Wednesday, January 25, 2012


the small door that wedged me out began to grow.
or was it that i became a mouse on the heels of fireflies
bearing light. allowing me to see, discovering awareness.
my intention was set free to chase dreams
when i turn my eyes inward and quit trying to change
what i cannot control.
i am certain the wings carrying light were
my Creator in disguise.
guiding me through a blanket of darkness.
abundant moon come take me away
as you lay outstretched over the sea.
enlighten. excite. as though from the beginning.
to hold the same spirit from the start
yet see yourself over there at the end
doing exactly as you were destined.
make packets holding treasures.
attempt to make something from nothing
as your 8 year old self.
believe with those young eyes again!

 reads: When you put your intention out in the world, the universe rewards you by giving you the awareness to notice the intricacies you might have otherwise overlooked.

i have been reading the Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention. an empowering book and only $.89 for the kindle edition.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Studio Tour

hello, happy monday! so i'm getting into a groovy groove with filming and editing video for the upcoming e-course. 
I kinda like when my studio gets messy. I think its probably the best time to document with photos. Things scattered about. a paul cezzane eraser mingling with the pastels. sometimes the mess is a beautiful thing. i watched a documentary about francis bacon and he took the cameras and interviewer into his studio. it was an absolute whirlwind of oil paint, old rags, piles upon piles. i'm not totally sure that piles of oily rags is quite safe but there was a form of beauty in his studio. he said something to the effect that a messy studio is the sign of a prolific artist. i agree.....(but sometimes i gotta tidy up a bit to get my bearings in order) if you get a chance to watch the documentary i can tell you you will find it interesting. he takes you on this wild tour of the restaurants and bars he used to frequent. very eccentric and just down right cool!!

so here is a tour of my messy studio:

 background awaiting more paint
on the easel
 inspiration board

 where's paul?

  background ready to be finished, on my easel

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


phantom rainbows
letting go of energy that drains
and replacing with my bolts of color
realizing that the phantom rainbows
slam, crashing to the earth
instead of easing off in the distance
to nestle among the mist
fading gently along the horizon
i wake to find myself at a small door
too small to wedge my body
somewhere between the chocolate factory
and alice's dreams of descent

this is a mix between a dream i had the other night and a creative journey i took while trying to go to sleep last night. sometimes these brain synapses send bolts of images to my brain. this particular image was of a girl bent in the shape you see here.....however she was surrounded and dressed all in white.

happy merry dreaming to you!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paintings of 2011 and My word

a sampling of my 2011 paintings.

2012 is here!
what possibilities will this year pose.....?
what adventures will i travel down.....?
what connections will i make.....?
and which ones will i be able to connect with again.....?

there is so much to love, so much to see
so much to ponder
and so much to seek

my word for the year is: SEEK

for me, this word has taught me to not give up. In its verb form, it is hopeful. seek is to be active. it is doing, and doing again. belief in that answer lives, yet not knowing is scary territory. to be willing to seek and ponder. to put the body in motion. this is where my soul resides.