Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Instagram account hacked

 Unfortunately my instagram account under mindy_lacefield has been hacked as of July 24th. Yesterday I received a message that my email had been changed on my account and shortly after was contacted by the assumed hacker with the following: Hello, I wrote your Instagram account to give it back, sir please contact me 

I have not heard of accounts being taken ransom but once the hackers delete the account, I'm not sure what can be done. From my research it's a long shot it'll ever return. My account is erased of all my art, poodle, and adventures photos. Although it feels very violating and totally icky, I am at peace with what has happened. I will continue to post over on my Neat Stuff account.

I was pretty proud of my password with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, & symbols totally 22 characters......and I think the only way they could have found my password was seeing it for themselves possibly a back door opening of some sort. I'm sure as AI continues to grow and evolve we will see more of this. I did not have my two-factor authorization set up yet. My mistake. From my research yesterday I read that folks with the two-factor are still getting hacked and accounts compromised. If you haven't set up your two-factor authorization, I highly recommend it. Although very annoying in my opinion, it may save you from your account from being compromised.

For all those that have subscribed to my mindy_lacefield insta account, since my account has been deleted by the hacker, you shouldn't be charged by meta going forward.

Monday, July 24, 2023

 Hey there, folks! Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek of my latest collection of darling washi tape designs... Introducing the spooktacular "Hello Halloween," the scrumptious "Bake Shop," and the oh-so-cute "Fine Day." I've also added some adorable vinyl stickers featuring Sally & Zero to the shop. They're the perfect match for your sticker collection. Don't miss out on these fabulous additions!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Bake Shop Sticker club theme

 Introducing the Bake Shop Sticker Club Subscription! Indulge in a delectable assortment of mouthwatering goodies, complete with tantalizing cinnamon roll scratch n sniff stickers. Hurry and secure your spot to savor this scrumptious collection!

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

New Journal clips, charm, and scratch n sniffs!


Hey there, guess what's hot off the press in my sticker shop? Freshly stocked with delightful charms and journal clips! Brace yourself for the cuteness overload with our new lineup: introducing shortcake, bunny cloud, and banana berrykin! But hold on, there's more! Feast your eyes on the juicy fruit ring cutie, now with a mouthwatering twist - the all-new "popsicle stick" design. It's the perfect blend of sweetness and charm! And that's not all, folks! We've got a spooky surprise for you too - the Hallo-kitty with a bat clasp. It's a must-have for all the Halloween enthusiasts out there! Get ready to dive into a world of fun with our latest arrivals!

I also have some Sally & Zero 1.5" round scratch n sniffs! They smell like raspberry tart sugar cone. so delicious!

Sally & Zero are also available in a 5" peppermint scented version!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Scotland retreat almost full!

 Hey there! Limited spots left for the Scotland retreat next Spring! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✨ Now's the time to snag those airline tickets for an amazing deal! I booked mine a few weeks ago and couldn't believe the fantastic rates! Get ready for some incredible excursions on this trip! We'll be exploring the majestic Holyrood Palace, the king's royal residence in Scotland, and even hitting up the iconic pub at World's End (you know, the one featured in Outlander!).

We'll also be visiting and sketching at the enchanting Beatrix Potter's house. Picture stunning gardens, adorable lambs, and the cutest gift shop nestled among the greenery. It's an absolute treat! 🌷🐑 Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure. Grab your spot now before this retreat sells out!
Just send an email to info@wanderingcraftretreats.com to inquire and reserve your spot. Click the Scotland retreat link above to learn more!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Holly-ween online class

 Get ready to embrace the ultimate fusion of Halloween and Christmas! If you're a die-hard fan of both holidays like me, you're in for a treat. I've got you covered with a delightful collection of Halloween and Christmas illustrations that will inspire you! No more struggling to choose between the two, because this year, I'm combining them in a spectacular way. Get ready for a year-long extravaganza, starting from July 2023 and stretching all the way to 2024 (and who knows, maybe even longer!). We'll kick off with spooktacular Halloween cuties, keeping the thrill alive until the big day. Then, get ready to jingle all the way with enchanting Christmas illustrations in November, December, and January. We'll keep the cycle going, alternating between gingerbread, snowmen, vampires, and creepy cuties all year round. Are you ready to dive into this mesmerizing blend of holidays? Brace yourself for a year-round celebration of all things spooky and merry. Don't miss out on this enchanting adventure!

Sign up here! Be sure and read the FAQ's to see how the subscription works.

Class begins July 14th.


Can I download the videos? Unfortunately, due to the subscription-based nature of the class and the continuous enrollment throughout the year, the videos will not be available for download. (This restriction is in place to prevent individuals from signing up in the final month and downloading all the videos at once.)

How does the subscription work? You will be automatically billed on the day you signed up each month. So if you signed up on July 13th, then your next payment will be August 13th and so on...

What if my payment doesn't go through? If your payment fails, you will have a 3-4 day grace period to update your card. If the card is not updated and payment doesn't go through for whatever reason, you will no longer have access to the videos and content.

Can I cancel anytime? Yes! You can cancel anytime throughout the year. A friendly reminder, that once you cancel you'll no longer receive access to the classroom. That includes all videos and any downloadable material.

Visit hereto learn how to cancel your sub. I would love to have you for the full year maybe longer but I know that things pop up that you may need to cancel your subscription. You may also email me to cancel as well.

How long will you make lessons for this class? I'll definitely create content for this subscription for at least a year.... maybe longer!

Is this class for beginners? This class is for all levels.

Can I substitute supplies for things I already have? yes indeed! Use similar colors & materials that you have on hand. 

***supply list: will be emailed to you in the welcome message when you sign up!

Examples of what we'll create:

Monday, July 3, 2023

New original painting


Hope measures 6x6 on gallery wrapped canvas with sides painted blue. She was created with acrylics and then oil pastel on top to create yummy texture.