Tuesday, July 19, 2011

back to blogger? and some new drawings......

I am thinking of returning to blogger to house my blog again. I feel like squarespace is good for web hosting but seems to get lost in the blog world. what do you guys think?

I've been pondering this for months now......

btw here are some drawings that have been keeping me busy over the past week or so. inspired by the amazing Tim Burton. go here to get your awesome Tim Burton art book.

photo credit - steele publishing
 here are some new drawings:

yesterday, we booked a trip to LA to go to Disney Land and visit the new Tim Burton exhibit. Our initial plan was to go to Disney World like we always do in the fall, but since i found out about the burton exhibit i could not stay away.

have a great week you guys. stay cool! (even the northern states are in sauna-like temps)

xo, mindy