Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Once upon a time

If you read my last post, then you know that the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin bought my snow white painting and that she had a request from a certain cast mate to paint Prince Charming. Of course I did a double "squeal" quietly to myself and said YES! yes!!! so as I searched for reference material to paint the Prince, I came across these beautiful stills from the Show. This is Once Upon a Time. and i'm so excited for it to start. set your dvr's folks. i know its gonna be brilliant. Welcome to Storybrooke! (starts oct 24th)

the charming and handsome, Josh Dallas

the kiss that can awaken beauty and release evil spells! (love this)

my rendition of Prince Charming

Saturday, September 24, 2011

DisneyLand trip and the fairest of them all!!!

Thursday night we arrived back home from our LA trip to DisneyLand and the Tim Burton exhibit at Lacma. 
We normally go to Disney World every year this time to hit EPCOT's food and wine festival and to see all the amazing Halloween decor. But the Land did NOT disappoint! here are some photos of the trip. if you follow me on may have seen these photos.
when we check into our hotel....we open the curtains to this spectacular view.
view of Disney's Califonia Adventure park
we watched the world of Color show from our
window the first night.

the first full day, we visit laguna beach.
a cool, foggy morning but still so breathtaking
(and on this trip Tim and I celebrated our 15th wedding
anniversary. time sure flies!)

 when we are strolling through Downtown Disney, we
spot these darling Jack carmel apples being made.

This is the Tim Burton exhibit entrance. this was the
only thing we were able to take photos of.
the exhibit was AWESOME....chock full of Tim's
concept drawings, paintings, little scribbles and some
neat stuff like things he'd written in high school and a funny
letter to Johnny Depp.
 famous light post sculpture at Lacma entrance
 Pier at Disney's California Adventure Park

 Tim and I both did the Disney's Animation Academy class
at California park. of course i had to do my own little
tinker bell drawing off to the side.

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle

OMG.....the haunted mansion is all decorated up for Halloween!!!
Jack Skellington greets you atop the entrance. we rode it 3 times
a VAST improvement of the normal mansion. they pulled out ALL the stops.
new vincent price track as you go through the mansion,
lots of snow, presents, and candy canes. 
so this is when you sit in your buggy. all blacklit and breathtaking.
this is a must see times 3!!!

a few weeks ago, i received an order from none other than
Ginnifer Goodwin for this snow white painting!!! I even mailed it
to the "Once upon a time" set that is going to air on abc 
next month. oct 23rd i believe. 

 I also sent her this pendant so that she could carry her
painting around with her. She has since emailed me
wondering about a Prince Charming painting. and of course
i did another ^squeal^ much fun. i love doing disney characters
and to do them for these actors has me really blushing. (and doing back flips!!)

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mail art love

I just returned from a trip to Anaheim and LA after visiting DisneyLand and the awesome Tim Burton exhibit. it was all so very inspiring!!

well i arrived home last night with a mailbox full of beautiful mail art!!! you guys,,,,,!! you are continuing to blow me away! yes indeed.....

here are the latest pieces:

 art by Tammy McGee
wow!! a little owl sculpture. so intricate and colorful
with matching tissue paper and darling little note.
you have totally outdone yourself dear girl!

 a closeup shot of the owl......precious!!

 mail art by Dani Harvey
oh these sweet,awesome bunnies. they make my heart go pitter.patter
and yes Dani, YOU ARE an ARTIST. go girl! 
this is beautiful work. I am so proud to be an owner of your work!

mail art by Sabrina Luna
I love that they are made on recycled materials.
just awesome textures and so much love put into these.
bravo sweet girl!

mail art by Sandra Granthon
what a beautiful girl atc....and such words to live by..."my mind danced with great spirit"
and i adore the cupcake envelope. just absolutely stunning dear girl!

mail art earrings by Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake
the packaging, the note, the box, the earrings.....
my heart just skipped a beat...!!! such eye candy.
thank you dear girl.

Mail art by MaryAnn McNicholas
I love the girls and the beautiful textures and colors.
great job MaryAnn!!

 mail art by Sunshine Barlowe
I LOVE love birds and these yellows and aquas
combined with soft grays are to die for!! awesome

Thanks again for another beautiful mailbox filled with art!!!
I will send out my mail art to Sandra, Tammy, Dani, MaryAnn, and Sabrina in a few short days.

Friday, September 16, 2011

MAIL Art monday comes early!

Mail art monday has come early......because i am leaving town on sunday morning headed for DisneyLand and to see the Tim Burton exhibit. i know that i will come back all inspired and ready to paint again....

my mailbox has been so so happy you guys.....and SO HAVE i!!! i am still being blown away at the creativity and beautiful art that has graced the old tattered mailbox lately (the mailbox door has broken off...yikes)

you guys have out done yourselves again!!! (and no, complaints from me)

here are last weeks gatherings:

mail art by Tonya Turvold
I love the crimsons, browns, and pinks.
those little wings and face are so darn cute!!

Mail art by Jonna Barnett
oh how i love birds and he has truly captured my heart!!

 mail art by Susana Tavares
this stitched wonderfulness has textures 
abounding. absolutely stunning!

mail art by Linda Abbott
my heart goes pitter.patter over aquas and yellows
and these featured friends are going to send me over the edge!!
love. love.

Hey, did you guys notice a theme here......?!? birds and/or wings. so so amazing isn't it. the universe is saying something i think! 

Linda, your mail art is going out today....
and the other ladies, i believe you should all be getting or have yours very soon (they have been sent)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

more mail art

Ok mailbox has been filled to the brim with beautiful art. I am so excited and thrilled with all the amazing art i'm getting. I decided to do another post because i have lots of art to feature here. so fun!!

love these warm colors 
mail art by Magda Polakow

gorgeous layers and imagery!!
 mail art by Katie Cisek
I love how Kathie just painted on a canvas
board and then just addressed the back....brilliant!!

awesome expressive mail art and painted envelope.
gorgeous textures and color!!

 stitched goodness - mail art by Kim Dubay
beautifully tactile and lots of yummy handwriting on the envelope.
just so lovely!!

i'm a huge fan! i love the pastel colors 
mixed with the "magic crown" in black.
mail art by Harmony Lenasbunt

Micki and Kim, i sent your mail art out to you yesterday so keep an eye out in your mailbox..... :-)

Magda and Katie, i will send yours out to you tomorrow.....

(and christy, i believe you already have yours.)

thanks so much ladies......!!! these pieces of art are so beautiful and inspiring. I am so proud and honored that you participated in this little project.
If you haven't sent yours in yet, do not fret......there is no cutoff time (as of yet). just know that i will be sending sporadically MY mail art back out to you in the month of October. I have a craft show, 2 retreats, and one local workshop that i'm doing all next month. i foresee my favorite month of the year will past fast.

here again is my mailing address:

Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mail Art Monday!

So, I've decided to feature the mail art I receive on mondays on my Blog. I'm so so excited about this little project because what i'm seeing so far has blown me away. Here are the first pieces of work that landed in my mailbox over the past week..................

created with business envelope, paper, arcylic, and stabilo

Thank you 3 for playing and participating in my project. Gail and Renee, I will post your mail art to you very soon. 

and if you want to participate just send a piece of mail art to me at:

Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113

and if you want to be featured here on my blog please included your website so i can link back to you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Work in progress

I have been working on some paintings to take to Gallery 26. I haven't worked this big in a while. and by big i mean 14"x18" which is not huge but quiet a nice diversion from the tiny canvas i normally work on.

These are the paintings at a couple different stages. Its only about 1/2 complete at this point:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Call for mail art!!

I put a call out to the Magically Mixed media fan page on facebook to participate in a little trading of mail art. I'm so so excited about this. I am asking anyone who is interested in sending me your mail art. you can send it to:

Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR 72113

and i'll send you one back!

the premise is very easy. there are no rules. only to have fun, no stress, and be yourself.

the mail art pieces that i'm sending out are simple paintings made on a cheap substrate - chipboard. nothing special, just quick and easy. this is the fun about mail art to do quick sketches, drawings, paintings, or collage and not have to worry about messing up an expensive canvas. just let LOOSE!! 

you can send small standard envelopes with a little collage or painting or drawing (whatever you want and feel most comfortable doing) or you can do something on one side of a postcard and send it along. your options are limitless. if you work with fabric, you can stitch till your heart is content. just do what you LOVE. this is not a competition nor does it have to be elaborate. just a fun, relaxed quick piece of art. 

i may be featuring the mail art i receive in a blog post sometime in the near future.
here are some wonderful places to get inspiration:

here are some examples of the mail art i'll be sending out:

small chipboard paintings
everything together
my studio floor yesterday!!!

and my sleeping assistant at my feet, this is Dudley

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!! have fun