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Prima supply projects

I'd love to share with you some fun new projects that I have been working on since I've been playing with Prima's mixed media supplies. The watercolors are phenomenal! I love mixing them with the soft gloss gel. You are able to manipulate them and add subtle textures when painting the face. The watercolor pencils are incredible for adding details around the eyes, lips, nose....and even accenting the hair. They can then be activated with water or the soft gloss gel. The heavy white gesso is a must for creating lots of juicy texture before adding the watercolor on top. The watercolors then meander in the crevices to create the most beautiful distressed finish to the face.

supplies used: Prima Watercolors prima black gesso Alchemy paint - opal magic pink blue watercolor pencils heavy white gesso soft gloss gel

Prima Watercolors - used in face and body prima black gesso - painted in background then topped with alchemy paints Alchemy paint - background watercolor pencils - in face and m…