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Speak Gently

She speaks gently through her art She dances her own dance She loves  Art is her voice Art is her way Art is her dance

prints are available

4th of July SALE!!!

FOURTH OF JULY SALE!!! Enter code: FOURTH30 at checkout to save  30% now through July 7th available on self-paced courses 27 classes to choose from!!!

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Strawberry Hill

I am really loving the Pfeiffer Art supply watercolors. These colors are so so rich. They are handcrafted by Jen. I am so drawn to the tanager and of course the reds. I mixed a bit of the bleed proof white into the bright red to make a lovely pink. You can follow Pfeiffer on instgram and be sure to check out her shop. Just Stunning colors!!

She also makes beautiful journals....

I hope you enjoy the process:

My Melody Ice Cream

Growing up I was obsessed with everything Sanrio....Hello Kitty and My Melody were my favorites. I spent countless hours staring at the scented markers, erasers, tiny colored pencils, and all the other over-priced stationery. Thing is, when I DID save enough allowance to purchase some of these things, I never used them. They were too pretty to use. They smelled too good. I stored them in my magical trunk that my uncle made me. I would open up the trunk and breathe in all the divine-smelling goodness. This trunk was my happy place and escape. It was safe. It was something I had control over. And I chose to not play with anything. I wish I could say I still have all that precious stuff from my childhood, but I don't. I don't even have the trunk. I am not sure what happened to that trunk. But with all the moves we made, and then me off to college, it probably landed in a yard sale or flea market. If I could go back, I'd play with the stuff. I'd carry it with me everywher…

Sharpening my neocolor ii's

For watercoloring, I love to sharpen my neocolor ii crayons so that I can have a little bit more control than when they get down to the nubby stage. In my new Watercolor Play and Discover class, I show you how you can also save the shaving and incorporate those into your work. Sharpening them is easier than you think! Remember the sharpener in the back of a Crayola box?

I use a prismacolor sharpener (the large hole). Make sure to peel back a bit of the paper so that you get an even sharpen.

Hello Magic Maker!!

Yay for Magic!! I believe that each one of us has a powerful magic inside! One of those Magic makers is someone who I met at an art retreat a little over a year ago. Her name is Vanessa Kiki Johanning. The other day, I created a painting inspired by her boho, rhinestone, flower crown, altered cowboy boot wearing self! I then decided to invite her to join me in a Magic Making adventure.... a mini online class lesson.
So grab your magic wand, filled with love, and join us in bringing out our own MAGIC!!

The details: registration $29class starts June 26th, 2017 (after that date, it will be self paced)1 project from me - 49 minutes in length1 video of creating thumbnail sketches1 project from the amazing, Vanessa Kiki Johanning!!lifetime accessdownloadable videos

Supply list Here are the art supplies you'll need for MY project: 4x8 canvas (or whatever you have on hand) white gesso - i like utrecht ephemera - vintage tissue pattern paper, old dictionary pages, sheet music, etc art alchemy pa…

Flora Frida

I wanted to share this time lapse video of the 2nd layer of Miss Flora Frida. I am using Daniel Smith prima-tek watercolors as well as several of Prima's watercolor pencils. I hope you enjoy!

Here she is all finished and available here

Rainbow Brite Watercolor

Yay for Rainbow Brite!! She was one of my favorite dolls going up in the 80's. She will be a bonus lesson, in my new online watercolor class, Watercolor Play and Discover. I just love her personality and how she adds magic wherever she goes! sprinkle, sprinkle - sparkle sparkle
She certainly brings back tons of memories!

If you haven't signed up yet for my new watercolor class, then head over here

Miss Pink Lemonade

Hooray for Summer! Miss Pink Lemonade loves summertime because that means she gets to set up her lemonade stand and hand out icy cups of pink lemonade to all her friends. I created Pink Lemonade with the beautiful pastel dreams and decadent pies watercolor set. She is painted on wood that has been prepared with a watercolor ground.  I hope your summer is filled with lots of beach time, cold drinks, relaxation and inspiration!

Original available here

Prima Art Venture!

I am so excited to announce that I'll be teaching at Prima's huge event, Art Venture this coming January, 2018!! I am honored to be teaching alongside the most incredible teachers, Miranda Edney and Finnabair (and those to be announced) There will be 6 of us in all. I will be sharing my watercolor process with 150-200 students. The event is so so fun. I had the opportunity to attend this event this past January and met some amazing folks. Plus downtown Phoenix is so beautiful. And oh my gosh, the food! I think it was the most delicious, gourmet lunches I've ever had. (And don't get me started on the desserts...!)

If you have never attended this event, it does NOT disappoint. Oh I almost forgot to mention....all the swag!! Prima really piles on the goodies, mixed media (and yes now watercolor goodies). Be sure and bring an extra suitcase for all the product!!
You can REGISTER here

Rest and Relax

My happy place is the beach. This piece reminds me to enjoy the present moments and to rest and relax into the beauty of the sea....sunshine....and lemonade. I hope you get to soak up the sun this summer and breathe in all the goodness and joy that comes from it!

original available here

Created with Prima watercolor confections, metallic accent palette, and Julie Nutting watercolor pencils. Inspired by the "make it prima" promo inspiration board.