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Watercolor Play and Discover

My new watercolor online workshop begins soon! Watercolor Play and Discover starts this Monday, June 5th!
This class is all about painting often and exploring and working towards a daily practice that feeds your soul.... Creating this class is shaping me into the artist that I've always dreamed (and wanted) to be and my hope is that it will help you grow, evolve, and take your art into magical places. We will be creating beautiful faces....
working with collage bits to create our own original collage
working with a monochromatic color palette
painting dolls inspired by our childhood
we will paint our favorite food dish
and discover how watercolors react


Memorial day Sale !!

Memorial day sale on  The 24 Faces project,
Soul Bird and  Paint Like a Child !! half off! Enter Code: FREEDOM2017 coupon good through Monday, May 29th
extended through Tuesday!!
click on pic to register:

you can also sign up through my etsy shop if it's easier (price is already marked down)
**1/2 off sale is only good on these three classes

(photo by the talented Kaitlin Monroe)
Also, don't forget that my new watercolor class  starts June 5th: (not on sale)

New Card deck AND a video!

I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I have a new card deck available. This card deck is more streamlined, refined, and easier to follow than my old deck. This one is perfect for beginners or those looking to streamline and simplify your process. This deck also incorporates the drawing aspect that the other deck did not cover. yay for that!

I also created a video that corresponds with this process. I walk you step-by-step through the process explaining all the juicy details. You can sign up for the VIDEO here.

OR if you want to get them BOTH then head over to my etsy

If you've already purchased the card deck and would like to sign up for JUST the VIDEO, then head over to my class page.

Watercolor GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!!

Congrats to Debbie Riddle!! you are the winner. I sent you an invitation to the classroom.....

thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about my new class!!

(ps. I will delete comments now to prevent spammers from getting your emails)

Watercolor Play and Discover online class

Join me as we dive in watercolor and strengthen our practice with a weekly video demonstration. This class will help you if you've never worked with watercolors and always wanted to. If you've tried and just can't get the hang of it, I'll lead you through a series of fun demo's to keep your hands moving and your mind interested in where watercolors can take your art. I feel like my art and muscle memory for creating has really strengthened since I decided to make watercolor a daily practice. We will work with faces but I'll also throw in some other goodies to keep you inspired. We will be working June through December this year and I just know that you'll grow and evolve with this weekly practice. If you've always wanted to LOVE watercolor but just couldn't get the hang of it, then join this amazing group of kindreds who will be there to share and support you through the journey. I can't wait to see your creations.

details: 4 lessons a month Jun…

Original journal

I get to tell Live my Story

Not long ago I was afraid. and then something told me I didn't have to every be afraid again. He said, you don't ever have to feel that way again. So I believed Him.
At home again. A star so bright
There is Magic inside.  All you have to do is open your eyes. Awake, my love!

This journal has been Sold. thank you!

Primitive Portraits - Rebooted

Join me into a reboot of my very popular Primitive Portraits class series! This class is all about getting back to the basics and allowing ourselves to enjoy the process of painting faces quickly and applauding that they are primitive, raw, and undone. I have overworked my portraits many times and wish I would have let them be more raw. There is an innocence and beauty in the simplicity of expression and emotion. The viewer is left with to interpret on their own. I like to say, "you don't always have to give the viewer every little detail." Sometimes things get lost when it's all given. Let's leave some room for mystery and beauty....and primitiveness.

details: class begins May 8th, 2017Early registration $55 through May 7thRegular registration $69 begins May 8th8 videos that will post twice a week on Mondays and Fridays (so you can get a creative boost for the weekend)we will explore with watercolor, gesso, acrylic paint, and other media.Supply list will be avai…