Friday, October 30, 2009


"I heart candy canes" and "Snow bird" These will go to gallery26 to hang on their tree full of artists. I can't wait to see what everyone did :-) The holiday extravaganza show will be November 14th and feature some of Little Rocks finest artists. I'm so lucky to be a part of this wonderful gallery. They have been so good to me. I truly cherish my friendship with the owner, Renee and her gallery manager, Daniel. yeah, they pretty much rock!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm getting ready and painting away for the holiday sale at the local gallery that represents me: Gallery26. Oh my studio is such a mess but that means productivity I suppose..... :-)

I'm having a great time making a couple of christmas will be my first time to take them to gallery 26. they always do a lovely tree that holds the most beautiful and wonderful handmade ornaments. i wanted to be a part of that magic.

On November 5th, i'll be doing a painting demonstration at gallery26 that will incorporating collage and encaustic. Should be fun....but a little nervous. this is my first demo......

I'm already getting into the christmas spirit which is weird for me. I guess after working retail for over 5 years it just puts you in that "bah humbug" mode. but no more. bring it on!!! I think I may even start putting my christmas tree up again. (For those retail years, I couldn't bring myself to put up a tree and its so not like me) That should have been a sign that that job was not the right one for me.

This post seems so random. I guess because of all the stuff thats going on. I just finished a new painting and a cute purse for my mom (x-mas gift). Also a new little tike t'shirt. handpainted :-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

just breathe......

Perfect words. just breathe. I heard them many times the past four days.....and seriously, it helps. My wonderful teacher, Liz Lamoreux directed the most wonderful group of ladies in this universe. It was an experience like no other and am thankful and blessed for all the ones that are now part of my life. You guys give me inspiration. you make me brave. thanks for bringing your light to me.

My sweet roommate, Gloria is the kindess and most inspirational soul i've ever met. I kid you not, if she lived in arkansas i'm sure we'd be close as sisters. we run. we create. we love life. I love you gloria.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The last few days have been a bit melancholy for me....i'm not quite sure if its been all the rainy weather we've been having or if i was in a creative funk for a spell. Well, i'm here to tell ya the funk is over and i woke this morning to the sun shining :-) I went for a run and there's just something about running that gives me a whole new perspective. my mind clears. my creativity flows. i like to think that running purges my brain from all the toxicity that I allow to sometimes enter...."am i a good enough person"...."i can always work more"....."i've gained a little weight"

My mind is clearer today and am most certain that today will be a good day.

I guess all artists go through a spell like I had, and I'm sure you guys all know what I'm talking about.....I sit in my studio looking around and can't honestly think what i'm going to do. I sit some more. and still more. Luckily this funk only lasted for a few days, and I know they'll be more to come......but I will...... run. purge. create --------------oh yeah and I'll RETREAT!!! i'm going to manzanita, Oregon next week to gather with like-minded gals to meditate, purge, and create. I simply cannot wait. I'll definitely give you guys an overview of the week (well 4 days) of fun fellowship and painting. here is a photo of manzanita and a view from where we'll be staying.