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I see you, Summer

I hear you crickets. your song surrounds me
I see you fireflies. Your light rocks me to sleep.
I see you tiny bat. Your direction erratic, but purposeful.
I feel you dusk breeze. Your quiet calm comforts me. Wraps me up.
I see you Cloak of sunset. Your garments meander from blue to pink.
I see you waxing Moon. Your light beckons me to create.
I see you summer. Alive. Lit. Singing. Flying.
I see you Lord in your subtle majesty.

I see myself. here. small. in this universe of the one big Soul where love is contained.
I am here to breathe you in. I am here in Love.
I am here to wander and feel your presence
outside of myself and within.
I see you summer, encompassed in one moment.

Saving Peter Arts Festival, The Crow and the White Stag, and other new work

I am so grateful and honored that my work as been chosen for Fellowship Bible Church "Saving Peter" Arts Festival. The event kicks off Friday, June 5th at if you are local please stop by.
We were asked to create something inspired by Peter's denial of Christ John 13:36-38 and John 18.....or when Jesus appears to the 7 disciples on the shore of the Tiberius River in John 21. Here is my statement for these works:

Denial Each one of us is Peter. We are overcome with sin and many times riddled by fear. But with Christ, His abundant love for us swallows up all sin, brokenness, fear and shame.

As I was painting the olive tree, I saw a face come forth and pulled it out a little more. I then put down a layer of beeswax and scrawled into it, the scripture.

Abundant Eternal Love As Jesus appears to the seven Disciples on the shore of the Tiberias, He gives them 153 fish in their net. To me, this could be symbolized as Jesus’ abundant love and eternity that He offers e…