Wild Surrender Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Sally Lentz and Heather Williams!!!  I decided to giveaway two places instead of one.... I have felt so amazingly blessed and I'm so grateful to be living this journey of art.

please email me at lacefield13 {at} yahoo.com and I'll get you added into the classroom.

Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!!


  1. Thanks for the chance, Mindy, and congratulations to the winners.
    Happy Holidays!
    peace & love,

  2. Merci pour avoir eue la chance :) Profitez les girls ! Bravo

  3. Hi Mindy, can I sign up for the class after it has started (like in Feb)? My art bank account is empty and my January is crazy busy. But, that business will mean $$ and time starting in February.
    Kate Smith


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