you could also cut and make a cute clip out of heavy card stock. a couple paper clips to glue to the back
white gesso
Happy Birthday watercolor set - I am working with Rachel Beth on this class and if they are not in stock right now, they will be soon. Also, please contact her with any requests or questions. Her watercolors are amazing!! so creamy and the colors are more subtle (and to me that makes them easier to work with)
Prima basic watercolor set or any set you have on hand
Prima watercolor brushes - ROUNDS size 6, size 2, size 0, size 12
**Da Vinci brush - size 1(this is one of my favorite brushes but it's totally optional)
teeny brush for detail work - princeton liner 10/0
Tim Holtz paint flips: barn door, rusty hinge, marmalade, squeezed lemonade, mowed lawn, tumbled glass, broken china, dusty concord, milled lavender, picket fence, ground espresso - these are the colors I used for this project but feel free to use any colors you like. I love these paints for the cover of the canvas journal because these move effortlessly while painting the cover.
ceramcoat glitter ice - also found in michael's
stickles - used for gumdrops sugar coating :-)
a few colored pencils - red, yellow, green, purple
a few neocolor ii's - in purple, turquoise, yellow, green, etc (or a small set of 12 will be fine)
blick matte acrylic: green blue light
Americana - neon peach punch

How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. Videos are downloadable
Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand. Any watercolor palette will be fine. I love the Prima palettes and we will be using the Happy Birthday palette from Designs by Rachel Beth but you don't have to have those exact ones.
Will there be a Facebook group? It depends on how many folks sign up. If I get over 50 people to sign up, then I'll definitely host a FB group with the help of my two Admins, Amy and Nolwenn. 
Can I share this content and my link to my friends and family? Please don't. We ask that 1 signin for your household only. thank you! now onward to Gumdrops land!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ross's goose and Miss Cleopatra

So it seems we have a Ross's goose joining in with a group of Canadians at my next door neighbors pond. I love my neighborhood. I have seen more rare birds here than anywhere! This small goose doesn't visit arkansas often according to the Cornell Lab of Orinithology. I knew that I'd never seen anything like him so I set out with the poodles to try to get a photo.

Also, I spotted this goose a few years ago....native to Egypt. An Egyptian Goose
I have named her Cleopatra. It seems she has set up residence here this summer.
I feel for her though because her Canadian counterparts seemed to have shunned her and most of the time she is by herself or trying desperately to be with the others. The other day, she was alone and a flock of geese flew over and she called to them...yes, she sounds different and her call is more scratchy (than honky). The flock kept flying to the adjacent pond. A few minutes later, she flew out to be with that group. I felt so sad for a moment. It reminded me of loneliness and how all species has the need for companionship.